1283 Theon the Plunderer

    "Oy, get up. What are you doing? Sleeping?!" said the Valsalrian. He walked casually towards Jiang Fei and lightly kicked his rear.

    Technically speaking, any Level 5 Metahuman should be able to handle such an immense gravitational force without dropping to all fours. Jiang Fei was simply caught off guard.

    Even though 10 times of Redstone's gravity was 50 times of Earth's gravitational pull, a Level 5 Metahuman like Jiang Fei should be able to shake it off. He might feel slightly dragged down but not to the point where he could not walk.

    "Be right with you," said Jiang Fei, quickly mustering strength into his legs. He wasn't even used to walking on Redstone just yet, much less walking in a room where gravity was increased tenfold.

    "Come, make haste," said the Valsalrian.

    Seeing that Jiang Fei was unharmed and only tired, he took quick steps deeper into the illuminated room. Jiang Fei was surprised. The Valsalrian did not look anything like a combatant but he was walking around as if nothing affected him.

    "I'm right behind you," said Jiang Fei.

    Each step he took was excruciating. He felt like a fragile, rusting tin can being compressed by a megaton hydraulic compressor.

    From the outside, the room looked like any other small storage unit. However, it was much wider on the inside. So wide, that it felt like magic. But having seen a lot of alien technology, Jiang Fei knew it had something to do with dimension manipulation techniques.

    They did have technology that was 10,000 years more advanced than the Namekians after all. It wouldn't be hard for them to construct such a large room inside a small container.

    The more he walked, the more energy he spent. At one point, he thought that he was getting used to the powerful gravitational pull but after a while, he couldn't catch his breath. Every step he took left a deep, heavy mark on the ground, as if someone was hammering his steps into the metal floor.

    "Can't get used to it yet, huh? Look at you... by the maker, look at yourself! How are you so weak?" jeered the Valsalrian.

    Even so, his expression wasn't too malicious. Somehow, it felt like he was treating Jiang Fei like his own son.

    "Ugh... sir, I've not gotten your name yet..."

    He had only just realized that he had been following a complete stranger into a Gravity Room. Jiang Fei also realized that he probably should measure the man's strength. Depending on his level, Jiang Fei would adjust the way he talked to him.

    As soon as he activated the measuring disc, the needle spun rapidly. The number 5,000,000 briefly popped up before the device exploded, rendering it useless.

    "What are you doing there? You can't be using that sort of junk to gauge me like that! It's a disgrace. You said that you're one of Alexis' men right? What a stingy bastard he is. What would it cost to get you some better equipment...?" said the Valsalrian.

    He turned around while opening a pocket on his pants, and tossed something that resembled a head-mounted scope to Jiang Fei. The scope had an earpiece, a range viewer, combat level measuring tools, a translator, and many other functions which Jiang Fei could not recognize yet.

    The scope was only a small flattened square box with an earhook. When placed on one side of the head, it would latch onto any organism's ear before it materialized other parts into existence.

    Jiang Fei put it on and a scope formed, much like nanotechnology that unfolds from within itself. He then used it to measure the stranger's combat power and could not have been more shocked. The Valsalrian had a combat level of 9,500,000!

    "F*ck me..."

    If he could, he would have wet himself right then and there. The man's combat level was almost double of Alexis'! There was no one stronger than him, not by a long shot, and Jiang Fei doubted that anyone could ever be stronger.

    "Thank you, sir..."

    "Please... just Theon would suffice. No need to thank me. Just put your back into helping me later," said Theon with a smirk.

    "Aye, Theon sir," replied Jiang Fei.

    Even though he had just joined the Valsalrian Army, Jiang Fei knew how important it was to find himself a good pillar of support. Alexis' combat level had enabled him to become a Fleet Commander and if he was only at 4,500,000, then what of Theon? Could he be a General? Or perhaps even an Admiral?!

    As he thought about the enigma that was walking even faster in such a harsh environment, the duo had already spent 30 minutes walking deeper into the room and arrived at a well-lit hall.

    There were items everywhere, and many could even be considered as junk. Nothing in there seemed familiar to Jiang Fei.

    "All this is loot that belongs to Alexis. Help me organize them all. The scope has information on all of them. Help me pick out the three most valuable items. When you're done, pick out any two for yourself," said Theon nonchalantly, starting to plunder through the stash.

    Jiang Fei choked.

    "Excuse me, sir?"

    Knowing full well who Alexis was, Jiang Fei felt compelled to ask Theon an important question.

    "Theon sir, may I ask? What is your relation with Commander Alexis?"

    "Huh? Relation? None whatsoever," said Theon, shrugging.

    "F*CKING HELL!" thought Jiang Fei.

    He thought that he had managed to build a good relationship with someone strong. How in the world was he supposed to know that Theon was just a plunderer?! A thief that was going to steal from Alexis!

    "Uhm, sir? I think I should just go... I don't want to help you steal from Commander Alexis," stated Jiang Fei firmly, though he did whimper slightly.

    Although the treasure was piled high in front of him, just waiting to be looted, what would Jiang Fei do if Alexis caught him stealing? Who is Theon anyway to be giving him permission to take those stuff?

    He was still in the middle of his first day of training, and he didn't want to waste his life away before the day even ends! That is why he refused to help Theon steal.

    "Hold on. What are you saying? Are you saying that I, Theon, am a thief?!" snarled Theon. His aura changed to that of a hungry tiger.

    "No! That's not what I meant. It's just... Commander Alexis is my benefactor. I wouldn't... I couldn't betray him!" said Jiang Fei, whimpering.

    He was scared of Alexis finding out about him entering his lair, but right now he was more afraid of Theon!

    "Let me educate you, young Terran. What I'm doing is not stealing! I'm just taking them off his shoulders! Relax. Nothing is going to happen. I'll sort it out with Alexis," said Theon.

    Jiang Fei couldn't understand what just happened, especially when Theon's face held a subtle expression of understanding and appreciation.

    Jiang Fei remained rooted to the spot. He was not going to move from his stance, both metaphorically and literally.

    "Get working! Get this stuff sorted or I'll sort you out nicely. Your head will be on top of that shelf and your feet will be in your mouth!" said Theon, immediately changing his aura back to that of a killer tiger.

    Jiang Fei nodded and gave in.

    "Ugh... fine."

    Even though stealing Alexis' stuff might get him in trouble, not helping Theon right now would get him killed!

    A short while later, Jiang Fei had somewhat forgotten that he was moving around inside a room with 10 times the gravity of Redstone. His body still felt heavy but it wasn't as sluggish as before.

    The one thing that got Jiang Fei thinking was the lack of security in the room. It was obviously Alexis' treasure stash. Besides the tolerable tenfold gravity, where was the rest of the defensive system?

    What Jiang Fei did not know was that Theon had visited the room not too long ago to destroy all the defensive systems. But the fact that Alexis was a very drab, sloppy, and lazy person actually turned out to be a security advantage.

    He didn't bother to keep things neat and organized. All the treasure he had collected had simply been tossed into this room, making it hard for anyone to find exactly they wanted.

    Which is why Theon needed an extra pair of hands to help him dig through the pile of treasure. Meeting Jiang Fei wandering around the training ground was simply a coincidence.

    Jiang Fei had a knack for cleaning. Being a lazy bugger, he tended to clean his room often as a means of procrastinating from actually studying. With his help, the entire room was organized in no time.

    Items were stacked neatly side by side. Items of a higher value were placed at the back while the ones of less value were arranged at the front.

    "Good job. I'll be taking these three. You are free to take two for yourself. Remember, only two. No more, no less!" barked Theon after he had picked out the three best items in the room.

    "Can I just go? I don't want to take anything from Commander Alexis..." mumbled Jiang Fei.

    He already felt guilty for helping Theon to plunder Alexis' treasure vault. He could still get away with it by saying that he had been forced to help a thief. In fact, he had cleaned the vault, making it nice and tidy! But his little white lie might not work if he took some for himself!

    "Enough! Take two or I'll leave by myself! Then Alexis would certainly have a sight to see when he gets here!" roared Theon, turning his back to Jiang Fei.

    "Ugh... what an unreasonable bastard!" Jiang Fei thought to himself.

    Again, he was threatened. Be that as it may, it was still a better choice to take two items instead of leaving with his head separated from his body.
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