1284 Bio Armor

    Jiang Fei was still scared when he was forced to pick out 'freebies' for himself. And yet his hands were trembling not out of fear, but of excitement.

    When he was organizing the items, he had gone through every single one of them. Suffice to say, he knew which ones were the best and worst. Of course, there were a few that he wanted.

    Jiang Fei moved quickly to a corner of the room where he had placed an assortment of armor.

    Type T Morphling Based Living Bio-Armor

    Origin: Pandora

    Has powerful damage absorption capacity and self-mending mechanism. Capable of blocking all attacks from combatants of under 2,000,000 combat power.

    That was the information provided by the scope Theon gave him.

    "This is it," mumbled Jiang Fei, taking the armor he wanted.

    Unlike traditional armor, this one came in a small metal box. He had no idea how to wear it. He just assumed it would work since it was alien tech. The armor was useful combat wear.

    Even though he could become infinitely stronger with Omnisurge, he was still vulnerable to assassinations if he did not activate it in time. The armor would serve as a deterrent for assassinations and ambushes.

    "Aren't you a little too dumb?" asked Theon when he saw that Jiang Fei picked an item that he considered useless.

    If he was going to take only a few items, he would only pick the best. Whether they took the best or the worst, Alexis would still be offended. Why pick the latter?

    "With all due respect, sir, all the items here are priceless. Their value means nothing to me. There aren't good or bad items, only useful ones," said Jiang Fei, rushing over to another corner.

    "Useful ones... what an interesting fellow," Theon mumbled to himself.

    He was hit with a sudden realization. He turned to observe Jiang Fei who was busy browsing through the neatly arranged items. Something told him that Jiang Fei was a lifeform unlike any other.

    Preoccupied with browsing through the hall, Jiang Fei did not realize that what he said had changed how Theon thought of him. The thought of that happening did not even cross his mind as he picked up a small potion bottle.

    Latair Reaper

    Origin: Pandora's Rare Mineral, Unrefined Liquid Form

    Can be used to increase a combatant's combat level or kill any combatant. (Warning! Please use with extreme caution!)

    Next to the translated information about the potion, there were nine symbols that signify danger - an alien version of Earth's skull symbol. Upon further investigation, Jiang Fei realized that the poison contained in the bottle was more potent than Valium.

    "What are you taking that for?" asked Theon, raising his voice and taking a step back, signifying the danger of the potion.

    Jiang Fei shrugged.

    "Oh? The bottle looks interesting."

    Honestly, he wasn't even interested in the liquid inside. It was 0541 who had strongly advised him to take it.

    "Looks interesting?! Are you kidding me? Pick another one. If you're not careful, you'll be dead before you even hit the ground."

    Despite being so mysterious, Theon knew about the danger of the poison and had to warn the young Terran of its danger before he kills himself.

    "Meh. I'll go with this," insisted Jiang Fei.


    Theon stopped pushing. He did say that Jiang Fei was allowed to pick whatever he wanted.

    "Theon, sir? Where are we going next? Should we leave?" asked Jiang Fei. He had never even thought of entering the treasure vault of a commander who was the highest authority in Redstone.

    "Leave? Petty little thing aren't you. Stealing and leaving is for thieves. Now that I've taken his things, I'm going to leave a message for him! I want him to know who has taken his things!" bellowed Theon, followed by a howling laugh.

    He made his way to the wall and ignited his weapon - a long saber with extreme heat emitting from the blades. He then started craving glyphs into the wall, in a language that looked nothing like any Jiang Fei had ever seen. Thankfully, the scope that Theon had given him had the ability to translate it.

    "To the bastard Alexis, I'm here again! Same old rule, I'll be taking three things. However, since you're not going to fix this habit of being sloppy, I've hired a handyman and given him two things as payment! Sincerely, your sweet loving father."

    "You're his father?!" yelled Jiang Fei when he read the message.

    He assumed that Theon was just a simple yet powerful thief. The thought of him being Alexis' father had never crossed his mind! If this was true, Jiang Fei wouldn't need to worry about getting ripped apart by Alexis!

    "Huh? I'll be damned if he's my son! The guy is older than me! He's still weak though... I don't know why..."

    "F*cking hell..."

    Jiang Fei made a mental note of his words. It seems that anyone with a high enough intelligence would always steal from others...

    Jiang Fei was actually over the moon when he read Theon's message on the wall. Not only had he obtained two items, he was even gaining an extra ally! Unfortunately, the Valsalrian might just be a common yet insanely powerful thief.

    Right now, he needed to be extremely careful in using the items he had just 'stolen'. If he was caught using them or if the items were recognized by someone else, the punishment would be much worse than having to skip a meal.

    "Let's leave," barked Theon when he was done writing on the wall.

    Jiang Fei could only nod. He had assisted someone in stealing from his own boss. Technically he was equally guilty since he had taken two items from inside the vault. But he didn't want to return them either.

    As soon as they were out of the vault, Theon vanished into thin air before Jiang Fei could even say anything. He turned around, only to see a small container unit, looking like any of the other storage units around it.

    Looking around for possible observers, he only left when the coast was clear, desperately hoping that no one would be able to trace anything back to him.

    When no one cared to ask him anything or even talk to him at the training grounds, Jiang Fei returned to his quarters.

    "0541, what's good about this armor?" asked Jiang Fei as he examined the metal cube. How could such a small brick-like cube contain armor in the first place?

    "Captain, press the blue button on the edge of the box. Place your hands inside," said 0541.

    Following 0541's instructions, Jiang Fei nudged a small button on the corner of the box. The metal box flipped open to reveal an azure-colored, viscous liquid inside.

    Jiang Fei slowly extended his index finger into the box. As soon as his finger made contact with the liquid, it reached out further and engulfed his entire hand. It was slightly cold, like dew flowing up instead of down his hands.

    It crawled into and under his training uniform, covering only his body and not his shirt. The blue goo crawled fast and continued to wrap around Jiang Fei's entire right arm. It did not stop there, continuing to move around his entire body and enveloped him completely.


    A faint blue light shone and soon after the azure-color faded away, turning into a transparent sheet of armor. The entire Bio-Armor was very thin, so thin that it just felt like an extra layer of skin. Even though it was so thin and flexible, it served as a powerful layer of defense.
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