1285 Enhancing the Zhanlu Sword

    Once the Bio-Armor was fitted onto Jiang Fei's skin, no one could tell that underneath his rugged trainee uniform was a powerful armor taken from Commander Alexis' personal treasure vault. Unless someone actually threw a lightning bolt or howling spear at him, the Bio-Armor would remain inconspicuous to all.

    "0541, what of the bottle?" asked Jiang Fei.

    According to the information from the scope, the bottle contained a raw form of rare mineral that was extremely poisonous. Its usage was not known, but Jiang Fei knew from Theon's reaction to the mere sight of the bottle that its potency was not to be taken lightly.

    "Captain, you are currently as strong as anyone else so I would not suggest that you take this suicidal potion to further increase your strength. On the other hand, I can use it to improve the Zhanlu Sword. With the Reaper in hand, even an omega level being would be killed instantly," explained 0541.

    The reason 0541 had advised Jiang Fei to pick the Latair Reaper was not to increase his strength. The poison was too potent and required a special consumption method to properly increase one's strength. And even after gaining strength, the poison would still react with the body, killing whomever consumes it.

    0541 would never risk his captain's life. For so long, 0541 had been thinking of what's best for Jiang Fei, both as a support system and as a friend.

    He wouldn't want Jiang Fei to take the potion just to gain a burst of power in exchange for his life. But Latair Reaper could still serve well as a poisoning agent.

    "I'll leave it to you then," said Jiang Fei.

    He had two weapons in hand - the Chengying Sword and the Zhanlu Sword. The Chengying Sword was an almost unbreakable longsword, while the Zhanlu Sword was Jiang Fei's main weapon of choice. It's damage dealing power was strong against any other energy-using being.

    However... the sword was only useful when he was still playing on easy mode against Earth-based enemies. Against alien races, Theon for example, someone that 0541 would reclassify as an omega level being, they could simply use their sheer strength to block out the effect of Valium in their blood and survive.

    Even stronger Level 5 Metahumans on Earth were able to do that, and now he would be facing stronger alien races. It would not be wise to continue to rely on Valium.

    With the Latair Reaper, Jiang Fei's Zhanlu Sword could be further enhanced. He would be able to use it to kill even omega level beings, like they were any other enemy!

    Jiang Fei did not expect 0541 to have brought along the weapon's manufacture facilities along with him into the ring. Somehow, 0541 was well prepared for this, as if he had planned everything for Jiang Fei's future.

    Leaving 0541 be, Jiang Fei lay his head back on the flattened bed. He tried to take a nap but the beating of his heart was not helping him doze off. He felt guilty.

    This was only his second day on Redstone and the very first day of his training, yet he had already helped someone to rob his commander's vault, and even took two items for himself!

    To be fair, all was justified. Jiang Fei was not doing it of his own will. But how would he explain it to others? Once discovered, Jiang Fei would be dead! Or worse... tortured... or eaten...


    The automated door slid open and Vorland came in, looking around for Jiang Fei.

    "Yo! Let's get something to eat."

    "Be right with you," answered Jiang Fei.

    For some reason, Jiang Fei felt a warm feeling from Vorland, like a concerned friend caring for his needs. He instantly calmed down and followed Vorland out of the quarters.

    The red sky was darkening. The trainees were scattered around, roaming about the grounds. Some of them remained at the training grounds, training even when the session was over. Some were heading back to the quarters, having eaten and were going to turn in early.

    "Where are we going?" asked Jiang Fei.

    "To the food court," answered Vorland with a smile.

    The trainees' food court was huge. It could easily fit a few thousand trainees at the same time. Even so, there were only a few hundred of them currently eating there. Upon entering the food court, Jiang Fei followed Vorland to the far corner, away from the others.

    "That's Sector C. You might not want to go there. The food they serve is... a little unconventional." Vorland twitched slightly when he explained, as if he had just remembered something nasty.


    Jiang Fei tried to understand what was going on and when he realized the horrible truth, it would forever be burned into his memory. There were other races in Sector C, eating... no... feeding on completely unconventional food!

    "Sir? Are you going to eat me?"

    "Sir? Could you please not chew? I'm scared. You can just swallow me whole!"

    "Thank you, sir! Bye bye!"


    Not far from Jiang Fei, an eagle-like alien was squatting on his hind legs and feeding from a large bowl of smaller, fist-sized, worm-like organisms. The grubs were not only alive, but were talking, and even articulating well!

    Even though their language was almost inaudible, Jiang Fei's multi-functional scope was able to pick up their cries and translate it for him.

    "Those are sentient beings... how... why are they being eaten?!" Jiang Fei turned to Vorland in horror. It was hard for him to understand.

    "What can I tell you? Sentient beings are everywhere in the known universe. Toss a rock out there and you'll hit at least a billion of them that can talk and think like you. The only thing that keeps us out of the feeding bowl is our strength. The strong prey on the weak. That's the universal law. Can't change nothin' about it, friend," explanined Vorland.

    "What's the use of having an advanced civilization if it means preying on the lesser and weak? Such a barbaric and ancient way of thinking..." Jiang Fei sighed as he ranted.

    Thank the gods that it was Alexis who had come to Earth. If it were other giant races, or cannibalistic ones, Earth might have been done for. God knows there might even be planet devourers out there.

    Jiang Fei followed Vorland and came to a different sector of the food court. There, he saw other kinds of beings that were consuming all sorts of... things that they considered as food.

    There was a stone-being eating what looked like granite and quartz crystals, a moving semi-solid metallic being that was slurping on a bowl of liquid metal, and a slime-like ball that was extending its tentacles to suck on a plate full of rotting... something.

    The smell and look of their food was both a surprise and a great shock. Jiang Fei was conflicted - was he supposed to feel repulsed or awed?

    "Do you remember how to get here? The food in this sector would suit you more. Unless... you're the kind that enjoys slurping on the organs of other smaller beings?" asked Vorland.

    Vorland had led Jiang Fei to a corner far from the center of the food court where they served some kind of fruits and vegetation. It was completely empty, except for the two of them.

    "Don't be silly. Do I look like someone who enjoys drinking someone's blood?" retorted Jiang Fei. He picked up a tray his size and started to pile up food that 0541 had proclaimed as safe for consumption.

    Most of the food Jiang Fei picked tasted unique. Vegetation across the universe seemed to share a common taste. Although they did not share the same appearance, most of the fruits Jiang Fei ate had a tangy taste. Some were sweet, others were only slightly sourish. All in all, he was happy and content with the food.

    "Thank the creator... be that as it may, those people who could stomach that kind of food are strong," said Vorland. He only said this because he was one of the weaker ones in the training camp.

    One must have a certain level of combat power to enter the training camp, and while Vorland might have passed the initial requirement, he could not further increase his strength as fast as the others.

    As a result, he was stuck in a slump. To be honest, he was happy when he saw Jiang Fei, a being far weaker than himself. That was why he was treating Jiang Fei fairly, like a friend. As long as Jiang Fei was there, Vorland would no longer be the last in the class.

    After their meal, both Vorland and Jiang Fei returned to the sleeping quarters. The two took turns in cleaning themselves and headed straight to bed. The next morning, when the blaring bell rang, Jiang Fei, Vorland, and Gaxia shot to their feet and dashed straight to the gathering point.

    Just like the previous day, Moglain was there, waiting for everyone.

    Just like the previous day, even though no one was late, he lashed out with vulgar words, just to scold them.

    Just like the previous day, Moglain pulled Jiang Fei aside and told him the same thing.

    "You do you..."

    "The f*ck is that supposed to mean?" Jiang Fei thought to himself.

    When Moglain left, Jiang Fei started to feel scared of his future. He had no idea what he did to offend his trainer to the point where no one was willing to train him! That was the worst part! No one in the entire training grounds was willing to train him!
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