1286 Rage of the Boar

    Even though 0541 was omniscient on Earth, he wasn't able to detect all the training officers' jeering eyes towards Jiang Fei. Jiang Fei himself was currently oblivious to that fact. They had all come to a silent agreement to let him do what he wants until he graduates from the training academy.

    As long as he graduates with a passing score, their jobs were done. They had nothing against him, they just didn't want to go looking for trouble and be blamed for anything.

    Bored, Jiang Fei did the same thing he did yesterday - wander around the training grounds to find something to do. With no one stopping him from roaming around, Jiang Fei came to an unknown ground. It was a large field with some trainees who were training vigorously.

    "Woah! How the hell did they train to be so strong?!" Jiang Fei gasped. Even the weakest of those trainees had a combat level of over 200,000 and the stronger ones had at least 870,000 combat level!

    "You lot are about to graduate this godforsaken place! I can only hope that your sorry selves can at least perform something admirable for me! I'm sure everyone knows that I, Ottogackt, have been the Best Trainer for six generations straight! If you lot change that this generation, I'll make sure that none of you will see the light of another day! Understand?!" roared someone that was posing like a training officer.

    "Sir, yes, sir!" cried all the trainees. Everyone was serious. None of them were slacking. Everyone was giving it their 100% or 101%, like true military men.

    "Ottogackt? Mhmmm..."

    Jiang Fei recognized the name as his roommate, Vorland, had mentioned it a number of times.

    Ottogackt was a training officer at Redstone. Unofficially, it was said that he was one of the strongest beings in Redstone. Famous amongst all in the training academy, he only accepted trainees in their last year. Every year, trainees from his class would surely make up the top 10 best trainees.

    Amongst all the past graduates, only three or less trainees from other classes have made it to the top 10, in third place at best. The rest have always been Ottogackt's trainees.

    With such an excellent track record, anyone would feel lucky to be in his class. But it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. The training officer was also famous for his barbaric or downright cruel training methods.

    In almost every class, he would make his trainees take part in realistic combat without a shred of protection. From his point of view, his method was rather successful. Anyone who could survive his class would definitely become military officers.

    As such, the turnover rate, or in his case, death rate, was the highest out of all the trainers. His usual record was two-thirds deaths and only one-third survivors. The rest were either killed during training or by his own hands.

    "You! F*ck face! F*ck off! This is my training ground!" roared Ottogackt when he spotted Jiang Fei.

    He was unlike the others who would give face to Jiang Fei by just ignoring him. No. He cared not for the wrath of even Alexis!

    "Huh? Oh. Me. Alright," asnwered Jiang Fei.

    For two days, he had never been told to go away from a training ground. To suddenly be scolded was a surprise. Without further ado, Jiang Fei turned around and left quickly.

    Ottogackt appeared in front of Jiang Fei and bellowed right in his face.

    "What's that attitude, boy? Do you really think you can do anything you want and get away with it? Do you really think I would just cross my arms and turn the other cheek?"

    Jiang Fei was caught off guard again. He was sure that Ottogackt was far away, far enough that he wasn't able to attack him. But alas, Ottogackt was somehow powerful enough to flash towards Jiang Fei in a heartbeat.

    "No, sir! I would never!" squealed Jiang Fei.

    Without him triggering it, the scope on his head automatically measured Ottogackt's combat level. It was over three million. No wonder he was so fast, too fast even. Jiang Fei could not even activate Omnisurge in time!

    "You think you're someone, don't you Terran boy?! You think you can walk around freely because no one dares to step over your head! Well, your days of parading your shameless self ends today!"

    "Sir! I-- No-- I was just... if you wish me to be gone, be gone I shall!" Jiang Fei walked to his side and tried to leave him alone.

    Just when he thought he could escape the wrath of Ottogackt, someone from behind them yelled out.

    "Oy, f*cker! Did trainer Ottogackt tell you to leave? Stand your ground, insolent prick!"

    It was a boarman. Like the beastfolk from Dawn Break. Almost like Ottogackt, the boarman appeared in front Jiang Fei and bared his sharp fangs with hostile intent. The alien was rude and as brazen as his looks, with a powerful combat level of 350,000 to match his arrogance.

    "Sir Ottogackt, could I be excused?" Jiang Fei turned around and bowed, asking permission to leave.

    Both the boarman and the trainer were strong. However, only one deserves respect while the other was ignored completely.

    From a certain perspective Jiang Fei was a rather cool guy. Vorland might only be at a combat level of 100,000 or so, but Jiang Fei could still be friends with him as Vorland had always been nice to him since they first met.

    On the other hand, Jinag Fei would never bow to someone as rude as the boarman, unless he was as strong as Ottogackt. The fact that Jiang Fei had not already punched his face was proof that he was already emotionally mature.


    Ottogackt had only scoffed before he left.

    "Oh well. I take his silence as consent," said Jiang Fei, shrugging.

    He was going to leave obediently. Only a fool would face obstacles with brute force. Since the other side had given him leeway, might as well leave with no enmity. Unfortunately, even though Ottogackt had left, the boarman had not.

    "You think you're strong, don't you?" said the boarman. He was not having it, not when his own prestigious trainer was not going to punish Jiang Fei for being so blatantly rude.

    Since he was from a poor planet, the boarman did not and had never owned a scope or any measuring tool, which is why he didn't think of measuring Jiang Fei's strength to gauge his power. He just assumed that Jiang Fei was another final year student from another class.

    "Heh." Jiang Fei scoffed and purposely sneered at the boarman before walking around him to leave. It was only a waste of time and effort to reason with hot-headed pigs.

    "You asked for it!" roared the boarman.

    Agitated by Jiang Fei condescending glare, the boarman charged head-first and landed a punch to Jiang Fei's back.

    0541 warned Jiang Fei a split second before the attack landed but did not bother activating any defensive systems to mitigate the attack. Before he ventured out into deep space, that punch would have rattled every bone in Jiang Fei's body.

    But how, he had the Bio-Armor protecting him. Even without it, Jiang Fei had more than enough time to activate Omnisurge to deal with the attack.

    The punch landed but it did not connect well. Still on his feet, Jiang Fei was merely pushed forward a little with a slight jerk.

    "Attacking someone's back? Really? Is that the kind of fighter Ottogackt trains?" said Jiang Fei. Even though he was not the kind that would stir up trouble, he was not one to walk away from it!

    Jiang Fei turned around, clutching his fist as he activated Omnisurge. A powerful burst of energy soared around him. In an instant, Jiang Fei's battle combat level surged from a mere 60,000 to 500,000!

    The current enemy was only at around 300,000 combat level. Jiang Fei was not keen on using all his power. Right now, he was capable of increasing his combat level from around 65,000 to 1,700,000. Any higher would require external stimulus to excite him into a higher state of combat.

    "I'll slice you in half!" roared the boarman.

    Without a proper measuring tool, he did not know that Jiang Fei was almost two times stronger than him. Ignoring the previous outcome from his punch, the boarman dashed in again with the same pose and attack.

    "Try me."

    Jiang Fei hummed nonchalantly as he faced the charging boar with simple standing stance.


    Jiang Fei simply put out his palm and blocked the punch.

    Creak! Crack!

    The punch landed cleanly but instead of actually making Jiang Fei budge again, this time the boar's arm bent and broke. His entire right arm was broken, his shoulder dislocated, and his fist cracked.

    With a loud cry, the boar retreated and fell to the ground, half unconscious. None of his classmates made any attempt to tend to him.

    "Heh. Serves him right," said the strongest trainee, a Valsalrian measuring at over 800,000 combat level.

    Apparently, the boarman was one of the weaker students in the class. He always tried to compensate by buttering up to Ottogackt.

    Ottogackt cracked a small smile. The ability to suddenly increase one's combat level was nothing to be surprised about. Even a 500,000 combat level was nothing to be impressed at.

    Ottogackt was only interested in Jiang Fei because of his skills, not because of his brute strength or his combat level. Specifically, his Earth-based martial arts technique that he applied to stop the boarman's punch. For a fresh greenhorn in the training academy, the young Terran showed promise to become a strong fighter.
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