1289 Of All the Choices, Why Him?!

    Alston immediately calmed down once Moglain left. He cracked a genuine smile and addressed Ottogackt properly.

    "Clarify something for me, would you? We have been working together for many years now, no?"

    "I don't care about that. All I want is the trainee named Jiang Fei."

    "I understand that. I don't mind arranging that for you, but could you at least say it in a face-saving way? I am your friend of tens of years now..."

    "I've said enough. Give me Jiang Fei and I'll be on my way."

    "Yes, yes, yes. He's yours. Sigh... would it kill you to at least acknowledge my position as your chief?" Alston's tone was different this time.

    Seeing that Ottogackt was someone who would not follow social norms, trying to convince him with normal logic wouldn't get him far.

    "That's all I want to hear." Ottogackt scoffed and left the room. He did not care about the sudden change of tone.

    When Ottogackt left the office happy and satisfied, Moglain snuck back in and started to rant about Ottogackt.

    "Sir, how could you simply agree with him like that?! It's too much, even for him!"

    "YOU! You're the cause of this! If only you were stronger and more capable, he wouldn't have come here! Ugh... get your face out of my sight. I'm tired of seeing you every day complaining and complaining..."

    Like many others, Alston was also unable to deal with Ottogackt. The anger inside him boiled almost to the tipping point and when Moglain arrived, he vented it all out on him.

    "Yes, sir! Yes... calm down, sir. There's nothing to be angry about! I'll get my face out of your sigh!" Moglain realized Alston was not in the mood for buttering up. After apologizing frantically, he left the room and returned to his own training ground.


    Jiang Fei had no idea what was going on. He had no idea that while he was chilling in his quarters, two training officers had gotten into a fight and one of them was his training officer!

    Coming to Redstone might have been a mistake after all. On the second day of training, he had already helped an unknown stranger rob his own benefactor. A day later, he got his training officer beaten up by another officer. Unbeknownst to him, throughout his entire career in the Valsalrian Army, he would offend more and more superior officers!

    The next day...

    When the bell rang, all trainees, sleeping or not, got up from bed and rushed towards the same gathering point.

    "Jiang Fei! What the hell are you doing in my training ground?!" shouted Moglain when he saw Jiang Fei standing like a pole in the trainee formation.

    Truth be told, when he saw Jiang Fei, Moglain could not help but shudder as he remembered the pain on his face when Ottogackt landed a clean hit. If it wasn't for him, Moglain would not have gotten beaten up. If it wasn't for him, Moglain would still be on Alston's good side.

    "Umm? Sir?" responded Jiang Fei. He had no idea that he had been transferred to Ottogackt's class.

    "Come with me."

    Jiang Fei turned around and Ottogackt was there, appearing like unannounced like a ghost.

    "O-O-O-O-Ottogackt trainer?!"

    Every other trainee that was present gasped at the sight of the infamous trainer. Why would he be amongst the newer trainees when he was known to only teach the graduating class?

    "Did he just ask Jiang Fei to follow him?"

    "Yeah. He did. Must be something he did."

    "Must be. Jiang Fei is such a weakling. Why would Sir Ottogackt want him?"

    Just like Moglain and Alston, the other trainees had no idea just how strong Jiang Fei really was.

    "Come now Jiang Fei. Your skills are wasted here in this sh*thole. Come and learn from me," said Ottogackt. The others who heard it could not believe their ears.

    Compared to Ottogackt's classes, Moglain's classes were truly weak. No one would deny that. But to think that Jiang Fei did not deserve to be in the same class as them, when he was weaker than every single trainee in that academy, was unbelievable. Did something happen to Ottogackt? Or did Jiang Fei do something to him?

    "Sir Ottogackt, sir. This isn't right..."

    "Enough talking. Come with me Jiang Fei." Ottogackt turned and sighed.

    He rarely repeated himself and the only reason he did so was because he appreciated that Jiang Fei was an unpolished gem. However, that doesn't change the fact that Ottogackt was not going to change his attitude.

    Someone else spoke up. "Sir! I object to this!"

    "You dare question my decision?" Ottogackt stopped walking for a moment and turned around. He gazed at a shorter being, a Decronian named Gaxia, whose combat level was less than 200,000. It was an insult.

    "Never in my life would I dare to, sir! My name is Gaxia. I have nothing but respect for you, sir. I have always hoped to one day join your class! But I just cannot understand the reason why you would pick the weakest trash in the universe and train him! Of all the choices here, why him?!" Gaxia spoke softly as he bowed.

    "Why him, you say? Hehe. Why don't you fight him and find out yourself? Jiang Fei, have a go at him," spat Ottogackt. That was his method; straightforward. If he could prove something with his fist, he would not have to speak!

    "Yes, sir!" responded Gaxia, delighted as if the gods had given him a shortcut to success.

    He had been given a chance to prove himself. To prove that he was better than the rest of the trash. A chance to potentially be taught by the greatest trainer in the academy and become someone important to Commander Alexis.

    "Ready when you are," said Gaxia. He saluted Jiang Fei as another fighter and got into a fighting stance. He had nothing but contempt towards the Terran.

    "Are we really going to fight?" Jiang Fei turned to Gaxia before he turned to Ottogackt.

    He, of all people, knew how strong Jiang Fei was. Fighting someone that was less than half of his strength would be a waste of time. There was no need to hurt someone weak.

    "If I were you, I'd stop talking and kill the opponent," said Ottogackt with such hostility that even Gaxia felt threatened by Jiang Fei.

    "You can try, trash of Terran! Earth could have done better than to birth someone as useless as you!" Gaxia let out a roar before he charged towards Jiang Fei with a fist full of fury.

    Jiang Fei flinched a little when he heard Gaxia was talking sh*t about his home planet. Rage started to build up in him.

    "You can belittle me. You can belittle my techniques. However, you'll regret the second you belittled Earth!" snapped Jiang Fei.

    "HARGH!" Gaxia grunted as he poured every ounce of power he had into his fist.

    He wanted to show Ottogackt that he was the one that deserved to be in his class, the one that had the best potential to be his greatest student.

    "Sigh... what a waste of time and effort," said Jiang Fei.

    Omnisurge was activated and he got into a defensive stance. Without Ominisurge, he would not die from Gaxia's attacks but it would expose the Bio-Armor he was wearing.

    Gaxia was stunned as soon as the number on his measuring tool suddenly jumped to a combat level of 500,000. He immediately regretted his decision but it was too late. He put everything he had into the punch and pulling out now was impossible.

    "Impossible! A rare fighting race!" gasped Moglain, regretting his decision as well.

    If he had known about Jiang Fei's true power, he would have invested everything he had into training him to become the strongest trainee he had!

    However... it was all too late. Ottogackt had already came over to his class to fetch Jiang Fei and Jiang Fei himself was willing to go with him. What could he do to stop Jiang Fei...?
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