1291 Treating Dumb Aliens as NPCs!

    The beast let out a loud groan as it noticed there were others it could eat nearby. It remained stationary, attempting to extend a single tentacle. On its first attempt, the tentacle only extended out a few meters before falling to the ground. It retracted the tentacle to try again, and this time it managed to extend it faster before it was affected by the gravity again. It was the creature's first exposure to the simulated gravity.

    "Huh?! Wasn't it just at 350,000 a while ago?!"Jiang Fei gasped as the beast's combat level greatly increased in just a short while.

    It was now at over 1,500,000. Even if Jiang Fei were to push himself to grow stronger, he would still not be able to defeat the beast, especially since he hadn't fully adapted to the 50g yet!

    Jiang Fei finally realized the reason why the other trainees were running so fast. Their lives were literally on the line! There was no point in staying to fight the beast. tThe strongest trainee only had a combat level of 800,000. Even if he were to team up with the other trainees, they would never be able to defeat the beast!

    Remembering his qinggong lessons, Jiang Fei poured all he had into a technique that allowed him to escape the incoming tentacle attack by a hair's width. While Jiang Fei barely managed to dodge the creature's death grip, the boarman was still struggling to even get to his feet.

    "Huff! Huff!" His pants grew louder and more panicked.

    Despite the fact that his student was on the brink of death, Ottogackt was still nowhere to be seen. That was his teaching method. The weak would be stamped out, leaving only the strongest to survive. Only the strong would remain to learn. None would care for the fallen. That was the mentality that Ottogackt had drilled into his trainees.

    The beast's tentacle slowly slithered around the boarman and in no time, the room was filled with the eerie sound of bones being broken. The poor boarman was literally squeezed to death and ended up in the beast's belly.

    "No wonder he's famous! Ottogackt is playing with his trainees' lives!" Jiang Fei thought to himself.

    That was when he realized that Ottogackt's training sessions were always a matter of life or death. No wonder he had the highest turnover rate of his trainees.

    The beast devoured the boarman in one clean swallow. Looking at it made Jiang Fei think about his own beast that was already as large as small hill at only 20,000 combat level. How big could a 1,500,000 combat level beast be? But the more important question was would it be satisfied with just a single helping of a boarman?

    The beast's many eyeballs turned and locked onto Jiang Fei.

    "Oh f*ck!"

    His mind screamed at him to run, but Jiang Fei hesitated, trying to figure out other methods of survival. There was a Chinese saying which states to never reveal your trump card unless you're in a dire situation. Of course, Jiang Fei could always easily defeat the beast with just a flick of his finger in the 10th Dimension.

    But.... he knew that he was being observed by Ottogackt. If he did that, word would soon spread about his impressive feat of defeating a 1,500,000 combat level Abomination. He would then have more eyes on him than he could ever wish for.

    Knowing full well that he was stuck on an alien planet, alone and afraid, Jiang Fei dared not act out of his comfort zone. Most importantly, traditional Chinese teachings and the origin of the aforementioned saying had persuaded Jiang Fei to run instead. He turned around, still maintaining his combat level at 500,000, and ran with all his might.

    He ran and ran until he reached the valleys. He got faster as he ran and his breathing evened out. Qinggong was helping and in no time at all, he was able to run without breaking his rhythm. Soon, the beast was already left behind!

    Jiang Fei might only be at 500,000 combat level but that didn't mean that he was depending on his own power alone. The Core of Will inside his mind was constantly feeding him energy to power Omnisurge as well as granting him strength.

    It was a constant source of free energy, which meant that Jiang Fei did not need to worry about running out of power, and only had to find means of coping with the environment around him.

    As they ran, with both Jiang Fei and the beast gaining speed, they caught up to another trainee that had taken off a while ago.

    "F*ck! F*ck you, Jiang Fei!" roared the trainee when he saw Jiang Fei leading the beast behind him.

    The trainee was only at around 300,000 combat level, weak as a fly compared to the beast behind him. If Jiang Fei were to run any faster, the beast would catch up and feast on the lagging trainee. There was nothing he could do. He did not have Omnisurge. Unless he could find a way to run faster, he would be eaten.


    Jiang Fei did not mean to lead the beast. He had only ran where his feet led. If anyone was to blame for this, it would be the trainee himself for being too weak! He had taken off so long ago and yet only managed to cover such a short distance.

    Jiang Fei was no troublemaker, he didn't want to create trouble with others unless provoked. So when he saw the trainee, he quickly lured the beast away. Slowing down slightly to bait it, Jiang Fei managed to get it to turn to another direction.

    After continuing to run for a while, Jiang Fei encountered another trainee, who again cursed out loud when he saw the beast following behind Jiang Fei.

    "F*ck you! Why are you lot so slow!" cursed Jiang Fei.

    He'd had enough after diverting the beast so many times. No matter which direction he went, no matter how many times he tried to save them, all he got were curses and scolding. If he ran just a little faster, those ungrateful buggers would end up as treats for the beast.

    "Oy! Stop!" Jiang Fei made a sudden proposal to the beast as he stopped running. On the one hand, he did not want to wrong the other trainees, but on the other, he'd had enough of running.

    "Huff... Huff... You. Let eat. Me. No. Chase. Huff..." said the beast, huffing and puffing. Running after the little Terran in 50g was not something hyper-adaptation could help with. Jiang Fei was doing all right as he had Omnisurge as well as the Core of Will feeding him energy.

    "Enough talk. You can never chase after me. Let's talk peacefully," said Jiang Fei. He had subconsciously started to treat the beast like any other NPC in a game. He would trick the beast just like he tricked the NPCs. The beast was undoubtedly strong but it was also dumb!

    "No. Talk. Eat. You. Must. Hungry!" roared the beast. Being dumb was still acceptable when one has power and with power, comes hunger.

    "Can you even reach me?" provoked Jiang Fei, jumping around freely.

    "No. Chase. You. Fast. Grrr..."

    Being dumb, it was almost impossible for the beast to lie. The beast knew that Jiang Fei was just running around leisurely and could even outrun it easily.

    "Exactly! If you can't chase me, surely you can't eat me!"

    "Ah. You. Right..." said the beast as it retracted all its tentacles and started to shrink slightly.

    "Me go. Others. Slower. You. Bye bye."

    As soon as it said that, the beast turned around and started to move. Along the way, the beast had spotted many other trainees that could not outrun it. If it remembered the route, it could chase after several trainees and eat them.

    "Wait!" shouted Jiang Fei shouted, standing in front of the beast.

    "You. What. Want? Me hungry. Me eat. You no let eat. Me go!"

    "What do you like most?" asked Jiang Fei. He just got an idea.

    "OHHHHH! Me love. Kazmosa. Sandbug. Very delicious! You have?!" The beast happily squiggled about, thinking about the food it had just mentioned.

    "What's that?" Jiang Fei asked 0541.

    "Quadrant ZXS354 galaxy. A local delicacy. A talking bug," explained 0541 and displayed an image of it into Jiang Fei's mind. It was the same kind of talking worm that Jiang Fei saw talking to the eagle-like alien in the food court.

    "Oh yes I do! Come with me! I will let you eat all the sand bugs you want!" said Jiang Fei loudly with a smile. He had the most cunning plan ever to deceive this dumb alien!
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