1292 To Suppress One’s Kindness

    "You! Tell truth! No Lie! Me eat you. If lie," said the dumb beast. Despite presenting itself as unintelligent, it was actually extending its tentacles from underneath its body. They burrowed into the ground, hiding all around Jiang Fei.

    In the blink of an eye, unnoticed by Jiang Fei, all the tentacles burst out of the ground and tried to wrap around him.

    "F*ck! I've been fooled!"

    Jiang Fei had completely let his guard down while 'negotiating' with the beast and did not realize he was being trapped. Relying on speed alone would not help him escape the many tentacles zooming towards him.

    "LET ME EAT!" bellowed the beast. It was furious about being unable to chase Jiang Fei.

    Now that it had Jiang Fei trapped, the little Terran would become its food. It was as delighted as someone finally chugging down a cold, refreshing drink after a long workout session.

    "Oh no you don't!" Jiang Fei grunted as he deployed Omnisurge.

    The first burst of power managed to create a small space for him to breathe but he was far from done. He focused his thoughts to hit the maximum combat level he could muster, measuring at over 1,700,000.

    The second burst created a powerful shockwave that pushed away every single tentacle coming towards him. In that vacuum, Jiang Fei drew the Chengying Sword and got into a fighting stance.

    The Zhanlu Sword was still being reforged by 0541 and could not be used at the moment. But Jiang Fei was confident that he would be able to at least hurt the beast with his power and the Chengying Sword.

    "Interesting. You've been hiding your true powers!" commented Ottogackt as he observed Jiang Fei through a monitor outside the building.

    Jiang Fei's sudden increase of power was truly surprising. Ottogackt had never been so pleased to see a new greenhorn possessing such a talent.


    Powered up, the 50g only had a slight effect on Jiang Fei. At this point, it only felt like having weights strapped on him back on Earth. As his body became lighter, Jiang Fei was able to move around with qinggong, zooming about like lightning. Jiang Fei found every single possible route around the Abomination's body and ran behind it.

    He infused Metal Power with Origin Force into the blade, making it as hot as burning lava before plunging it into the beast like a hot knife into butter.

    The beast moaned painfully and struggled around to get Jiang Fei off its back. Before Jiang Fei was shaken off, he managed to slice off one of its protruding tentacles at the root. One fell but there were countless more coming towards him. Eight of them were created instantly and hurled towards him.

    Jiang Fei quickly pulled his sword out of the beast's body and jumped away, moving so fast that the tentacles coming for him hit the beast instead! The force behind said tentacles were so powerful that it actually left several red lines of bruises on the beast.

    Jiang Fei kicked off from the ground and landed on the beast's body. He struck the blade downwards into the beast and ran along, cutting it like scissors through paper. The beast retaliated violently but Jiang Fei easily dodged every single tentacle strike. Instead of inflicting damage on Jiang Fei, the beast was only hurting itself!

    Jiang Fei thought that he was causing significant damage to the beast, but all his strikes had just left shallow cuts. His sword may be a meter long but the beast was as large as a mountain! How much damage could Jiang Fei really inflict with such a small toothpick?

    "Good combat skills. Superb body movements. Tsk... shame that he lacks experience. What a shame indeed. Too soft!" said Ottogackt. He liked Jiang Fei's fighting skills but was not satisfied with his inner self. Jiang Fei was not killing his enemy but merely hurting them.

    "Hmm. I need to train him harder! I must, if I want to win this year's best trainer award," said Ottogackt as he started to formulate a training plan for Jiang Fei.


    After a while, there were lines and lines of sword cuts on the beast, but it hadn't sustained much damage at all. The cuts were simply like scratches or a tiny papercut to humans. Just leave it alone for a few minutes and the pain would go away.

    "Die!" The beast roared as its eyes glowed with a powerful blue hue.

    A psychic wave hit Jiang Fei like a truck. That was the secret attack of the beast's race, a trump card to be used in desperate moments. Anyone, even other beings with higher combat levels, would die by this skill!

    Ottogackt, who was spectating the fight from outside the building, gasped. Jiang Fei was only stronger by a small difference. He knew the psychic attack well enough to know that Jiang Fei would die, if not be paralyzed for eternity as his mind was destroyed by the attack.

    The beast's psychic attack hit Jiang Fei like a tsunami wave but he stood his ground, unmoved. Ottogackt, who was just heading inside the simulated ground, panicked. He was always unaffected by his trainees' wellbeing but Jiang Fei was an exception.

    He wanted to train Jiang Fei to be the best trainee out there! He could even become the best ever in the history of the entire academy! Even if it went against his normal behaviour, Ottogackt would not allow Jiang Fei to be rendered useless.

    "Heh? That's it?" mumbled Jiang Fei. He noticed the incoming psychic attack but what could it possibly do to him?

    Jiang Fei's mind housed the amalgated Core of Will, granting him absolute power over the mind! It was so powerful that not even 0541 could measure it! A psychic attack like the beast's, only affected Jiang Fei the way a teaspoon of salt affects the vast ocean.

    Jiang Fei gripped the sword in his hands and kicked off from the ground once more. This time, he sliced off two more tentacles before he landed on the beast's body and started to carve it up again. In one round trip around it, Jiang Fei had sliced off many more tentacles until there were only two left.

    The beast wriggled and forced Jiang Fei off. It knew that he was stronger. Even though it could not be killed by Jiang Fei's feeble attempts, it realized that it could not kill him either. Losing all intention to fight, it attempted to escape. It would recover in a few days.

    "Heh, what a good training session," said Jiang Fei, contented. He put away his sword as he had no intention to kill the beast nor to enslave it.

    The beast, like the one he had killed on Earth, had no value to him. Jiang Fei and the girls had all reached Level 5 and could no longer make use of Bio-Potion to enhance their strength.

    Plus, Jiang Fei was lightyears away from Braveheart. He could not even extract energy from a living being. It would just be a waste of effort to kill the beast.

    At that moment, a bolt of lightning as thick and wide as Braveheart struck down the fleeing beast, vaporizing it instantly.

    "Why didn't you deliver the killing blow?" asked Ottogackt, appearing behind Jiang Fei.

    "There's no reason to," replied Jiang Fei nonchalantly, having gotten used to Ottogackt's methods of appearing out of nowhere.

    "Showing mercy to your enemy is to doom yourself. Do you know that? Or are you simply playing around?"

    "I'm..." Jiang Fei couldn't reply.

    "You are strong but you're too soft-hearted. Regular training wouldn't do you any good. Follow me, I will administer a new kind of training for you," said Ottogackt.

    He took Jiang Fei's arms and dragged him off like a ragdoll. Even in his empowered mode, Jiang Fei was powerless against Ottogackt.

    "Where are we going, sir?" asked Jiang Fei as he followed obediently.
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