1295 An Older Ultimate, Now Obsolete

    Bsssh! Bsssh!

    The Evol. Poppy was not stopping. For as long as Jiang Fei was within its line of sight, it shot out red hot heat rays from its eyes. And for as long as the Evol. Poppy was attacking, Jiang Fei would always be moving, avoiding all attacks like a graceful dancer.

    Everything that happened, happened within seconds. In four to five seconds since the start of the fight, Jiang Fei had finally entered attack range; close enough to thrust his sword and stab the beast. However, before he could land a hit, the beast laid down on all fours. With a powerful kick with its hind legs, it tackled Jiang Fei and hit him like a train.


    Jiang Fei took the hit and was knocked away. He had been too careless. He had assumed the beast was a biped and never thought it would assume a tackling stance.


    Jiang Fei got up to his feet and spat a mouthful of blood. The attack was not all too damaging; the Bio-Armor had absorb 2,000,000 combat level worth of attack, but the giant rabbit was stronger than 2,000,000. The rest of the damage that the armor wasn't able to absorb had landed on Jiang Fei, inflicting a certain amount of damage. Jiang Fei himself had over 2,000,000 combat level. Albeit not fatal, he could still feel the prickling pain in his chest and lower abdomen.

    Having been knocked away, Jiang Fei was now far from the beast again. After that attack, the beast now understood what Jiang Fei was going to do. It started taking precautions, never allowing Jiang Fei to get to its blind spot, which was its back.

    "Smart bunny... What a drag..." Jiang Fei grunted. While the others were more than willing to leap into his blade, this bigger one had enough intelligence to protect its own weak spot.

    Even though the rabbit protecting its back was rather a troublesome move, Jiang Fei came to understand that its back was its weakness. If the rabbit had not made any move to protect its back, Jiang Fei would not have figured it out. That shows just how vulnerable its back was! It was smart but if it were any smarter, it would not have made such an obvious move.

    Both sides knew what the other was thinking and begun to adjust their fighting strategy. When Jiang Fei made any move to either side, the rabbit would adjust itself to always keep him within its line of sight.

    "I need to do something or this will be a long, long fight," Jiang Fei murmured. He was not afraid of being tired but the fighting stage was only getting smaller as he had to worry about the other smaller rabbits. Moreover, the rabbit had both ranged and melee attacks. It was only getting harder to find an opening the longer the battle went on. If he chose to ignore attacking its weak spot and rely on sheer brute force, Jiang Fei would lose the fight. The rabbit was clearly stronger, in terms of physical strength and Jiang Fei had to move around it, to avoid direct confrontation at all cost.

    "0541, do you have any idea?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Yes. You can use the Zhanlu Sword," 0541 answered nonchalantly.

    "No. I want to fight him and kill him with my own strength. Relying on a sure-kill secret weapon would not make me stronger," said Jiang Fei, rejecting the notion. If he wanted to win the fight, he could simply drag the rabbit into the 10th Dimension and disintegrate it there.

    "Well, there's nothing I can do for you. You will need to rely on your own will," 0541 said. To become stronger, Jiang Fei himself had to become stronger, physically and mentally.

    "Might as well," Jiang Fei said, biting down his lips. If 0541 had a sudden plan, he would adopt it as he went.

    Just then, the Evol. Poppy roared, unleashing a powerful sonic attack that pushed Jiang Fei back a few meters. Jiang Fei stabbed the ground with his sword to resist the push but even so, the sonic attack too strong. It was a physical attack like no other. His eyes, ears, and lips were oozing with blood at this point.

    "That will be your last scream," Jiang Fei wiped off the blood from his eyes and lips and started to concentrate. With sheer willpower, Jiang Fei's combat level increased further up to 1,900,000. Even so! He was not contented. He needed more power!

    Woosh! Psshhhh!

    A surge of energy went through Jiang Fei's body. A coat of energy materialized around Jiang Fei. His heart rate increased so fast that blood was oozing from his pores and into the mist, turning it red. Like steam out of a hot kettle, Jiang Fei was emitting steams of blood. His combat level was given a powerful boost, pushing it further by 30%, to 2,470,000!


    This was an old ultimate technique Jiang Fei had not used in a long time. It was used twice when Jiang Fei was only at the Pinnacle stage of Level 4, to give him a temporary boost to Level 5. When he had ascended into the realm of Level 5, Bloodrage still gave him a boost of power, but it was unfortunately only 30%. As such, the side effect of the technique was not as painful and severe as when he was only Level 4. He would still be weakened but not to the point where he would be incapacitated, where he would be killed easily.

    From a distance, Jiang Fei gripped the handle of the sword hard and made a powerful swing. A golden charged energy sword blast was sent out, aimed at the giant rabbit's head.

    The beast might be evolved and smarter than the rest of its kindred but it failed to adjust its judgment toward Jiang Fei. Having powered up, Jiang Fei was clearly stronger than it. Instead of dodging the incoming sword blast, it remained stationary and shot out two parallel beams of heat rays, thinking that it would deflect the attack.

    The sword blast hit the heat rays but it remained unchanged in its headings. In the next moment, the sword blast hit the rabbit's head, creating an explosion of power, injuring the rabbit.


    The Evol. Poppy roared, writhing and groaning in pain as fresh, hot blood dripped down its fat chin.

    Even though Jiang Fei was only slightly stronger than the giant rabbit, he was still able to injure it severely. His sword technique was a refined Chinese martial art that had been polished over thousands of generations. The technique itself required physical strength and with a little mastery of Qi, one could increase the lethality of the sword by a thousand fold. The beast might be strong but it was still a beast. Its mastery in energy attacks was simply tossing out as much power as it could. This applied to almost all other alien races, highly intelligent or not.

    They had been chasing power for so long that they had forgotten to polish their own skills. Jiang Fei came from a line of martial artists. They knew their weaknesses well and they strove to improve on it. Like the famed and respected, legendary martial artist Bruce Lee once said: "I fear not the man who has practised ten thousand kicks once, but I fear the man who has practised one kick ten thousand times".


    "An opening!" Jiang Fei barked when the rabbit had both its eyes closed as it writhed in pain.


    With increased power, Jiang Fei's acceleration was so fast that it created multiple sonic booms as he broke through the sound barrier multiple times.

    Two steps was all he needed to take to reach the beast's rear. He grabbed a handful of fur and plunged his sword, charged with the power of Origin Force, deep into the beast's back, like a hot knife through butter.

    Even though the sword of only a meter long, the beast was more than ten meters tall, and the sword was only as small as a toothpick, once the sword entered the flesh of the beast, Jiang Fei injected as much energy as he could into the sword, converting it into an explosive charge deep into the beast.

    Once the attack had taken effect, the beast's internal organs were ruptured from the inside out. Jiang Fei had not a single shred of mercy for the beast for he had already rid himself from being too kind.

    The pain from having all of its major organs ruptured sent the beast to the ground. With a glorious thump, the beast was defeated. It was only a matter of time before the beast breathed its last.
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