1302 Capturing the Queen

    "If you're going to run way, you might want to run faster!" Jiang Fei taunted, laughing at the same time. It was as he claimed, he might not be able to kill all the bugs there, but he could at least kill the Queen easily, provided he could clear a pathway to get close enough to hit her with an attack.

    Just then, out of nowhere, a small bug, about the size of a pug, zoomed toward Jiang Fei. He saw it coming but only managed to escape its stinger by a hair's breadth. The bug then vanished from sight, blending within the darkness of the large spacious cavity.

    Type Z Bug

    Combat Level: 140,000

    Note: Possesses higher-than-average agility and speed. Attacks with its stinger, making use of its momentum and speed to deliver a powerful stab. Extremely weak defense.

    "Duly noted."

    The bug was too fast for Jiang Fei to even have a proper lock on. No matter how fast he swung his sword, the bug always dodged the ranged attack. This was the same type of bug that had tried to sting him when he was in the network of tunnels and that had killed many other soldiers. These bugs were strong and could even attack with a potency of 300,000. Due to their speed and extreme agility, no one could defend against or attack them.

    However, as a trade, they possessed weak defense. They might be able to deliver a sting but they could never receive one. Even so, they had no use for defense since their speed was more than enough to compensate.

    One of the Type Z bug jumped at Jiang Fei, with its stinger ready to stab his head. Jiang Fei was able to evade the attack but at the last minute, the bug changed its direction and landed on his body instead. Even though it was not able to pierce through the Bio-Armor, the attack was powerful enough to push Jiang Fei back.

    In no time at all, more and more Type Z bugs appeared to join the fight while the other normal ones retreated.

    "Enough games," Jiang Fei hummed. If he allowed himself to be attacked further longer, the Queen would be able to escape! With great exertion, Jiang Fei burst with Qi energy. His heart rate jumped up and a mist of blood formed around him. With a 30% increase in power, Jiang Fei's physical strength and speed received a boost, granting him the strength to break through the enemies' formation and get closer to the Queen!

    Even though Bloodrage lasted only 10 seconds, it was enough for him to close the distance between the Queen and himself. As he charged forward, the Type Z bugs leaped toward him from all directions. However, come one come a hundred, nothing could stop Jiang Fei now, not when he possessed a combat level of over 2,000,000.

    "Time for hurt!" Jiang Fei grunted as he delivered a powerful slash to the Queen's back.

    "SKREEEEEE!" the Queen shrieked with pain. Being the only entity on the planet who was able to think and decide, the Queen was treated like the one and only god. Other than tire and boredom, she had never felt anything else. The deep slash was the first ever physical wound she had received since birth! That sort of reaction was very much like any spoiled brat Jiang Fei had encountered. Give enough beatings and they would quickly bow their heads!

    With pain currently taking over, the Queen was unable to control her swarm. As such, even the bugs that were ferrying her around stopped.

    "How do you fare with pain, O Queen of the Swarm?" Jiang Fei said coldly. The Queen did not realize it when Jiang Fei stood on top of her body, and when she did, she stopped moving as panic and despair filled her entire soul.

    "Captain, you should try the Zhanlu Sword," 0541 suddenly made a suggestion.

    "Oh? Is it done?"

    "Yes. It is now combat ready! I would suggest to only inflict a small wound," said 0541.

    "Alright. Swap it out," Jiang Fei said. With a flash of light, the Chengying Sword was swapped with the Zhanlu Sword. Even though it had the exact same appearance as before, its lethality was now further enhanced.

    Jiang Fei pointed at the Queen's back and said, "Don't move."

    With a light tap, Jiang Fei poke the Queen's back with the Zhanlu Sword and almost immediately he could see the effect.


    Like acid corroding, the skin where the sword poked started to rot and disintegrate.

    "OOouuuuuu! Please stop! Please stop it! I don't want to die! Please spare me!" cried the Queen. At this point, death was literally standing on top of her. Like a delicate flower that had never been exposed to a harsh environment, the Queen did not have the stomach to face such a treatment.

    "Do you surrender?" Jiang Fei said coldly. Unlike many other times when he had had the life of his enemy in his hands, he was ready to plunge the Zhanlu Sword deep into the Queen if she had even hesitated to reply.

    "Surrender! I surrender! Please stop the pain!" the Queen yelped like a sad puppy.

    "Good. This will hurt a bit but at least you'll stop dying," said Jiang Fei before he swapped back to the Chengying Sword and carved out the rotten flesh, preventing it from spreading further.

    The Queen howled with pain again but as of now, she was smart enough to realize what Jiang Fei had done to her. Such a reaction was exactly the kind that those in power would display. When one had been showered with power and authority, why would they need to fight on their own? Why would they need to go through any hardship? That was why, most of them were weak and petty. A little torturing would go a long way, at least, for the torturer.

    "Away with them!" Jiang Fei roared, telling the Queen to order her soldiers to retreat.

    "As you wish! Right away!" said the Queen. In the next second, the swarming bugs calmed down quickly and moved away from Jiang Fei. None of them hesitated to obey since they had no will of their own.

    "Take me to the surface!" Jiang Fei pressed the sword's edge to the Queen's body and said. Right now, he had enough of dirt and darkness. Alone, he would not be able to escape the labyrinth. At least, on the surface, he might be able to escape even if he was not able to defeat all the bugs.

    "As you wish! Right away!" the Queen cried. In the next second, the Queen sent out the order with a single thought and all the bugs helped her, with Jiang Fei standing on top of her like surfboard, to the surface.

    As a precaution, Jiang Fei had his sword ready in his hands. If the Queen decided to do anything at all to harm him, he would not hesitate to cause more pain to her.

    In about twenty minutes, with the help of other bugs around, the Queen, with Jiang Fei riding on her back, got close to the surface. He was now able to feel hot, dry air coming from the front and see a faint glint of light coming from the end of the tunnel.

    "That's the exit to the surface?" Jiang Fei asked, pointing his sword to the Queen's eyes.

    "Yes! Yes, it is!" she cried.



    "Sir! We have found Jiang Fei! I have his signal locked on!"

    On board the Corvette class ship, the radar handler quickly informed the captain and the news spread quickly to Lieutenant Domingo. They were only able to track Jiang Fei as he was now approaching the surface.

    "Well, what are you waiting for? Beam him up!" Domingo cried. For as long as the entire day, Domingo hadn't dared to relax one bit, knowing that Ottogackt would have his head on a pike if he knew Jiang Fei was lost. Now, when his signal was finally detected, he drew a deep breath and could finally relax.

    "S-Sir... A-According to radar scans, it seems that Jiang Fei and the Queen of the Swarm are moving together. I think he has been captured!" said the radar handler. It was a natural assumption since he, Domingo, and all other soldiers then, thought that Jiang Fei was only a weakling at only 65,000 combat level.

    "DAMMIT! DAMMIT ALL!" Domingo roared as he tensed up again. Just when he thought he could have a break for a moment...

    "Send me down. I will negotiate with the bugs for his release. Remember not to do anything that will cause Jiang Fei to be in jeopardy," said Domingo. Everyone on the ship nodded as they knew, if something were to happen to their VVIP...
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