1306 Spar

    Back on Ipsilon, Domingo proceeded to prepare for a new mission. In the meantime, Jiang Fei returned to the training room and prepared himself for a long excursion.

    "Same as before, please," Jiang Fei said to the operator. By dropping Domingo's name, Jiang Fei did not need to pay for anything. As a result, there was no need to save resources, and he set the training room settings higher at 20G and 30 times chrono-acceleration.

    Similar to the previous mission, Domingo utilized a lot of time and effort to "find" a mission that was guaranteed safe for Jiang Fei. So, he spent more than twenty days, leaving Jiang Fei undisturbed. As such, Jiang Fei was left in the training room, training for almost two years.


    Jiang Fei removed the battered uniform he was wearing and handed it over to 0541 for quick cleaning and adjustment. Jiang Fei was now a twenty-year-old young adult. Not only had he gained some height, but he had also doubled his combat level to 200,000 without the use of Omnisurge.

    To be fair, gaining a higher base level in combat was just a bonus for him. The real reward was his improved swordsmanship. Perhaps Jiang Fei had a talent for Chinese martial arts since he understood the underlying concept of the art and its philosophy. After training for so long, Jiang Fei's sword skills were now at their peak. In the eyes of legendary sword masters like Bai Wanli, Jiang Fei's swordsmanship had reached its saturation point.

    However, without certain restrictions, Bai Wanli could never fight Jiang Fei because the disparity of their raw strength was just too great. Not even Bai Shien, a Level 5 grandmaster could fight Jiang Fei without losing an arm!

    "I must say, it is rare to see someone with such natural talent," said Dawan, appearing unnoticeable inside Jiang Fei's small hut. The hut was made using Yondu's Sprout, and it was small, simple, and comfortable to live in.

    "Did Domingo send you here?" Jiang Fei said, his voice now husky and deep. One may have even mistaken his tone of voice as hostile. Even so, Jiang Fei did not bother to correct himself as they were both not related in any aspect. The only reason Dawan would appear before Jiang Fei was Domingo.

    "No, I'm just passing through my own training room. I couldn't help but stop to observe Mr. Jiang Fei in training. Perhaps, if you would be so kind to treat this one with a friendly match?" Dawan proposed.

    "You want to spar with me?" Jiang Fei asked. Although taken aback, Jiang Fei was delighted. He had been in solitude for twenty months and was itching to test out his skills with anyone. Even though he knew he was stronger, he could not attain a deeper understanding of himself without challenging someone in a fight.

    "That is correct."

    "This is going to be fun!" Jiang Fei answered. He rushed out of the hut with his sword in hand, ready to dance.

    Through the scope hanging on one side of his ear, Jiang Fei could see that Dawan was a fighter with an approximately 130,000 combat level. Even so, he would not rely solely on that number because he knew that an Orbisan could become stronger in a split second.

    However, unlike humans, their battle form could only grant them a fixed amount of power. Jiang Fei, on the other hand, could further increase his combat level with Omnisurge and a lot more when needed.

    "Thank you for accepting my request. Please, do not hold back!"

    "Likewise," Jiang Fei said.

    The two got into their battle stances, and the air around them became hotter by the second. As soon as Dawan focused on Jiang Fei, his small, three-feet-tall body expanded and grew in size, reaching almost three meters tall!

    "Well... that was unexpected..." Jiang Fei scoffed. He knew Dawan would employ some kind of skill to increase his strength, but the last thing he expected was to see him grow in size. While Dawan was now three meters tall, Jiang Fei was not at all surprised to see his new combat level, which was over 2,400,000.

    "Time to bring out the big guns," Jiang Fei said to himself as he activated Omnisurge.

    Two waves of energy collided with each other. One at a 2,400,000 combat level and the other at 2,200,000. That was the result of Jiang Fei's two-year training. His upper limit was higher than 2,200,000, and if needed, Jiang Fei could push it further. But, since this was just a friendly spar, Jiang Fei purposely stopped at only 2,200,000.

    "Here I come!" Dawan growled.

    His first move was to thrust his left arm to the back. Glowing particles gathered together, and as they fused, the shape of a large hammer formed. Once it solidified, Dawan grabbed the handle of the hammer and swung it hard at Jiang Fei.

    The sheer pressure of the incoming blow was immense, so much so that Jiang Fei dared not block it with his sword. Instead, he leaped to the side. Thinking that he had dodged the linear attack, Jiang Fei armed himself with his sword. To his surprise, the hammer changed direction in midair and chased after Jiang Fei almost like a homing missile.

    "Sh*t." Jiang Fei thought. Knowing full well that there was not enough time to dodge it again, Jiang Fei flexed his muscles all around to take the hit. He condense as much energy as he could, infusing the sword with Origin Force and blocked the incoming hammer strike with the hilt of his sword.


    If he had been hit by a train, Jiang Fei would still not have suffered so much damage as the hammer. The hammer hit him hard, harder than anything he had ever faced before. The shock of the initial hit sent a wave of pain throughout his body. His brain even suffered a mild concussion! Just when he thought the worst was over, he suddenly lost control of his body!


    Fortunately, Dawan had to retract the hammer to his side to prepare for a second hit. That window of time, albeit short, was good enough for Jiang Fei to recover. The hit instantly reminded Jiang Fei of Dawn Break, where his character had a skill to stun another player.

    As soon as Jiang Fei regained control of his body, Dawan was inches away from his face. The light ax was behind him, and when Jiang Fei retreated further, Dawan smashed the hammer in front of him. It created a powerful quake that shook the ground, throwing off Jiang Fei's stance greatly. The moment he lost his footing, Dawan tackled him, sending him flying a good distance away.

    "I can't afford to underestimate any aliens again," said Jiang Fei to himself. He had just been served a dish of fighting techniques in the face. He had thought that all aliens were unlike humans, who would only pursue raw power instead of martial skills.

    Although alien martial skills were not as refined as those on Earth, they held a certain level of prowess on their own. Despite utilizing more energy than moves, they were only as good as their users. Similarly, Earth's martial artists also invested their youth and efforts into their skills.

    Jiang Fei got up to his feet, panting for breath to relieve the pain in his chest. However, just as he took his second deep breath, Dawan approached him with the light hammer, zooming across the air.

    Jiang Fei put his sword away and quickly planted his feet to the ground for a powerful stance. When the light hammer came to his face, Jiang Fei caught the hammer in midair with his palm pressing the bottom of the hammer and his other hand on the handle. As his palm made contact with the light hammer, Jiang Fei felt a surge of power from it, which sent a mild electric-like sensation throughout his body. In the next instance, Jiang Fei tapped the bottom of the hammer with his palm, changing the direction of the hammer. With a tug on its handle, Jiang Fei completely redirected the hammer, sending it back to Dawan.

    "Dammit!" Jiang Fei thought. Since the start of the fight, Jiang Fei had been forced to be on the defensive. At that point, Jiang Fei, who thought he was the best in martial arts on Earth, regretted thinking so.

    Instead of pushing the hammer away, Dawan merely stepped to the side and caught the hammer by its handle before he swung it to Jiang Fei. During that time, Jiang Fei employed Qinggong, and with quick footwork, he dodged the hammer swiftly and instantly disappeared.

    To become a giant, Dawan had traded his agility for raw strength. It was a powerful trade-off if his opponent only utilized raw strength as well! That was why Jiang Fei decided to play it differently. Instead of fighting Dawan with brute force, he would use his weakness against the enemy!

    With unparalleled speed, Jiang Fei made his way on top of the giant's shoulder. At that moment, Jiang Fei had the absolute advantage. He could have ended the fight there and then with a simple stab to the head. However, because it was just a spar, Jiang Fei aimed for his biceps and gave him a light, non-lethal stab. The moment his sword made contact and bounced off the giant's skin, Jiang Fei remembered the lesson he was forced to learn when he was on Cororan fighting the crazy rabbits.

    The giant's skin was so tough that his sword failed to even scratch the giant's dead skin! To be fair, Jiang Fei had only put in a certain amount of force to stab it lightly. Be that as it may, the giant's toughness had obviously been greatly underestimated!

    "It's strong!" Jiang Fei hummed. He was stabbing the giant with the force of someone with a 2,200,000 combat level, and even if Dawan was wearing an equally powerful Bio-Armor, the sword should have still penetrated his armor and injured him.
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