1309 Ultralisk

    "Boss, who do you know has ever survived an attack from the Valsalrians? It's either they're already dead or have nothing left to lose! They will never let us go! Not even if we surrender! Since this base is surely going to be picked clean, we should use this chance to distract them while we run!" the same subordinate said.

    "You've got a point there..." said Gararizz. It was true. Hardly enough could survive a Valsalrian attack. Either they could repel them completely or die trying. Other than the stronger races, no one else would be able to see the light of the stars once it was over.

    The Valsalrians had found their base, and it would no longer be feasible to defend it. The Valsalrian accepted no negotiations. They were pirates after all, and they had the same rationale whenever they headed out for a raid. Fight and die, or surrender everything and live.

    Hence, the best logical move would be to destroy the current fleet and escape. At the very least, the Valsalrians would not know who did it, and if they did, it would be hard to track them down in the infinite space.

    "F*ck them! F*ck them hard!" Gararizz roared. He had fought hard, poured out his blood, sweat, and tears to build his fortune. He was not going to give it up so easily!

    "That's the spirit, Boss!" the subordinate cheered. He was one of the victims of the Valsalrian's raids. His home planet was very much like Earth; it had primitive technology. The Valsalrians came and destroyed two-thirds of the entire population, enslaving everything the entire planet has to offer to the highest bidder. From that day on, every single sentient lifeform on the planet was enslaved.

    That little subordinate of his was one of the lucky few who got picked up by another passing pirate. As such, the hatred and resentment he had for the Valsalrians were bone-deep. Alone, he would not have the strength to fight any Valsalrian fleet. However, since he had worked his way up to stand as Gararizz's right-hand man, he would not let this chance to have his revenge slip away, although it was only a small fleet of Valsalrians.

    Jiang Fei and the rest of the fleet had no idea what Gararizz was planning for them. Domingo was even cheerfully waiting for the opposite to accept their terms of surrender! It was actually rare for anyone to surrender. Most of the pirate groups he had raided before would rather destroy everything they had instead of give it up to the Valsalrians.

    "Umm, Captain? I'm detecting a strange wave pattern coming from the surface of the planet. It's a powerful one!" said an operator who was the fleet's science officer.

    "Trace and identify the source," said the captain. Such a thing appearing in the middle of battle was never a coincidence or a result of natural causes.

    "Tracing..." said the science officer as he quickly operated multiple pieces of machinery.

    "What's going on there?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Nothing important. Let them handle it," Domingo said.

    "I see," Jiang Fei said, ending the inquiry there as Domingo seemed to be extremely confident.

    A few minutes later, a flash of light was seen coming from behind the moon of the planet. It was so bright that it even overshadowed the light of the binary-stars.

    "Is that..." the captain gasped as he saw the bright light. Being a captain for so many years, that bright light was extremely familiar.

    "That's a wormhole! The enemy opened it there!" said the science officer after he took a single look at it.

    "Something's coming out!" said the science officer while flashes of red signals appeared one after another on the monitoring screen.


    A powerful psychic wave could be felt, and when the wave flooded the ship and everything as far as the binary stars could see, everyone, besides Jiang Fei, Domingo, and the captain of the ship was on the floor, pressing their heads as they grunted in pain.

    "What's happening to everyone?!" Jiang Fei gasped. Due to the protection he had from the double Core of Will in his mind, a psychic attack of that level was not able to penetrate even the outermost layer of his mental defenses.

    "Ugh... It's a psychic attack... A... powerful one..." said Domingo as he struggled to breathe. The man was strong enough to face the psychic attack without grunting on the floor like the others, but it was hard to take another hit like that. He was in so much pain that he did not even notice how Jiang Fei was completely unaffected.

    "Oh, sh*t! What the f*ck is that?!" Jiang Fei exclaimed as he pointed out a large creature the size of Earth's moon. It was crawling its way out of the wormhole.

    Jiang Fei finally recognized the beast when it came out of the wormhole. He had encountered the same kind of creature twice before; the first time was on Earth and the second in Ottogackt's training room. However, compared with those two, this one was f*cking huge! It was the size of a moon!

    The large beast turned its eyes, which were as large as Corvette class ships, to the fleet. They glowed with an eerie red hue, radiating something like an infrared wave. The psychic attack that swept over them previously came with the red hue.

    "Oh, crap... That's literally a monster..." said Jiang Fei. Jiang Fei had no idea what abomination could grow to such a size. Perhaps it was even of another species. Unfortunately, Jiang Fei's question was left unanswered as the scope could not read its signals from that distance.

    As soon as the creature appeared in space, pirate ships could be seen blasting out of the planets and heading toward the Valsalrian fleet.

    "Haha! Such a wonder a lullaby could work!" Gararizz cheered as he and all of his own mates were completely unaffected by the psychic attack. All the enemy ships were broadcasting some kind of tune, a soundwave to neutralize the psychic attack and render them as friendlies to the creature.

    "Lieutenant! What should we do? Captain?!" Jiang Fei asked profusely as the giant creature started to growl louder. It went without saying that such a creature would not have much trouble tearing the ship apart.

    At that point, only Jiang Fei and Domingo were still conscious. The rest of the crew members, including the captain, had already passed out. With just the two of them, escaping was no longer an option, much less attacking.

    All five Valsalrian ships were stuck and unmoving because no one was still awake to operate them. They were helpless and completely vulnerable.

    "Ugh! Nothing... we... can do. Ahh, call... backup, now! Too strong... I can't take it..." said Domingo through his teeth as he continued to writhe in pain.

    Jiang Fei removed the captain from the cockpit and took over his seat. When he sat down, the computer screen had finally managed to pick up the creature's signal, and it displayed a series of information for Jiang Fei to read.


    Combat Level: 35,000,000 ~ 5,000,000

    Note: A suspected Level 6 Lifeform. Pending for Verification. (Warning: Please escape when encountered)

    "F*cking hell..." Jiang Fei gasped as he read the description of the beast. It was a possible legendary Level 6 lifeform!

    Even though Jiang Fei had his fun, pretending to be the Level 6 Zhuge Shanzhen, he realized that his ploy was nothing but a childish act as a true Level 6 was nothing close to Zhuge Shanzhen! Growling in front of him was only a hypothetical Level 6 lifeform, and it was already strong enough to scare the living hell out of Jiang Fei. While it was only a suspected Level 6 lifeform, it's 35 million combat level was just... bullsh*t on another level.

    Alexis, a fleet commander of the Valsalrian Army only had a combat level of over 4,000,000, and he was already strong enough to plant Jiang Fei's face to the ground. Even though Jiang Fei could accept the fact that there were others who were stronger than Alexis, he had never seen anyone exceeding 10,000,000. Right then, there was one right in front of his eyes, a 35,000,000 combat level creature that had just crawled out of a wormhole!

    The only option left for Jiang Fei was to run, but how could he do that? Every personnel in the ship and every other ship was unconscious. Jiang Fei himself had no idea how to operate a Valsalrian ship! As such, the Corvette class ship, as well as the other Cruisers, were nothing but oversized coffins.
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