1311 A Singularity Even

    In the 10th Dimension, aside from mental thoughts and consciousness, everything else was either frozen in time or in suspended animation. The Ultralisk, even with its powerful psychic power, as well as sheer size and strength, could not do anything other than drift aimlessly. Its unevolved mind was unable to comprehend anything that was going on.

    Jiang Fei was able to move and control the strings of reality. However, he was cut off from every help he had: the scope, the support system 0541, and all matter of digital products. As long as it was comprised of matter, it was frozen.

    In the event that they could operate in such an environment, they could do nothing to help Jiang Fei too. Based on his previous reading of the Ultralisk, no one had ever killed an Ultralisk. Even if there was a way to kill, it would either have to come in the form of a god-like creature, or in simple words, a larger Ultralisk. For the rest of the intelligent species, the best way to destroy such a lifeform was to deploy the largest gun they had. Theoretically speaking, if they could construct a planet-destroying Hyper Beam cannon, they could pulverize such a beast.

    Unfortunately, even if Jiang Fei had such a weapon with him, he would not be able to operate it in the 10th Dimension!

    He thought about the Zhanlu Sword and gazed at the planet-sized being in front of him. He could not help but sigh at the thought of using that small toothpick to kill the Ultralisk. It would be like using a needle smaller than the size of a hair's width to stab a person to death! Despite the potent Reaper's poison that coated the sword, it would only be as effective as a single bacteria strain against an entire army of human antibodies.

    "Argh! It's do or die!" Jiang Fei declared. The time he had left in the 10th Dimension was extremely scarce. Dragging and keeping the beast in the 10th Dimension consumed energy like the flow of water from an open faucet. If he kept dragging things on, he would die before the beast.

    "Hnng!" Jiang Fei grunted as he put everything he had into his mind. In the 10th Dimension, the ultimate power he had was the ability to manipulate the strings of reality.

    "Bah!" Jiang Fei expelled all of the air in his lungs once he was done. Using his thoughts, he quantized every single string of reality that made up the beast and disrupted its vibration. That instant, the image that he saw of the Ultralisk was replaced with loops of strings overlapping each other.

    "Here goes nothing!" said Jiang Fei as he attempted to change the vibration of the strings.

    One by one, the strings that made up the reality of the Ultralisk were altered. The particles that comprised the Ultralisk changed as the vibration of the strings changed.

    While he was busy changing reality, unbeknownst to Jiang Fei himself, he had started a destructive chain of events that would lead to the demise of the Ultralisk. It started with the disintegration of one of the pores on the Ultralisk's body.

    Even though Jiang Fei only disrupted an infinitesimal amount of strings that made up the Ultralisk, the butterfly effect took over immediately. Slowly but surely, other parts of the beast started to disintegrate. Although the Ultralisk realized that it was in danger, there was nothing it could do to change its fate.

    To be honest, the Ultralisk possessed powerful mental power. Unfortunately, the low intelligence paired with its powerful psychic ability did it no good in that situation. By simply using its powerful psychic attack and a little psychical strength, it could dominate an entire galaxy easily. Sadly, in the 10th Dimension, even with a full blast of its psychic attack, Jiang Fei, who possessed two fused Core of Will, was completely unaffected.

    The more strings Jiang Fei disrupted, the faster the disintegration process took over. It started slow but the process then picked up speed exponentially. In less than thirty seconds, the Ultralisk would be reduced down to its fundamental particles. However, there was a problem.

    "Oh, no... I can't be around when this is over!" said Jiang Fei as he realized the problem of reducing the size of a planet down to a single dot. The sudden shrink of matter would definitely create a singularity event. Even though a black hole in the 10th Dimension would likely do him no harm, Jiang Fei did not want to be the first person to test out that theory. He was already running on fumes right then, and if a black hole formed in the 10th Dimension, things might really take a turn for the worst... His current situation was already dire enough.

    "Time for you to f*ck off first!" said Jiang Fei as he removed the disintegrating Ultralisk from the 10th Dimension. Instead of jumping out of the 10th Dimension, Jiang Fei opted to stay there with the Corvette class ship and the rest of the surviving crew members.



    After a flash of silvery light, the disintegrating Ultralisk returned to reality, to the third dimension.

    "Is that... the Ultralisk?"

    "Who could have injured it to that extent?!"

    Everyone in the pirate ships could not believe their eyes. The Ultralisk, famed for its huge size and power, had sustained major injuries. A large portion of its slimy body was crumbling inward and causing a cascading effect to the rest of its body.

    The Ultralisk, now able to control its body once more, growled in pain as it unleashed the strongest psychic wave.

    The pain it was feeling as its huge body crumbled under its own gravity was enough to drive it mad. It was almost as bad as when it was in the 10th Dimension, where it could not even do anything!

    The speed at which the Ultralisk's body was collapsing had increased exponentially as it tried everything it could to stop the process. Unfortunately for it, the first domino had fallen and nothing could stop the chain!

    Its growls of pain grew louder while more and more of its body fell inward. Even though it was only as intelligent as the smartest monkey, it recognized its own certain demise and could only cry in pain.

    "Boss, something's wrong!" said one of the crew members.

    "How could there be anything wrong?! As far as we know it, nothing can kill an Ultralisk!" said Gararizz. Even so, his speech contradicted his thoughts. At that point, even the dumbest monkey could see that the Ultralisk was dying!

    While the collapsing Ultralisk was dying and falling toward the center of singularity, the pirates on their own ships were still lingering close to the beast, not realizing what was about to happen. It was inevitable. Not everyone possessed the ability to see past the third dimension like Jiang Fei.

    When only thirty percent of the Ultralisk's body remained, a sudden disturbance in space and time occurred. In a split second, the remaining thirty percent of the Ultralisk's body shrank to a single point almost at the speed of light. A large explosion erupted in the next instance, and immediately after, everything shrank back down again. The speed of the final collapse was so fierce and fast that not even photons could escape its gravitational pull.

    A singularity event; a black hole had formed as per Jiang Fei's prediction.

    The size of the black hole that formed from the collapsing Ultralisk was not big. At most, it was the size of a football. Nevertheless, its gravitational pull on the pirate ships was so immense that the pirate ships grew closer and closer to it.

    "Oh, sh*t! It's a black hole!"

    "How?! How could an Ultralisk become a black hole?!"

    "How the hell would I know about that? Do I look like someone who studied in school?"

    "Boss, what should we do? There's no getting out of this!"


    Every single pirate on every ship started to panic. Gararizz did nothing but sit down quietly. It looked like he was thinking but he had given up on trying. When the Namekians created a black hole in the past, even they could not escape it, what more a small group of pirates?

    Smaller moons and asteroids within the planetary system began to drift away from their orbits and toward the black hole. In no time, even the binary stars were thrown off their orbits, and they started to collide with each other before they were pulled by the black hole as well. First, the planet that the pirates exited from was destroyed, forming an accretion disk around the black hole. After it "consumed" the planet, the black hole grew in size and so did its gravitational pull. Soon, the two stars also accelerated toward the black hole. In a few minutes of its formation, a good number of planets, moons, asteroids, and its own parent stars were swallowed.

    Translator Note:

    I might not be a physicist but I do know that if the moon collapsed and became a black hole, it would only be as large as 0.10913 millimeters! Its gravitational pull would not change, only size. Please visit this site for more information on how to calculate the size of a black hole based on its mass.

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