1312 Reward

    Once the stars of the binary star system were consumed, the entire planetary system, dimmed. Fortunately, since the black hole was only formed from the mass of the Ultralisk, its surface area and power was weak. After it consumed the entire celestial body in the planetary system, it stopped drawing anything in.

    Even though a black hole's gravitational pull was infinite, the amount of matter it could consume was limited. Once it hit its limit, the black hole would be converted into a white hole!

    A white hole was a completely inverse entity to that of a black hole. It would spew out energy and matter until it evaporated away all of its mass.


    At that moment, everything that the binary star system had was ejected out of the white hole, scattering small, grain-sized materials all across the planetary system. However, the number of materials that the white hole ejected was only a small part of its release. The rest of the matter that the white hole had ejected was in the form of energy radiation. That amount of energy was stronger than the amount of energy that the two stars could give out in their entire lifespans. One could even measure its energy reading from another corner of the universe.

    The explosion of materials was fast and powerful, happening only in a matter of two seconds. As such, once the explosion was over, the entire planetary system was gone and now replaced with nothing but dust and small celestial objects. Due to such occurrences, like the black hole, the existence of the white hole was rarely confirmed.

    The silence of space was quickly broken by another sudden explosion of silvery light. A Corvette class spaceship appeared right at the center of the now evaporated white hole.

    Jiang Fei was now completely drained. The Core of Will's energy was almost exhausted, and if he did not leave the 10th Dimension, he would perish there.

    "Captain, what's going on?" 0541 quickly asked when his system was restored. Records of the event when he was in the 10th Dimension were completely unreadable.

    "Nothing important," Jiang Fei brushed it off. He refused to tell anyone, even 0541 since that ability was his ultimate move.

    "I understand," said 0541. Since Jiang Fei had no intention of revealing what had happened, 0541 would not pry further. However, 0541 instantly realized that the planetary system was abnormally different from before.

    Besides the readings of stars that were lightyears away, almost everything of the planetary system was missing. The pirates were now gone, and no matter how hard 0541 tried to figure it out, he could not understand.

    Jiang Fei also had similar thoughts. He only predicted that the Ultralisk would form a black hole, nothing more than that. As to the formation of the white hole from the black hole, Jiang Fei was completely clueless.

    Like 0541, the ship's computer system was restored. Unfortunately, the crew members, including Domingo, were still unconscious. The Ultralisk's psychic attack was too powerful that their minds, unlike their ungodly regeneration speed, needed a longer time to recover.

    Beep... Beep... Beep...

    Just as power was restored throughout the ship, one of the lights on the console board blinked slowly.

    "Take control of the ship," Jiang Fei ordered 0541. Alone, he would not be able to operate the ship.

    "Aye, Captain," 0541 acknowledged. Even though 0541 was a creation from 10,000 years ago, he was still considered an advanced support system. Valsalrians may have possessed technology that made those of Namekian's obsolete, but they did not prioritize artificial intelligence. Hence, the support system that they possessed was generally weaker than 0541. But to be fair, 0541 had undergone various evolutionary stages.

    With that said, it was only a stroke of luck. If the Namekians had not perished and their planets had not been destroyed, everything would have progressed as the Namekians had planned, and 0541 would never have been able to evolve to this stage. Any intelligent species that pursued the progress of A.I would know the risk of A.I evolving further. Standard protocol would be to delete any A.I that showed signs of evolution. 0541 was able to evolve to such an extent because no one tended to him!

    "Captain, I have control over the ship!" 0541 reported after it managed to apply an interface over the ship's original operating system.

    "What is that?" Jiang Fei asked as he pointed at the blinking light.

    "It's an indicator for the ship's energy detector. The blinking light indicates that there is a high-energy object nearby," 0541 reported.

    "Search for it then," Jiang Fei said.

    "I have already used the radar system to search for it," said 0541. That was expected of Jiang Fei's ultimate support system. He could make any small decision for Jiang Fei to save him time and effort. He was considered a helping hand to Jiang Fei, but to any other species, his ability to make his own decisions was an omen for what was to come.

    Fifteen minutes later, while everyone on the ship was still unconscious, 0541 alerted Jiang Fei with good news.

    "Captain! We've found treasure!" 0541 cried in joy and excitement. It was a rare scene for Jiang Fei.

    "What is it?" asked Jiang Fei as he was influenced by 0541's excitement.

    "I have no idea. However, sensors are picking up a high-energy reading!" 0541 replied.

    "Retrieve it, then!" Jiang Fei said. Jiang Fei was still a little weary from the battle but he dared not wait until everyone woke up. By then, the mysterious object may fall into Domingo's hands. As a result, he did not want to wait until the others knew about it to claim it for themselves.

    "Standby for teleportation," said 0541 as he activated a portable teleportation device inside the ring. In a few moments, Jiang Fei was teleported next to the high-energy object. Even though he was weak, he could still survive in space without any form of protection.

    "Huh?! This... is too small!" Jiang Fei thought. The object was a glowing white ball around the size of a mere baseball. Such a small object would be easily skimmed over in space but the energy it radiated was as powerful as a lighthouse in the night.

    Jiang Fei held the ball of light in his hands and only felt a lukewarm sensation in his palm. The object was clearly not an Energy Core that moved on its own. Yet, its energy reading was almost the same.
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