1320 Marionette Technology

    After taking a closer look, Jiang Fei noticed that the altar consisted of two separated buildings with the group of statues positioned closer to the entrance than the center. The statues looked like a humanoid version of a bat. Their heads were human heads that had been transfigured a little to resemble a bat. The limbs were furry and had web-like flaps growing out of them, probably to facilitate flight. The craziest aspect of their appearance was their three-meter-long claws.

    "What are those? They can't just be statues for decorations," said Jiang Fei. Unfortunately, neither 0541 nor the scope on his head had any information about the statues, except that they were not inanimate objects but beings that were capable of combat.

    "Could that be the weapon that I'm supposed to find?" Jiang Fei spouted as something metallic and shaped like a small dagger caught his eye. The dagger was located at the far edge of the entire hexagonal altar and was encased in a glowing box, floating in suspended animation.

    "Captain, I think that is it," 0541 said. He had picked up some form of energy wave emanating from the dagger. Even though the entire planet was a product of simulation, the dagger, being an target, was processed to give off a distinctive energy reading to help trainees detect it better.

    "So... is that it? I could finish this after I take that dagger?" Jiang Fei said, the ends of his lips curling in anticipation. The mission was to acquire the weapon and there were only thirteen available. That would mean that competition amongst other trainees would be inevitable. He would have to carry the dagger and prevent others from snatching it away from him. That being said, who could actually fight him for it?

    "Aye, captain. It seems that after taking the weapon, we can leave through the altar itself," 0541 commented.

    "Alright then, time to end this," said Jiang Fei happily. With speed, he ran across the valley, toward the entrance of the altar. There, the moment he took a single step into the light barrier, a loud crack was heard. All of a sudden, all statues in their respective forms moved toward him with hostility.


    As quickly as he could, Jiang Fei made a headcount. There were thirty-six moving statues and two were approaching him at a faster speed. Faster was merely relative. He had only needed to move slightly faster than normal, a walk in the park, so to say, to avoid being trampled by the mega-size bat statues. Unlike a few other styles of fighting, Jiang Fei's was not the kind that would take on everything he saw. Bulkier, bigger fighters, on the other hand, would face their opponents with the classic exchange of blows.

    Jiang Fei moved as agile and effortlessly as leaves gliding through the air. Soft and silent. All incoming attacks by all rock statues were avoided ever so easily. He was like water in a river flowing through all the rocks and boulders, never to be stopped. Like a butterfly gliding through the petals of flowers, never tainted by the dew of the leaves. Jiang Fei's mastery in this aspect of Chinese Martial Arts was only elementary but it was still good enough for anyone else's jaw to drop.

    "Such a technique! How long would it take to create such a move?! Is this boy a genius of the millennium?" Alston gasped. As the manager of the entire training academy, Alston had seen trainees come and go, and all sorts of things. Even so, he could not understand how Jiang Fei could master such a speed, lightning fast yet so accurate.

    "I've never seen him do that before," Ottogackt chimed in.

    "I did. But it was never this good. He was not that fast when I fought him..." said Alexis.

    The entire scene had taken less than 3 seconds, executed with perfection. Even after he had masterfully evaded all the stomps and punches, he was still unable to get through the army of statues as the entrance was now sealed off by two of them.

    "What are these things actually?" said Jiang Fei as he removed himself from the statues and away from the altar to scan them again.

    Hardlight Puppet

    Combat Level: 1,100,000

    Note: Hardlights are constructed with Marionette technology. Minimal intelligence but unyielding combat will. Will continue to fight until all moving parts are destroyed.

    "The f*ck? I can only defeat them by completely destroying them? And what the hell is Hardlight? Marionette?" Jiang Fei mumbled to himself after failing to understand the description of the statues.

    "Captain, there are too many civilizations in the known universe and some of them are builders. Hardlight technology utilizes light particles, or photons, to create objects and materials to a certain extent. Marionette technology is another form of robotic technology, like Androids but less commonly practised," 0541 explained.

    "Bah. So, I just need to keep attacking them until they are completely destroyed, yes?"

    "In a manner of speaking, yes."

    "Well, alright then!"

    Jiang Fei took a deep breath to prepare himself for a long fight. Thirty-six statues with over a million combat level would be a piece of work. It was not something that he would find troubling, just time consuming. Evidently, his powers were not the only aspect that had increased after fusing with the Blackhole Core. His confidence was now off the charts.

    After taking aim, Jiang Fei only needed to throw a kick. All the swirling energy inside of him flowed toward his legs and he delivered a powerfully charged kick without the need to channel. Being an almost half-energy hybrid, Jiang Fei now had eliminated the delay of channeling energy to anywhere his body needed.

    Dodging and evading attacks was child's play. The real fight was only just beginning.


    Jiang Fei's kick was so powerful that it made a crack on the gigantic stone-made statue. Without delay, all statues except the two that blocked the entrance to the altar retaliated. Even though they were huge, their movement was unlike the golems from before. They were fast but alas, they were only constructs, not actual living beings. Their speed was laughable when compared to Jiang Fei's!

    Three statues came forward and tried to surround him but with a simple leap, Jiang Fei shot to the sky, way above their heads.

    "First one," Jiang Fei hummed as he delivered a killing shot to a statue's head. He threw out a kick and as expected, the statue was immediately decapitated. However, without the head, the construct was still able to move and knew where Jiang Fei was as if its head served no purpose.

    "Ouph... Now that's a will to fight! Looks like I really need to completely destroy it," said Jiang Fei. In a way, he admired this technology. A combat Marionette would never cease fighting until its last "breath". Perhaps if he constructed a combat Marionette that was smaller in size and faster in speed, it might be undefeatable!

    Thundering explosions could be heard from even outside of the valley as the fight between the stone statues and Jiang Fei started. All of his attacks hit their targets while he was untouched.

    It took several moves but eventually, he managed to reduce one stone statue into a pile of rubble. Only then did it stop moving.

    "Who's going to be number two?" Jiang Fei croaked arrogantly. As he locked onto his next target, he zoomed across the perimeter of the altar and delivered his next attack.

    "Come on! Don't stop! I ain't got all day!" he barked after the second statue was destroyed.


    It was truly a spectacle how Jiang Fei moved around the battlefield, defeating foes that were at least ten times his size. A 3,000,000 combat level defense coupled with a 2,000,000 combat level defense Bio-Armor made Jiang Fei a living tank! He was as destructive as an actual tank! A few shots was all it took to destroy a statue with 1,100,000 combat power!
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