1329 Eliminated from the Trial

    Jiang Fei remained passive, standing outside the fluctuating magnetic field, watching the others racing into it. Even though he knew that they would have no problem in eliminating the threat, he remained vigilant. A florp was a mysterious creature to someone like him.

    Caylan had lost two good fighters in this region, even so, he held nothing in regards to the threat. This time, he had help from Bacca's team. The risk of failing this hurdle was low with such a large number of members.

    Buzz... Buzz...

    Not long after they entered the fluctuating magnetic field. Jiang Fei heard a faint buzzing sound, the same kind an electrical welder made. Out of the ground and behind larger rocks, cloud-like creatures appeared, like miniature, conscious thunderclouds.

    "That must be it," said Jiang Fei as he tapped on the scope.

    Magneto Florp

    Combat Level: 270,000

    Note: A rare elemental life form. A form of energy source. It is advised to capture some.

    The scope provided an interesting aspect about the creature. Even though they were clearly creatures, ancient, higher level civilization would hunt them in order to use them as an energy source to power their older ships. Nowadays, they had modernized into using greater power generators rather than life forms.


    All of a sudden, without warning, the cloud of buzzing electricity released a lightning bolt toward Luna, the bunny girl.

    "Aiyeee!" Luna shrieked. She was on constant high alert yet she had not expected to be attacked with a lightning bolt. Although the attack hit the ground instead of Luna herself, she was still mildly injured from the attack. Her legs, being closer to the ground, were paralyzed for a brief moment.

    "Be careful. Don't be tempted to fight. Follow me!" Bacca barked, ordering everyone to trail his steps.

    Jiang Fei could not help but feel a slight admiration for Bacca. Although he was not out of danger, he still placed his attention on his teammates.

    "Good man, he is. If he wasn't too cunning, he might be a decent man!" said Jiang Fei.

    "Dammit!" Caylan groaned loudly as he lost his balance due to the shifting in gravity. The sudden increase in gravity had tripped him, causing him to fall to the ground, hitting himself in the head.

    The others weren't doing too good themselves either.



    Either someone fell to the ground due to intense gravity, or shot up to the sky for exerting too much force to their steps. Basically everyone was facing trouble in merely advancing forward. They were injuring themselves without the creatures attacking them yet!

    While the entire group was tripping over the fluctuating gravity field, more and more conscious thunderclouds came out to join the fray. Their attack pattern was odd and without any noticeable pattern. They could strike the ground they were on or simply shooting out lighting at random directions. Sands that were hit by the lightning strike were instantly vitrified into glass; demonstrating the intense power of the lightning bolt.

    "Someone please deal with those clouds!"

    "I'll fight them! F*cking clouds think they could attack us and get away with it!"


    A few of Caylan's own members started bursting out in anger and tried to move toward the florps to attack. The florps were not as weak as the crabs on the beach. Although they were coming in by the tens, their attacks were powerful enough to vitrify sand. Fortunately, they were not striking at will but only at random. So far, no one had been struck by lightning.

    "No! We cannot fight here! We cannot bring out even 20% of our fighting capability here! Once surrounded, we will be fried! Do you want to be eliminated from the trial?!" Caylan roared. He understood the danger of dwelling in this place and he needed to get out of it. In the fluctuating magnetic field, only the florps were unaffected and could move about freely. They were the master in their territory and unless one could ignore the effect of gravity, nothing could truly defeat them.

    Thunder crackled continuously and the more they attacked, the more accurate their attacks hit. These creatures were starting to learn to attack properly and were now actively chasing after the escaping group.


    A louder-than-usual crack was heard but by the time anyone could react, a huge lightning bolt coursed through the air toward Caylan.

    With speed, he finally caved in; resorting to cheating by utilizing tools that he brought into the trial. He took out a small marble and tossed it toward the incoming lightning.

    The bolt diverted ever so slightly in the air and hit the marble instead. Without it, the bolt would have struck Caylan, vaporizing him or, at best, gravely injuring him.

    "Drat! The big one is here!" Caylan warned.

    A larger clump of dark clouds hovered over the field, slightly higher than the other florps. Compared to the others, the King of Magneto Florp was more opaque than the regular ones. Smaller cracking lightning bolts could be seen zapping about from within the body of the King. The bolt of lightning that had struck the marble instead of Caylan had come from the King.

    The King's attack was more frequent and more accurate than the regular ones. Caylan might have been saved by the marble but the others were not as lucky.


    Dodge was the first one to be struck by the lightning bolt. Its entire exterior, the outermost layer of its slime body was fried. Like a tower of wooden blocks, he split himself into many tiny fragments and tried to escape.

    "No! Dodge!" Bacca roared. He tried to help him when he was still whole but now, it was impossible.

    Countless of his splits moved about, trying to evade the attacks. Even though he thought he was able to prevent being attacked by the King, he seemed to forgotten about the smaller ones that were still chasing them. Their attacks might not be as strong as the King's but Dodge's split bodies could not take too much damage as well!

    Dodge originally had countless split bodies but after a few seconds, he only had a handful of them left. The number of split bodies could now by counted by hands and he was too weak to merge back into a whole being.

    At this time, the King was coming and Dodge's remaining bodies could not dodge the King's attack due to the fluctuating gravity field.

    "I give up! Please help me!" he cried. Just like that, a light barrier came down from the sky, encasing the remaining slime bodies in a protective barrier before vanishing from sight.

    "F*ck!" Bacca grunted. Dodge was one of his better teammates and now he was eliminated from the trial. Although he was alive and could live to see the light of another day, he had failed the graduation trials and would forever be a low ranking soldier for the Valsalrian Army.
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