1333 Like a Vulture


    With speed, Jiang Fei burst out in the open at mach 2 speed.

    "Who's there?!" the Prophet roared as he sensed Jiang Fei's sudden presence. Being a Spiritual Being, he was able to sense almost any living being within a certain distance. Even though he was able to sense Jiang Fei when he entered his effective range, he was too fast even for the Prophet to react.

    "Someone that wants your life!" Jiang Fei snarled as he continued to exert force into his speed.

    "Another?!" Prophet Nas hissed angrily. Even though the new enemy was faster, the Prophet was surrounded with a thick layer of shadow energy. Any living being that touched the energy would surely die. Not to mention the powerful saturated psychic energy he was constantly putting out. Even if the enemy was as fast as light, he would not be able to get through his powerful blanket of energy.

    "Enough talk, time to die," Jiang Fei scoffed, putting so much force that he broke through the sound barrier twice, increasing his speed to mach 4.

    "Die with me! Why don't you!" Nas shrieked. Seeing as how the previous group of weaklings were dying soon, the Prophet gathered the saturated psychic energy around him and channeled them toward Jiang Fei instead.


    Nothing happened. Jiang Fei, despite having taken the entire blast of psychic energy, was completely unaffected. To put it in perspective, the saturated amount of psychic attack was akin to a large ship being dropped into the ocean. Even if it was able to do anything, the entire ocean itself would not be entirely affected.

    Nas was stunned for a moment but quickly put out another saturated wave of psychic energy into an attack, repeating the same attack, just more frequently.

    Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh.

    Again, Jiang Fei took the hits without even flinching.

    "Who are you?! What are you?!" the Prophet gasped in horror as he could not understand the creature that was coming to take his life. He had already unleashed the strongest of his attacks yet his enemy was still coming at him!

    It was all due to the fused Core of Will inside his mind. To be honest, Jiang Fei was affected but it was only like an ant bite that faded away after a second. But from what he saw, he was completely immune to any kind of psychic attack.

    The one thing that no being, even Prophet Nas included, knew, was that Jiang Fei was not a common being. His mind housed a completely new Core of Will. Its power was beyond any mortal understanding. Not only did the Core of Will help him to endure the attack, it even absorbed the saturated psychic attack to charge itself.

    If Jiang Fei paid attention, he would have felt the energy content in the Core of Will increase by a tiny bit. Even though the incoming energy was not as powerful as the Blackhole Core, it was still energy strong enough to kill any mortal being.

    Seeing as how he was approaching the sphere of dark energy, Jiang Fei dared not play around anymore. Before touching the dark energy, he unleashed his domain energy as well as the power of the Blackhole Core.

    The Core of Will was still lacking in energy and Jiang Fei was unable to fully unleash the power of Omnisurge. However, increasing his combat level to over 1,000,000 was still achievable for now. Combined with the power of the Blackhole Core, Jiang Fei was effectively boosted to over 4,000,000 combat level.

    Even the great leader of Redstone, Commander Alexis, had only a combat level of 4,500,000. At his weakened state, Jiang Fei was still able to be almost as strong as Alexis!

    As soon as he unleashed his powers, the air around him crackled with energy. His sheer aura alone was enough to wash off the dark energy.

    "Time to die."

    Jiang Fei lifted his right arm and was about to deliver a devastating punch when 0541 suddenly called out.

    "Wait, captain!"

    Jiang Fei quickly diverted his punch slightly to the left. The surging power blasted away and destroyed anything that was within the line of the punch, grazing the Prophet by only a few inches.

    "What?" Jiang Fei asked. He knew that 0541 would never simply stop him if it weren't for a good reason.

    "You should capture him. He might be useful to us in the future," said 0541.

    "Capture him? H...how?" Jiang Fei asked, stammered. Capturing wasn't the problem but how would he contain the ethereal spirit?

    "With the crystal ball!" said 0541 as he highlighted the floating crystal ball in the air in front of the Prophet.

    "How do I do that?"

    To be honest, Jiang Fei was curious about the energy of death itself. Capturing the spirit would be beneficial for him.

    "Use your own mental powers to capture him. After that, squeeze him into the crystal ball," said 0541, explaining how to capture the spirit as if he was explaining how to pour water into a cup.

    "Can't you be more descriptive?!"

    "That's everything. Nothing else. Or do you want me to repeat the instructions?" 0541 said, sounding annoyed.

    "Sheesh. I'll try!" said Jiang Fei. Knowing 0541, there was nothing to doubt.

    Jiang Fei stopped running about and started concentrating his mental powers into trapping the Prophet. An invisible barrier formed around Prophet Nas. Although the Prophet tried its best to break free, Jiang Fei, supported by the Core of Will, had mental powers stronger than anyone could measure. Suppressing an ethereal being was nothing but a walk in the park. As soon as the Prophet was captured, Jiang Fei did as he was told. He compressed Prophet in his barrier and squeezed the ethereal being into the crystal ball, literally.

    "W-What are you d-doing?!"

    "No! Stop!"

    "Let me go!"

    "Please stop!"

    "Please let me go!"

    "No! ARGH!"



    While Jiang Fei knew he had strong mental strength, it was only his mental defense. Outside his mind, he wasn't able to exert much force. The psychic barrier that he had formed around the Prophet was weak. If Prophet Nas had put more force into it, he would be able to break free. However, seeing how the situation developed, he dared not to.

    Jiang Fei's psychic barrier had shielded Nas from the psionic energy that the crystal ball was giving off. At the distance he was at, if he removed himself from the barrier, he would be fully exposed to the psionic energy. It would be akin to ripping one's spacesuit in the vacuum of space. The Prophet knew this and so, instead of trying to break free, he merely pleaded for his life and even threaded carefully so as to not break the barrier.


    Like pushing a squish ball into a tube, the Prophet slid into the crystal ball, captured.

    "What do you want him for?" said Jiang Fei only after he had capture the Prophet.

    "We can try to convince him to work for us. If we succeed, we would be gaining a powerful ally. If not, we could take this chance to *ahem* steal this crystal ball," said 0541. He was not sure about gaining the loyalty of the ethereal being but at the very least, he was about to gain the rare crystal ball for himself! To be honest, that was 0541's primary objective!

    "Hehehe! You've learned well!" said Jiang Fei as he put the crystal ball into the ring's inventory.

    Jiang Fei went closer to the small altar to approach the staff that the Prophet had dropped. It had shrunk in size after the Prophet no longer wielded it. Right now, when Jiang Fei picked it up, it was only a regular-sized staff. He had gone over to pick up the staff because it was emitting a similar energy reading, the kind that only a Primordial Weapon would give off!

    "Guys, the spirit is too malicious to be left alive. I'm going to need the crystal ball for a while to trap him," said Jiang Fei nonchalantly to Tchaikovsky and his group.

    Technically speaking, Jiang Fei had no right to intervene and take another trainee's item. However, 0541's action had only provided a suitable reason for Jiang Fei to take the crystal ball for himself. The officers that were invigilating the entire trial could not say anything against his action. If he had not intervened and did what he did, Tchaikovsky and his entire group would have died.

    Everyone in Tchaikovsky's group was unable to properly gauge Jiang Fei's true combat level. They genuinely thought that he was unable to defeat the Prophet and needed the help of the crystal ball.
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