1334 Amongst Thieves

    What can they do besides standing in awe? Jiang Fei's superior aura was unlike anything they had ever seen. He might even be stronger than Tchaikovsky's father!

    Be it his own power or the power borrowed from another tool, Jiang Fei's surroundings crackled with so much energy that Tchaikovsky dared not try anything. It was similar to how Caylan had given in to him when he arrived with his many members.

    "You don't mind, do you?" Jiang Fei prompted again.

    "No. That is an invaluable Spirit Crystal Ball but you have saved our lives today. It is a deed that no amount of treasure could compensate. I, Tchaikovsky will someday... r-r-return the f-f-favor..." said Tchaikovsky as he tried his best to say the last three words. Clearly, it was something he did not mean to do. To be fair, the man was in great denial. He had lost his chance to acquire a Primordial Weapon and one of his invaluable treasures. Having to owe Jiang Fei a life debt would be rubbing salt to the wound.

    "You've said enough. I do not need to walk away from someone claiming to have owed me a favor. Let bygones be bygones. That said, I'll be leaving now," said Jiang Fei. Just then, 0541 chimed in.

    "Captain. Deactivate Omnisurge and stop feeding on the Blackhole Core," said 0541.

    "Why?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "No time to explain," 0541 barked.

    "Urgh... fine... I must say, you are getting quite cocky these days by ordering me around without stating the reasons..." Jiang Fei sneered and turned off Omnisurge. He channeled the power of the Blackhole Core into the Core of Will instead. As a result, the surging power around Jiang Fei was gone, reverting him back to his pathetic state of only 120,000 combat level.

    After he was out of earshot, the surviving members of Tchaikovsky's group started asking questions.

    "Why did his powers fade away so quickly?" said Tchaikovsky when he noticed the surging aura was gone. He had only said that because he had been constantly trying to gauge Jiang Fei's combat level without the use of his apparatus.

    While Jiang Fei loved to keep pointing his scopes around to scan combat levels, it was considered a d*ck move for anyone else in space. He obviously did not know that, but it wasn't a big matter as the scope he owned was given to him by Theon, and it was a powerful scope as claimed by 0541. Its scanning ability was undetectable by others unless they were absurdly powerful beings, like Ottogackt or Alexis.

    "I've measured it! That kid has only 120,000 combat level!" said one of Tchaikovsky's smaller group members.

    "Dammit! He's tricked us!" Tchaikovsky snarled under his breath. From his point of view, Jiang Fei had merely put on airs by using a tool that could temporarily increase his combat level tenfold at least. Now, without the tool, he was only a weakling!

    "What should we do?" the underling said.

    "We f*ck him until no one can recognize his face no more!" Tchaikovsky spat.

    He had lost more than half of his teammates for that Primordial Weapon! Even so, he was still devoid of one and had lost the invaluable Spirit Crystal Ball!

    Seeing as he thought Jiang Fei had tricked him, he wanted no more than to end his pathetic little life! He would reclaim what was rightfully his and also acquire a captured Spiritual Being that had mastery in the power of Death!

    Tchaikovsky was not a saint. He did not attack Caylan or Bacca back then because there was no reason to. Jiang Fei, however, was holding a Primordial Weapon, and that gave every other trainee in the trial every reason to attack him!

    He was not worried about his true capability as he had seen his real "potential". Even though he had lost more than half of his team members, he still had seven good fighters with him. Even the weakest had a 400,000 combat level; more than enough to single-handedly beat Jiang Fei to a pulp.

    "Chase him but don't make it look like we are ganging up on him. I don't want Caylan and the others to know about him having a Primordial Weapon," said Tchaikovsky. Even though the original plan here was to humiliate Caylan, he had been utterly stripped off of his ability to do so by the Prophet.

    "Jiang Fei, wait!" Tchaikovsky cried out as he paced quickly toward him. The others quickly surrounded him in response, cornering him.

    "What's the matter?" Jiang Fei asked, pretending to be oblivious. He knew exactly what was happening as he had understood why 0541 wanted him to turn off his power-up mode.

    Jiang Fei was in the same situation. Like how Tchaikovsky was unable to attack him without a reason, he could not attack Tchaikovsky first, even with the Primordial Weapon in hand. However, if he were to come up to him and attack, with the intention to rob the Primordial Weapon, Jiang Fei would then be granted permission to kill Tchaikovsky.

    "You have been through a lot and it would be wise for you to travel light. Allow us to carry the staff for you," said Tchaikovsky with a thinly veiled provocation.

    "No need. I'll be fine on my own," Jiang Fei bowed and declined the "offer". Even though Omnisurge was not active, he was not afraid of being gang-banged by the group. The strongest fighter then had only 750,000 combat level and he was badly injured. None of them possessed any kind of strength to penetrate his armor. Even if they had anyone capable of using a psychic attack, it would be useless as Jiang Fei had the power of the Core of Will at his disposal. Henceforth, no one then could inflict even a paper cut on Jiang Fei.

    "Enough pretense! Surrender the Primordial Weapon!" one of Tchaikovsky's subordinates roared.

    "That's right! And the crystal ball as well! Give them to us or you will be on wheels for the rest of your life!" another chipped in.

    "Surrender everything you have on you! A payment for all the troubles you have caused!" said a Decronian as he placed his scaly hands on Jiang Fei's shoulder, threatening to snap his shoulder blade with his hands. His combat level was measured at over 680,000, an above-average fighter amongst all trainees.

    "Heh, I've heard rumors of Decronians but never have I thought I'd actually experience such a stereotype," Jiang Fei laughed contemptuously. He was not at all threatened by the Decronian even though he was being physically held by him.

    "Do you want to die that bad?" said the Decronian as he snapped open his jaws, ready to bite Jiang Fei's head off.

    "Calm down, the lot of you!" Tchaikovsky suddenly roared.

    He then turned to Jiang Fei and put on a understanding expression and said, "Jiang Fei, you have overdone it a little. I won't speak of the Primordial Weapon but that crystal ball is invaluable to me. At the very least, give me something to quell the rage."
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