1347 I Like You

    Once 0541 withdrew from the ship's central control system, it went into auto-pilot mode and continued on its original route towards the Galactic Specter.

    Jiang Fei started to focus as the ship got closer to the Galactic Specter. Just to be safe, he was ready to open the 10th Dimension at any time. The huge monster with a combat power of forty million could kill him instantly!


    A wave of mental energy surged over the ship, but it was not an attack.

    Obviously, the Galactic Specter was being cautious. Although it did not have high intelligence, it did not attack recklessly.

    "Interesting," said Jiang Fei as he continued to approach the Galactic Specter.

    At the same time, he spread his mental energy over a vast area in an attempt to intimidate the Galactic Specter, warning it not to act rashly.


    A plasma energy beam shot at Jiang Fei's ship. Obviously, the Galactic Specter was not deterred by Jiang Fei's warning. Instead, it had launched an attack because it felt threatened.

    Beep! Beep!

    The ship's alarm started to ring loudly. Normally, small patrol ships like this one could not withstand such a strong attack.

    "Damn it!"

    Jiang Fei rolled his eyes. He hated dealing with unintelligent beings. They did not understand the difference between communication and being cautious. All they knew was to attack first. Jiang Fei now found himself in an unfavorable situation.


    Without hesitation, Jiang Fei abandoned the patrol ship and went into the 10th Dimension.


    The ship explored into pieces but Jiang Fei safely appeared unharmed in the vast space. As a strong man with a combat power of more than a hundred thousand, Jiang Fei could survive in space for a short time.


    The Galactic Specter launched another plasma energy attack. Jiang Fei still did not dare to face such a strong attack. His opponent was a huge monster with a combat power of more than forty million. Even at his best, he was no match for the Galactic Specter.

    This time, Jiang Fei was not planning to take this huge monster into the 10th Dimension. It would put him at too much of a disadvantage, as it would take him a long time to recover the energy debt.

    With the help of the 10th Dimension, Jiang Fei easily avoided the Galactic Specter's two attacks. This angered the unintelligent beast!

    "Marshmallow, what's wrong?" asked the person standing behind the Galactic Specter.

    Who could have imagined that this terrifying monster which was about the size of an asteroid had such a cute name?

    Due to its immense size, the Galactic Specter was like an asteroid-sized mount. While riding it, it was difficult for the rider to even spot patrol ships.

    Moreover, while the Galactic Specter moved through space, it would always randomly attack other things, so its rider was already used to this. However, today was different. The Galactic Specter had actually launched a few attacks continuously and it was obviously angry. Hence, its rider felt that something was strange.


    The Galactic Specter launched another attack. At the same time, it also used its mental energy to guide the rider behind it, making him notice Jiang Fei's existence.


    Realizing that Jiang Fei could disappear into thin air, then reappear, the rider was slightly surprised. Jiang Fei used this tactic to avoid the Galactic Specter's attacks several times.

    "Stop attacking!"

    The rider tapped the silver hoverboard with his feet, and the Galactic Specter obediently stopped attacking.

    Jiang Fei let out a sigh of relief, "Phew..."

    Repeatedly going in and out of the 10th Dimension did consume quite a bit of energy.


    A silver light flashed, and the hoverboard rider appeared in front of Jiang Fei.

    "It's you?" he said, shocked to see Jiang Fei.

    "Why are you here?"

    Jiang Fei froze. He never expected that the hoverboard rider would be Theon the thief!

    "What a coincidence, kid!"

    Theon laughed. Jiang Fei had once helped him tidy up his house, so Theon had a good impression of him.

    "Hehe, yeah..." answered Jiang Fei while he secretly measured Theon's combat power with the goggles.

    He had measured Theon's combat power when they first met. At that time, Theon only had over nine million combat power. Although he was strong, he was no match for the tamed Ultralisk.

    Buzz... buzz... crack! The goggles burned to a scrap on the spot!

    "Hey kid, did you know that it's rude to measure one's combat power right in front of them?"

    Theon reached out and slapped Jiang Fei on the back of his head, but he did not seem to be angry. He was just teasing Jiang Fei.

    "Hehehe..." Jiang Fei could only give an awkward laugh.

    His goggles could only measure up to fifty million combat power. Now that it had been destroyed, what did that mean? It meant that Theon's real combat power was more than fifty million!

    "Who is he, really?" Jiang Fei thought to himself.

    With such a terrifying amount of power, Theon was definitely not as simple as he appeared to be. If he really was a thief, a simple shout from him would probably be enough to make all the intelligent races in the universe line up to pay him tribute.

    "Remember, kid, you shouldn't measure someone else's combat power without any reason next time. If I was someone with a bad temper, you would've been dead by now!" said Theon, throwing a new pair of goggles at Jiang Fei. It looked like it was of better quality than the previous one.

    "Why are you so nice to me?"

    Had Jiang Fei lost his mind? Did he really just ask such a stupid question?

    "'Cause I like you?"

    Theon glared at Jiang Fei, scaring him so much that he did not dare to speak anymore. Powerful people like him were usually really moody. It was best to go along with anything they said to avoid any trouble.

    "Master Theon, may I ask why you're here?" asked Jiang Fei curiously.

    Theon was too weird. He was definitely not as simple as Alexis and the others thought.

    In the hearts of the Valsalrians, Theon was a strange existence. No one knew his specific strengths because he never worked with anyone, but no one could stop him. He could always easily find and enter others' treasure houses, taking away their most valuable things every time he paid a visit.

    Therefore, Theon was a strange existence among the Valsalrians, because he only stole from them and no other intelligent race. So, although everyone hated him, no one could stop him.

    Moreover, if you ambushed Theon once, he would rob your treasure house for three years. No matter where or how you hid your treasures, and how many traps you set up, the outcome would be the same. Everything you owned would be stolen!

    So, over time, an unwritten rule emerged among the Valsalrians. If Theon came to steal, everyone would pretend not to know. Most of the time, he would only take a few items anyway. If they allowed him to steal freely, he would not come again for at least a few decades.
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