1357 One Hi

    While Jiang Fei was still lost in his thoughts, Sarila's frantic cries brought him back to reality.

    "Help!" she called out.

    Not far from where Jiang Fei stood, Sarila was surrounded by a large number of Federation soldiers. A quick scan told Jiang Fei that the combat level of the soldiers ranged between 70,000 to 80,000, while Sarila herself was at about 90,000.

    Though stronger, she was still considered a juvenile Cathian. Even with her higher combat level, Sarila was unable to properly bring out her full potential. Her status as his adopted daughter was the only thing that allowed her to stand next to Commander Alexis.

    "Hang on!" roared Jiang Fei as he leapt into action.

    He was not at all infatuated with the beautiful catgirl, but nevertheless, she was still his ally and a comrade-in-arms. And since she had always been nice to him, what better way was there to repay her kindness than by saving her life?

    Not daring to punch the soldier for fear of accidentally puncturing his body, Jiang Fei instead simply slapped him away. Yet, the soldier was still sent flying off his feet and across the corridor, slamming into a wall. Although he was not dead, something that Jiang Fei was incredibly thankful for, the soldier might have broken a rib or two.

    "Is that a superior officer?" asked the captain of the ship as he observed the fight from a great distance.

    The captain did a thorough scan and realized that Jiang Fei was a fighter at over 3,300,000 combat level. After being trained by Theon, Jiang Fei himself had broken the three million combat level threshold.

    With support from the Blackhole Core, his combat level might cause others to assume that he was either a Fleet Commander or a Chief Commander.

    "C-Call for help! Tell them that we are being intruded by a high-ranking Valsalrian officer!" ordered the captain.

    The captain himself was extremely weak, to the point that he could not even be considered a combatant. The only way he could deal with Jiang Fei was to request reinforcements.

    A few soldiers left the scene and quickly contacted the fleet's main ship. If captured, a high-ranking offer, like they assumed Jiang Fei was, would make for a good slave or hostage.

    They could sell him off and gain enough funds for a small fleet! That was what Jiang Fei was worth, or so they thought...

    While Jiang Fei was dealing with the trouble Sarila had found herself in, he failed to notice that he was being observed by the enemy.

    When the last of the Federation soldiers around her had been incapacitated, Sarila asked, "Just how strong are you?"

    She was greatly intrigued by Jiang Fei, since his combat level increased again and again every time she saw him!

    "How strong? Well... just so."

    Jiang Fei scoffed. Sarila was a friend, but not one close enough for him to reveal his secrets.

    "Fine then. Keep your secrets."

    Sighing, Sarila rejoined the rest of the squad. Her curiosity towards Jiang Fei had only grown after she had personally witnessed how he had shown great restraint while fighting off the enemies around her.

    For a moment there, Sarila was glad that she had been sent off to be with a man like Jiang Fei. The grudge she had for Alexis was momentarily forgotten.

    Like a fleeting dream, that sweet, positive thought was quickly drowned out by the sound of explosions and the cries of soldiers.

    "Why are you still standing there?" roared Sarila when she noticed that Jiang Fei was standing still, while she had already taken down her third enemy.

    Thanks to his previous feat of slapping a soldier across the corridor, none of the enemy soldiers dared to directly fight him. As such, his existence on the battlefield had become like that of a boulder-something to be ignored and not cared for.

    "These sorts of enemies... doesn't really suit me," said Jiang Fei nonchalantly.

    To be honest, Jiang Fei could still defeat all the soldiers without killing them if he wanted. However, that feat would be akin to threading a needle, and he might even accidentally kill one or two of them!

    Since he was prohibited from killing, he dared not to join in the fight, or he would risk being dismissed by Theon. Just then, two flashes of light beamed in and two larger figures waltzed towards the battleground.

    "Where is that high-ranking officer?" asked the shorter one.

    "That young Terran!" said the captain, pointing towards Jiang Fei.

    "Let's get a move on, shall we?" he said as he walked across the battlefield and gestured rudely to Jiang Fei, "How about we head somewhere else? This place isn't suited for the likes of us."

    Upon hearing the word 'Terran', Jiang Fei immediately turned his head, knowing that the term could only be referring to him.

    When the two hulking figures came closer, Jiang Fei's scope picked up their readings and displayed their combat levels. One measured at 3,500,000, while the other was at 4,000,000.

    "I accept your challenge," said Jiang Fei without hesitation.

    Since Theon was watching his back, he had no need to fear falling into the enemy's trap.

    The same white light flashed again and the two figures were teleported outside the ship, floating about in space. If Jiang Fei and the two of them fought with everything they had, the ship itself might not survive.

    "I'll be right back," said Jiang Fei as he left without waiting for a reply.

    He was strong enough to teleport on his own, as long as the ship's phase-shift shield was off.

    "I applaud your bravery, young Terran," said the one that spoke earlier.

    Since sound could not travel in space, they were communicating mentally via their psychic abilities.

    "Are we going to talk and appreciate each other's guts, or are we going to fight?" replied Jiang Fei.

    Having held himself back a great deal, Jiang Fei was frustrated, a little agitated, and eager to let himself go!

    "Well said," replied the shorter one, who was the one with a combat level of 3,500,000.

    In a flash, he threw his fist out and charged a ball of golden energy. Judging by how the energy crackled around him, it was obvious that it would be a powerful hit.

    Before the enemy could discharge the energy bullet, Jiang Fei used the first skill he learned from Theon. With a little concentration, Jiang Fei condensed psychic energy down to the shape of a needle. It was extremely saturated and with a flick, he threw it out and controlled its trajectory to hit the shorter one's head.

    Instead of a physical object, the needle was simply an ethereal construct. When the psychic needle entered the head of the enemy, it expanded quickly, pouring out a fatal amount of psychic energy into his mind and sending him into a disarray.

    "UGH!" the man groaned painfully.

    Because of his loss of concentration, the condensed ball of energy around his fist failed and rebounded violently.


    The bright explosion was deafening but Jiang Fei could not hear a single thing in space. He could only see its dire effect. The energy explosion had completely disintegrated the man's entire right arm, all the way to his shoulder!

    "F*cking hell..." hissed Jiang Fei.

    He thought that the needle would only cause mild confusion, not a complete mental breakdown! If he had condensed any more psychic power into the needle, the man might have actually died in just a single hit!

    And that was the simplest of all the psychic abilities he had learned from Theon!
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