1361 Left to Ro

    Jiang Fei scoffed when Trakus deliberately ignored his question. Although obvious, Jiang Fei had no qualms in letting him flirt with Sarila.

    Sarila deadpanned, "Not all of us like the Devils."

    "I... We want to know about our future arrangements," she added when Jiang Fei remained quiet.

    Sarila was not conventionally smart, but at the very least, she had street smarts. She knew that a rolling stone gathers no moss. Since she had already decided to stay with Jiang Fei, she refused to tend to or even listen to sweet words from another man.

    Despite not saying it out loud, she was basically putting up a sign that says, "I'm this Terran's woman! Stay away!"

    She was well aware of the possible consequences of her actions. If she were to show even a shred of interest to another male, Jiang Fei's trust in her would be lost forever.

    "Mhm... I do not know anything about your arrangements. Lord Aino is currently busy with matters about opposing parties," Trakus explained vaguely.

    "Opposing parties?"

    Jiang Fei thought about it. Something didn't seem right. Judging from how Trakus was talking, 'opposing parties' wasn't referring to enemy forces, but to allies who were standing against Aino.

    In that case, there must be some sort of internal conflict within the Valsalrian Army. If that was true, the most obvious cause for disagreement would be the war against the Trade Federation.

    "I see. Thank you for the update. If there's any news about our status, please do let us know," said Sarila, promptly ending the conversation by gulping down a cup of 'alien' liquid.

    "Alright. Although I am a man of few words, I will try to help arrange for your safety," said Trakus before leaving.

    A few days passed, and yet there was still no word about what was to become of the 13th Division.

    Trakus was rather busy, not with official business, but with trying his very best to court Sarila. He would return to their quarters three to four times a day to look for her, bringing presents with every visit.

    Each time, Sarila would drag Jiang Fei along to accompany her. Being the unintentional third-wheel earned him many glares from Trakus, who tried to send him warning signals with eyes that burned with animosity.

    However, that was the extent of his enmity towards Jiang Fei. The most he could do was to completely ignore his existence.

    As stupid and thick-headed Jiang Fei was, he still realized that he was an unwelcome pressence during Trakus' visits. Truth be told, he wanted nothing more than to stay in his room to rest and recuperate, but Sarila would have none of that.

    Every time Trakus paid a visit, Sarila would, without fail, drag Jiang Fei along with her to the food court. She refused to spend any time alone with Trakus.

    A week later, when Trakus came with news, Jiang Fei was present, having again been unwillingly dragged there by Sarila.

    "I have good news, Sal!" Trakus greeted Sarila and deliberately shortened her name to only one syllable to express friendliness.

    "Sarila," she insisted.

    Even though he might be bringing good news, she would not allow someone like him to cross the line.

    "Haha," Trakus laughed it off, adding, "I have news about your divison's arrangements. It should be announced in two days, Sal."

    "It appears that you are speaking to a person named Sal. I will take my leave now," Sarila declared and promptly turned around.

    Trakus quickly apologised, surrendering to her demands, "Alright! Alright! Sarila! I'm sorry!"

    "A consensus was reached. The 13th Division of the 7th Fleet will be officially disbanded. All members will then be assigned to Tallgeese's Advanced Outpost while-"

    Before Trakus could finish his sentence, Sarila broke down and started to breathe raggedly.

    Jiang Fei held her up. "What's wrong?"

    "T-This is bad! How could they do this to us!?" yelled Sarila.

    According to rumours, Tallgeese's Advanced Outpost was a place where wrong-doers were sent to rot and die. It was known that soldiers 'assigned' there were given missions that would never end well for them.

    "If you would let me finish... ahem. Only the soldiers will be assigned there. You will be part of the 3rd Fleet, 6th Division Police Force, as a Vice-Commander of a squad of your choice," said Trakus, smiling from ear to ear.

    Jiang Fei snorted. "Let me guess, you're her commander?"

    If Trakus was playing poker, Jiang Fei would have immediately folded when he was unable to hide his smile at getting a royal straight flush. Jiang Fei might not be a master in courting females, but he could at least recognize how low a person would go just to please the female they desired.

    "That is correct," Trakus answered proudly, actually acknowledging Jiang Fei's existence for once.

    "I see..." Sarila scoffed.

    Such a blatant abuse of power, a display that others might fall for, only disgusted Sarila. In the past, she may have actually taken up the offer and discarded whomever she was with to join a more powerful force.

    They say that greed is good, and if Sarila were to follow that quote literally, she would have fallen down the path to despair long ago.

    Judging by his show of power, Trakus was a person of high standards. Though young, he had still managed to get himself into a position of power. No matter how he did it, there was no doubt that he had the capabilities required for his position.

    However, even if he already had a combat level of over 3,000,000, Sarila saw how much Jiang Fei could grow further. The Terran had already displayed a power level of over 4,000,000.

    Though he was without any post or stature, his strength was genuine. Not to mention, his selfless and loyal personality was a beacon to covet. Compared to Trakus' unknown background, Sarila knew Jiang Fei well enough.

    He was the disciple of Theon the Plunderer. Though that was not something that one would brag about, it was still something to be proud of.

    Aside from metaphysical manner, Jiang Fei's appearance was amost identical to hers. Terrans and Caithians were basically the same. Caithians simply had an extra pair of cat ears on top of their heads, and a furry tail behind them.

    Valsalrians, on the other hand, looked nothing like Caithians. Their pink colored skin and hardened carapace of a head was not to the liking of every female.

    All in all, even if there was a good reason to, she would not desert Jiang Fei for another man.

    "Come along, Sarila. Join me and no one will dare to cross you anymore," pleaded Trakus.

    Like any other gloating man, he saw Jiang Fei as a weak Terran with a combat level of only over 200,000, with no real powers to show.

    Sarila turned to Jiang Fei and paused for a second before declaring her fealty, "No need. I am the Commander of the 13th Division and I will follow where my division goes!"

    "Sarila! Don't be hasty about this! Once you have joined Tallgeese, there's no saying you could ever get out!" Trakus exclaimed frantically.

    From his reaction, Jiang Fei knew that Trakus was definitely deeply in love with Sarila.

    "There's no need to say anything else. I will be with him, wherever he goes! I have spoken and I shall speak no more!" declared Sarila.

    If looks could kill, Jiang Fei would have just keeled over and died from the force of Trakus' furious glare. No matter how hard he tried, there was no convincing Sarila to join his squad.

    How was it possible for someone like him to lose to a weak, timid little Terran like Jiang Fei?!

    Locking eyes with Trakus, Jiang Fei felt the glare penetrating his skull and immediately averted his gaze, feeling uncomfortable with the situation.

    Somehow, the entire situation felt extremely familiar, from how Sarila was declaring her love for Jiang Fei, to how the competitor, Trakus, was feeling dejected and enraged.
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