1362 The Solution

    "Sal! It's the Tallgeese Advanced Outpost! Do you have a death wish?" said Trakus anxiously.

    "Call me Sarila!" The catgirl's voice was firm.

    "Okay, okay, okay!"

    His pride greatly damaged, Trakus turned away and left without even glancing back.

    Jiang Fei finally had the chance to ask, "Sarila, what's that Advanced Outpost thing?"

    The catgirl grimaced as she answered.

    "It's the army's slave camp. More than seventy percent of the members are war prisoners. The rest are officers who committed crimes or were marginalized. They're always sent on deadly missions. On average, they have a hundred percent turnover rate every three years!"

    "Every three years?"

    Jiang Fei was taken aback. Obviously, those soldiers who disappeared had not retired, but were dead! Hardly anyone in this slave camp could survive for more than three years. The death rate was terrifying.

    "It must be because nobody knows whether Alexis is dead or alive. The higher-ups are currently caught up in a power struggle. Alexis' superior probably thinks that we're worthless now, so he gave up on us!"

    Sarila's guess was almost right. Since they were now a bunch of useless people, Alexis' superior would certainly not waste any resources to help them.

    Without his support, Aino could naturally do anything he wanted with them. When this was coupled with Trakus fanning the flames of hostility, Sarila and the others were naturally assigned to Tallgeese.

    "Then what do we do? Just let them throw us around like this?"

    Jiang Fei rolled his eyes. Aino was a big bully. He was the one who had ordered Alexis to go on that suicide mission in the first place.

    Alexis' status was still unknown and almost all of his men had been wiped out. After Jiang Fei, Sarila, and the others seized a Hypercruiser and successfully returned, they were not awarded for their achievement. Instead, they had all been assigned to the slave camp. Who could accept such treatment?

    "What can we do? Aino has great power within the Valsalrian Army, and Alexis' superior has already given up on us. Who can help us now?" said Sarila with tears in her eyes.

    Right now, no one was more frustrated than her.

    "I'll take care of this..." said Jiang Fei.

    He could not bear to see Sarila being so sad. Moreover, he did not want his brothers-in-arms who had been with him through thick and thin to be sent to the deadly slave camp.

    Since he was Theon's apprentice, Jiang Fei was sure that as long as he talked to him, Aino would stop what he was doing. After all, Sarila and the others were insignificant to him, unworthy of his attention. Aino was only doing this to them out of anger. He didn't actually care about what happened to them at all.

    In a choice between getting his revenge or the treasures in his vault, Aino would undoubtedly choose his treasures. He would suffer a lot if Theon were to continue to patronize his vault whenever he liked.

    Sarila shook her head. "Ah Fei, I know you're kind, but no one will be able to save us this time. If you can get in touch with your master, ask him to take you away..."

    Although she knew that Jiang Fei was Theon's apprentice, she did not know how scary said master was. She knew that Alexis was pretty scared of Theon, but she had no idea that the master thief's existence was like a taboo in the entire Valsalrian Army.

    "Hmm, I'll try my best. Don't worry too much about it."

    As Jiang Fei could not reveal his master's true strength to outsiders, there was no way he could convince Sarila that he could do it. At this time, he could only try his best to comfort Sarila, then find a way to meet Aino.

    Although most of the high-ranking members of the Valsalrian Army were afraid of Theon, it would be best if Jiang Fei met Aino personally. Otherwise, the little officers under Aino's command would definitely not believe that he was Theon's apprentice.

    Jiang Fei was sure that Aino would remember him. After all, he had seen him with his own eyes when Jiang Fei visited Aino's vault with his master. Moreover, Theon had mentioned Jiang Fei in the message he left. To protect his treasures, Aino would definitely give in to Jiang Fei.

    "But there's one last thing we can try!" exclaimed Sarila suddenly as she wiped away the tears that had welled up in the corner of her eyes, they sparkled with a light of hope.


    Jiang Fei was surprised. He did not know what Sarila had in mind.

    "Remember what I told you before?" she asked.


    "About how I want you to inherit everything Alexis owns!"

    Jiang Fei froze. "Ah?"

    "You have more than four million combat power, right?" asked Sarila.

    "Yeah," admitted Jiang Fei.

    At his full potential, he could probably defeat an enemy with five million combat power.

    "That's great. I'll report this to the higher-ups in the name of the 13th Division. I'll tell them that your strength has reached the standard requirement of a Division Commander, and that you can completely replace Alexis. At least, with a new commander, the 13th Division will not be revoked, even though we have suffered heavy losses!" said Sarila, sharing her thoughts.

    If her plan worked, not only would they be able to avoid joining the Tallgeese Advanced Outpost, Jiang Fei would also be able to inherit Alexis' fleet and Redstone.

    Jiang Fei frowned. "Will that work?"

    It sounded easy, but her plan was also obstructed by the same problem that had kept them here thus far. They were currently under house arrest and could not send out any reports.

    Even if they managed to send one out, Aino would probably intercept it. There was no way that a report requesting for Jiang Fei to take charge of the 13th Division in lieu of Alexis would ever reach the higher-ups.

    "It will!" said Sarila firmly.

    To her, this plan was their only feasible opportunity, as she did not take Jiang Fei's assurance seriously.

    Two days passed by in a flash. Although Sarila had completed the report, there was no way to submit it. They were now under house arrest at the Carldish Fort and had lost almost all contact with the outside world.

    Spotting Trakus and a few other people in the distance, Jiang Fei spoke up, "He's back!"

    After Sarila had rejected him to his face, Trakus had not come over to harass her over the past two days. Seeing how he brought some people with him today, he definitely had something in mind.

    Trakus did not even look at Sarila when he arrived, and instead just issued an order, "Remaining members of the 7th Fleet's 13th Division, assemble immediately!"
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