1365 Jiang Feis Guarantee

    Jiang Fei smiled. "Hehe, hello Sir! We meet again. I had no time to say hello to you the last time, my apologies for being rude."

    "F*ck that! I'd rather not see the both of you ever again!"

    Aino rubbed his temples. Theon had clearly stated that Jiang Fei was his apprentice in the message he left in the vault. Aino couldn't care less that Theon had taken in an apprentice, he just hated how he would be stealing double the original amount from now on!

    Sarila was in total shock. "Ah Fei, you know him?"

    "I've only met him once," replied Jiang Fei, still smiling.


    Sarila's brows furrowed. What was going on? If they had only met once before, why was Aino looking at Jiang Fei like that? Although Aino did not look afraid, the frown on his face clearly showed that he was feeling anxious.

    As Aino was a high-ranking influential figure, he had long ago mastered how to maintain a poker face. He did not easily lose his composure. However, whenever Theon the Plunderer was brought up, none of the high-ranking members of the Valsalrian Army could keep their cool.

    "Okay, cut the nonsense. What are you doing here?" asked Aino.

    He reigned in his emotions and tried not to look at Jiang Fei. Looking at Jiang Fei reminded him of Theon, and whenever he thought of Theon, his heart would scrunch in sheer pain.

    "Grandpa, he was holding me hostage! That's blatant rebellion! You must punish him severely!"

    As soon as Jiang Fei released him, Trakus ran straight to Aino and started to make a fuss. He clearly hated Jiang Fei to the core.

    Originally, Trakus regarded Jiang Fei as a love rival, which was already enough to make Trakus hate him. However, Trakus had a good upbringing. Although he was very pampered, he would never try to bring his rival down through despicable means.

    But being held hostage in front of so many people, including his subordinates, made Trakus feel extremely embarrassed, and it pissed him off. At first, he had only slightly hated Jiang Fei, but now, he could not wait to torture and skin the Terran alive!

    Aino dismissed Trakus with a wave. "Okay, move aside and wait."

    For once, he did not immediately grant the wish of his precious grandson like he usually did.

    Instead, he turned around and addressed Jiang Fei, "Why aren't you with Theon? You're not supposed to be here. Just hang around for a bit while I get someone to send you back!"

    Honestly speaking, Aino did not want Jiang Fei to get involved in this. For the sake of his treasures, he did not want to have anything to do with Theon at all, and he especially did not want to offend the master thief. If Theon started to target him, his days would be dark.

    Jiang Fei shook his head. "That won't do. I'm with them."

    If all Jiang Fei wanted was to save himself, it would be too easy. He had such a powerful master who could get him out of much worse situations than this. Even if he made a hole in the sky, Theon could easily help him.

    "Know your place. I'm already doing Theon a huge favor by not punishing you. Don't push your luck!" said Aino.

    After all, he did not know how powerful Theon truly was. Although the high-ranking members of the Valsalrian Army tried their best to avoid getting involved with Theon, they were not that afraid of him.

    If Theon had been the one negotiating with Aino today, he might have budged. However, since Jiang Fei was just an insignificant apprentice, Aino was already doing Theon a huge favor by not punishing him. Jiang Fei had no right to negotiate with Aino.

    Jiang Fei's thinking was too simplistic. He assumed that Aino would definitely choose his treasures over the lives of Sarila and the others. However, he forgot that high-ranking members cared a lot about their pride and dignity.

    Aino would definitely have given in to Jiang Fei if they were alone. But here, in front of such a large crowd, Aino would never obey the words of a weak Terran. Once word got out, his reputation would go down the drain!

    "No. I'm one with them. Wherever they go, I go!" said Jiang Fei, still not realizing his mistake.

    Aino would likely have agreed to spare their lives if Jiang Fei had asked kindly. Instead, his tone was demanding. If Aino wanted to protect his pride and dignity, he would never agree while being spoken to like that.

    "Hmph! If you're that willing to be with them, go ahead then!"

    Since Jiang Fei was being so disrespectful, Aino immediately shut him down. Then, he turned to one of his subordinates and instructed, "Notify the transport ship to set off two hours from now. All former 13th Division members who do not board the ship will be sentenced to death for desertion on the spot!"

    "Yes, sir!" said the officer, and left to execute the order.

    "You..." Jiang Fei was dumbstruck.

    He never expected that Aino would react like this. Knowing that he risked offending Theon, he had still assigned Jiang Fei to the Tallgeese Advanced Outpost.

    "Hmph!" Aino snorted and walked away, while Trakus proudly sneered at Jiang Fei and the others.

    "Ah Fei, what should we do?" asked a confused Sarila.

    Just moments ago, Aino was somewhat giving in to Jiang Fei, so hope had ignited in her heart. However, in the blink of an eye, things went downhill. It was hard to adapt to such a rapid change.

    "Sal, you can still take my offer. I can ask my grandfather to spare you. Once you arrive at the Tallgeese Advanced Outpost, it'll be too late!" said Trakus, still trying to get Sarila to change her mind.

    "I've told you one too many times, I'll go wherever he goes!" Sarila glared at Trakus coldly, her voice firm.

    "Fine! Fine! Fine! Remember what you chose today, don't regret it in the future!" said Trakus. He stomped his foot and left.

    An officer from the 13th Division asked, "Sir! What should we do? Are we going to fight?"

    They now regarded Jiang Fei as their leader. As long as Jiang Fei gave them approval, they would definitely fight to the very end here at the Carldish Fort, even though they clearly knew the consequences of rebellion-certain death.

    Jiang Fei waved helplessly. "No. It would be foolish of us to fight here."

    He had Theon to protect him, but what about everyone else? If they really started a fight here, everyone would end up dying, including Sarila.

    "Are we really going to the Tallgeese Advanced Outpost to die, then?" asked a soldier, clearly unhappy. In his opinion, they might as well put up a good fight since they were going to die anyway.

    Taking a deep breath, Jiang Fei spoke seriously, "Don't worry, everyone. Even if we get to the Tallgeese Advanced Outpost, I'll ensure that all of you make it out alive. I promise!"

    Little did he know, his act of kindness today had gained him an indestructible core team who vowed to always be loyal to him.
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