1366 Arrived at Tallgeese

    "Sir, you decide! We'll follow you!"

    "That's right! You were the one who saved our lives anyway. If it wasn't for you, we would have died on the meteorite. Now, we'll follow you wherever you go!"


    The former 13th Division soldiers were stirred up. They hated Aino even more now. Although they were grateful to Jiang Fei, it would be a bit too much to say that they were willing to die for him.

    They would have a higher chance of survival if they were to follow Jiang Fei and rely on his strength. After all, the death rate of the Tallgeese Advanced Outpost was too high. It was impossible to survive there without the support of someone strong.

    Jiang Fei smiled at the soldiers. "Okay, let's talk about these things later. We need to hurry up and board the ship now. That old b*stard Aino will definitely not let us off the hook if we're late!"

    Even though he still had some problems to solve, he was no longer the ignorant boy he once was. He could pretty much tell what the soldiers in front of him were thinking, so he did not take their flattery too seriously.

    "Yes, sir!" The soldiers nodded, then grabbed their luggage and hurried towards the designated terminal.

    The boarding went smoothly. Although Aino was fed up with Jiang Fei, he did not dare go overboard. Even if he caused Jiang Fei more trouble and made him board the ship late, there was no way he could sentence him to death on the spot.

    The thing was, Theon never fought with anyone. Even if he wanted to get revenge, all he would do was steal from you a few more times. But what if his apprentice was killed? Would he stop at just stealing from you? What if he came for your life?

    Even though Aino was confident that he could protect himself, what about his son? What about his grandson?

    Since he had been in a high position for such a long time, Aino naturally knew to never create bad blood with anyone else since he might eventually meet them again. So, even though he had assigned Jiang Fei and the others to the slave camp, he did not intend to end Jiang Fei's life.

    Aino obviously had a plan in mind. Once they arrived at the Tallgeese Advanced Outpost, he would find a way to quietly get Jiang Fei and the girl that his grandson liked out of there. That was not difficult to do at all.

    This way, Aino could protect his reputation in front of these outsiders and would also not offend Theon.

    The unmanned transport ship set off after everyone had boarded. All transport ships headed towards Tallgeese were usually unmanned and intended for single-use only, as they were not meant to return.

    The destination of these transport ships was fixed. If someone tampered with the program, the ship would disintegrate on the spot. This was to prevent those assigned to the slave camp from hijacking it and escaping.

    The base of the Tallgeese Advanced Outpost was very far from the Dommix System. The distance could almost cover the Valsalrian Army's entire territory. It was an extremely desolate place.

    Even though there were dozens of sectors, they were all deserted. All the supplies were transported there by unmanned transport ships. If the supplies were ever cut off, the soldiers at the Tallgeese Advanced Outpost would starve to death, as there were no spaceships they could leave the place with. This was why the high-ranking members of the Valsalrian Army could easily control this unit.

    Moreover, the soldiers there did not only fight intelligent creatures, but also various Nebulaes and even destroyers like Ultralisks.

    Precisely because of this, these soldiers did not even have the slightest chance to escape. The Ultalisks only regarded them as prey. Due to their lack of intelligence, these space monsters neither knew how to hold their enemies captive, nor understood the meaning of surrendering.

    Even after being sent to and trapped in such a desolate place, the soldiers' lives were still in the hands of the high-ranking Valsalrian Army members. If they wanted to live, they had to be obedient.

    They also had to put up a good fight if they did not want to be killed by Ultralisks, but it was obvious how hard of a task that was. This was why nobody ever fought back or tried to flee even though it was well-known that the death rate was sky-high.

    About two months later, Jiang Fei arrived at the base of the Tallgeese Advanced Outpost-the Ausvia System. The transport ship docked at a simple terminal. In addition to transporting Jiang Fei and the others as supplementary troops, the ship was also carrying some supplies.

    Jiang Fei looked out of the porthole and immediately noticed that a crowd had gathered near the terminal. "D*mn! Are all these people here to welcome us?"


    As soon as the transport ship landed, a large group of people rushed in before anyone could even get out. They ignored everyone on the ship and rushed straight to the supplies. Their first target was weapons and armor, and their second target was food. They eventually took all the other items as well, leaving not even a speck of dust.

    Jiang Fei was a little puzzled. "What's going on?"

    "I don't know." Similarly, Sarila had never been here before, so she did not understand what was happening.

    "Let's get out of the ship."

    Jiang Fei and the others started to leave the transport ship one after another. Unlike Redstone, the gravity of this planet was only slightly stronger than that of the Earth, and the environment was considerably comfortable.


    As soon as everyone disembarked, the transport ship completely disintegrated into a pile of scrap metal, having completed its mission. Transport ships were designed to be disposable, in order to prevent the troops at the Tallgeese Advanced Outpost from escaping the battlefield.

    While Jiang Fei observed the place, a Decronian with a crocodile head approached him.

    "Hey kid! Nice goggles, hand them over."

    "Ah? Me?"

    Jiang Fei was surprised. Through the goggles, he could clearly see that the Decronian in front of him only had a combat level of little more than a million.

    "Duh, who else am I talking to?" grumbled the Decronian.

    "Interesting." said Jiang Fei, smiling slightly. He had not expected to encounter a robber as soon as he arrived.

    "What's so f*cking interesting? If you're smart enough, you'd hand those goggles over right now!"

    As the Tallgeese Advanced Outpost was a slave camp, supplies were pretty scarce. Even a basic combat level measuring tool was extremely rare, let alone Jiang Fei's high-end one.

    Another guy approached Jiang Fei. Obviously, quite a lot of people were trying to fish in troubled waters.

    "Hey kid, your combat suit looks pretty cool. Can I have it?"

    "I see! Interesting!"

    Jiang Fei understood the situation now. This place was different from the Valsalrian Army's other regular army bases. It was more like a concentration camp for criminals. Moreover, things were way more chaotic, as nobody was there to manage them Basically, it was survival of the fittest.

    However, this was good for Jiang Fei, since the purpose of his trip this time was to gain more experience. Such a lawless place was perfect for him. Here, he would be able to fully enjoy actual combat, as well as hone his skills and gain experience.

    Before Jiang Fei could respond, Sarila jumped in front of him protectively. "What do you guys want?"

    "Oh wow, there's actually a little girl here, and she's pretty cute!"

    This was bad. If Sarila had kept quiet, her height would have ensured that a catgirl like her would not stand out from the crowd. But the moment she took the initiative to speak, the Tallgeese troops started to notice her.
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