1371 System Wide Announcemen

    "The second option would remove us from the community. As bad as it sounds, at least we won't be cheated or made use of. But the flip side is that it won't be easy for us to expand in the future," added Sarila.

    "I understand," replied Jiang Fei.

    He knew that a self-imposed reclusion would only be harmful in the long run. "What can I do now..." he wondered.

    Reading the atmosphere, Sarila left the room, giving Jiang Fei space to think about things on his own. Just when he was on the verge of falling into depression, another uproar was heard coming from outside the palace.

    Jiang Fei groaned. "Again...?"

    Despite his reaction, he was actually slightly happy for the distraction that would get him out of the house for a bit. Not a minute later, a soldier was knocking frantically on his door.

    "Sir! A large group of people have barged into the palace grounds! The Third Squad is currently fighting them!"

    "I'll be right out!" replied Jiang Fei as he hurried out of the palace.


    "Hold them off! Show them what we do to intruders!"

    "Hold your ground! Do not let them in!"

    "Third Squad, retreat! Fourth Squad, replace them!"


    Rather than calling it a fight, it was more like a childish brawl between two groups at school. Many were participating and some were injured, but none were mortally wounded.

    "What is going on?!" bellowed Jiang Fei, trying to be heard above the sounds of the fighting.

    "We do not know, Sir. We were all roaming about the courtyard when these guys suddenly came barging in. We tried to reason with them but they wouldn't listen. A fight broke out immediately but there have been no casualties," said the leader of the Third Squad.

    "Thank you, stand back for a bit," said Jiang Fei, walking slightly closer to the massive brawl. He yelled at the top of his lungs, "13th Division, stand down!"

    Everyone responded instantly, "Aye, Sir!"

    His voice might not have been able to reach very far but it was still effective. All the soldiers of the 13th Division quickly removed themselves from the brawl and got back into formation behind Jiang Fei.

    Once everyone finally quieted down, Jiang Fei walked forward brazenly. "Who is responsible for this mess?!"

    Despite speaking at a normal volume, his words carried a deep, reverberating tone that illustrated authority, not audacity. He exuded the kind of aura that only belonged to those who were truly strong.

    A Valsalrian revealed himself from the crowd of brutes. "This mess started when you fought Kratos."

    "Who the hell is Kratos?" asked Jiang Fei bluntly, having no idea who the Valsalsian was talking about.

    "How conceited you are! No matter! If you are that arrogant, you must also have the capabilities that allow you to be as such!"

    That Valsalrian was clearly angered by Jiang Fei's response. He assumed that Jiang Fei knew who Kratos was and was only pretending to not know.

    "Conceited or not, it's none of your business. As for whether I have the required capabilities..." Jiang Fei paused and gestured provokingly at the Valsalrian, "Why don't you try me and find out?"

    If the Valsalrian had tried to reason with Jiang Fei, he would have gladly listened. But since he wanted to do things the hard way, Jiang Fei would not back down!

    "Bah! Looks like the young ones are lacking in manners these days! I, Wayne, shall be kind enough to teach you how to behave!"

    The Valsalrian roared and charged towards Jiang Fei. Instead of a cannon ball, Wayne looked more like a train zooming across the track at breakneck speeds!

    Jiang Fei scoffed, "Fight first, talk later. I like that."

    Oddly, he liked how things were done on this planet. Instead of keeping up appearances, one could be true to themselves. No one had to hide their pent-up irritation and could just beat the sh*t out of someone else.

    Activating Omnisurge caused crackles of energy to be seen and heard from around Jiang Fei. With over 5,000,000 combat level, he didn't need to hold anything back.


    Before their fists could even touch each other, the sheer power of both Jiang Fei and Wayne repelled each other so strongly that it released surges of repulsive energy, creating shockwaves of unprecedented power.

    The spectators who surrounded this clash of two titans were literally blown off their feet. The stronger ones managed to withstand the intense force, while the weaker ones were blown away like paper in the wind.

    When the dust settled and the shockwaves were gone, the two titans' fists had finally touched each other. Both were unmoved.

    "You're strong! Heh! You have my permission to talk to me!" yelled Wayne, smiling in satisfaction.

    Jiang Fei threw an insult back, "Yeah? Well, you're not even worthy of speaking in my presence!"

    Although their physical prowess was equally matched, Jiang Fei still had his powerful psychic skills! With a concentrated amount of psychic energy poured into a manifested hammer, Jiang Fei attacked Wayne with a strong dose of psychic power.

    Unprepared, Wayne was gravely injured and at the same time, a gemstone on the necklace he was wearing shattered. As it was not as high-grade as Kaa'lna's, it failed to absorb all the psychic energy. It shattered once it reached its limit, exposing Wayne to a non-lethal yet violent amount of psychic energy.

    After taking the attack head on, Wayne's legs gave way as he tried to get back onto his feet. Having sustained a great amount of damage, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

    "Hoo... you're strong. Looks like you're a clown that can take a hit!" said Jiang Fei mockingly.

    According to the scope, Wayne had over 5,200,000 combat level. His physical strength was above average, but his psychic abilities were subpar.

    "Heh! I give up! You've won!" bellowed a disgruntled Wayne before he turned away and left the palace.

    Except for the soldiers of the 13th Division, the rest of the crowd exchanged frantic looks. Wayne was known to be one of the strongest fighters on Dhiras, as well as one of the top ranked people in the entire Tallgeese Advanced Post.

    He might not be an undefeatable champion, but no one could take him down in just a single exchange of blows. This young Terran had only just come to the planet, and he had already defeated not one, but two strong fighters in the same week. Jiang Fei's impressive feat caused Wayne's followers to doubt their leader.

    Jiang Fei bellowed deafeningly, "Do me a favour and listen closely. I, Jiang Fei, came here not as a conqueror, but as an ally! I welcome all those who wish to aid me or seek an alliance. But if you come to me bearing animosity and enmity, I will repay you with the same treatment you seek to bestow on me!"


    "Such a daring speech! Who is that kid? How is he able to defeat Wayne in just one attack? What kind of crime did he commit to be sent here?"

    "The less one knows, the better."

    "I for one think that he might be the one to unite all of Dhiras."

    "Unite or dominate? Those aren't different words that carry the same meaning."

    "Don't care. Don't wanna know. For now, Wayne is still strong. So what if he was defeated? That kid looks like one of those pacifists who will easily perish. We've known Wayne long enough to know that he can still protect us all!"


    There were more than enough people that had witnessed the event, and even more that spread Jiang Fei's declaration. His words, though abridged, soon spread throughout the planet, and in time, to the rest of the planetary system.

    In just a few days, all six planets heard about what Jiang Fei said and did.

    "Fei, don't you think this is a bit too much?" asked Sarila right after his declaration.

    "Too much? And here I was thinking that I've not done enough to make myself stand out! In such an unruly place, the stronger you are, the safer you'll be. Respect will only be given to those who dare to stand and resist. The more you try to give in, the worse it'll be," said Jiang Fei.
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