1374 The Cherry On Top

    After killing one, Jiang Fei had gained more confidence in dealing with the two other Ultralisks. As hard as it looked, Jiang Fei had gauged the strength of the beast and knew his way around them.

    The Drifter was the weakest amongst the three and while the Shocker and the Slasher were stronger, all three of them shared the same weakness. All of the lessons learnt from Theon were recalled and used to fight the three Ultralisks.

    With a little effort, the Shocker had fallen unconscious to Jiang Fei's psychic hammer attack. Before it could recover, Jiang Fei hurtling through space, slashing his way with the Psiblade fused with the Origin Force, Metal power. Like a seamstress' scissors through thin cloth, Jiang Fei's blade glided through the thick Ultralisk' skin smoothly. A few slashes like that and an opening was made. Albeit disgusting, Jiang Fei dove into the body of the eyeball and found a similar large crystal that was the heart of the Ultralisk.

    Compared to the poison-aspected crystal found in the Drifter, the Shocker's crystal was of electric aspected. Both were emanating excessive power. He craved the crystal out of the Ultralisk's core and slashed his way out of the Shocker to face the last Ultralisk.

    "You're next!" Jiang Fei taunted the beast as he burst out of the now dead Shocker's pupil.

    Oddly enough, the last Ultralisk, the Slasher, roared with fear instead of wild rage. It quickly turned around, to flee instead of fighting.

    "It's too late for you, praying mantis!" Jiang Fei burst out a roar before turning into a bolt of lightning, figuratively, charging towards the last of the fleeting Ultralisk.


    "Is this real? Am I seeing things?"

    "The folks at base must have been out of their mind to sent such a powerful young Terran here."

    "I concur. What has happened to the Valsalrian Army? It is a grand wastage to send someone like him to rot in this place. I fear that the army will soon fall. Perhaps even by the hands of that boy! Hohoho... It would be a sight to behold when he grows stronger and has his revenge on the person that had send him here."

    "Which do you think is more likely to happen? Would he die by the hands of a Galactic type or him killing his way back to base?"

    "... Even if he was stronger, he would die if he chose to remain here on Tallgeese. I have my money on him returning to base. Perhaps, I would join him in that endeavour and return to the center of the cosmos."

    "I was thinking the same idea!"

    "So, do we agree? Do we send out a request for an alliance?"

    "Alliance? You're too little on that? Haven't you heard? Kaa'lna had already gone out of her way to befriend the boy!"

    "Befriend him, you say?"

    "What do you care about who befriends the boy? If it's just us, we might have a chance to get out of this confounded place."

    "Mhm. You've said it. So shall be the fate of our future lies with the young boy. If he survives the nightmare and returns to seek vengeance, so shall we return to base."


    While Jiang Fei was fighting, telepathic exchanges were ping-pong between planets. The source of the telepathic signals were all coming from powerful individuals. They were certainly strong enough to communicate with each other from distant planets but they weren't strong enough to fight even the weakest of Ultralisk then. Naturally, they had never witnessed a single fighter fend off, or rather, kill three Ultralisk by himself!

    No matter which branch, which department, fighter, or fugitive, once a Valsalrian will always be a Valsalrian. With such display of power, even the mighty ones had to bow their heads in respect to Jiang Fei.

    Kaa'lna was one of those that stood on top amongst the others. After the incident in Jiang Fei's room, Kaa'lna believed that Jiang Fei could do further if he had shown his combat prowess in public. Concurrently, Kaa'lna was travelling between planets to persuade the other settlement leader to pledge their fealty to Jiang Fei. Even though Jiang Fei had not answered the question Kaa'lna asked; the question about him being king of Dhiras, Jiang Fei, if not convinced, would still be influenced by the temptation of power. He would change his stance on whether he should be the a figure of authority after he sees the rest of Tallgeese bowing their heads, figuratively, to him.

    Seeing as how Jiang Fei had succeeded in defeating the Ultralisks, Kaa'lna had high hopes that the other settlements would join Jiang Fei's.


    "Phew..." Jiang Fei breathed a sigh of relief and content when he burst out of the defeated Slasher with the third crystal deposited in the ring.

    "Well... that was expectedly tiring," said Jiang Fei to himself. Truth be told, he had not spent more than an hour in defeating all three Ultralisks. However, he did spend more energy than expected. The energy that was spent was not of physical strength, but of mental power. He was, oddly enough, burnt out.

    "Now that they're not moving, I can see how big there are!" Jiang Fei praised the size of all three Ultralisks as they drift in space. Even though they were not as gigantic as a Galactic Specter, the smallest one, the Drifter, was still several tens of kilometers in width.

    "Hmmm...?" Jiang Fei hummed as he remembered saying something earlier. He had a good look at the Drifter's dead carcass and thought of a barbequed squid.

    "0541, do me a favor and sample all three Ultralisk's meat. Check whether they are suitable for consumption," Jiang Fei ordered.

    "Captain, they are all suitable for consumption but in regulated amounts. Ultralisks are powerful life forms and their flesh, even on cellular level, contained so much power that over consumption will result in... in layman's term, self-induced explosion," 0541 said.

    "I do recommend that you keep the meat for yourself. Compared to others, your body has evolved to become a semi-ethereal form. You would not have to worry about over-consumption," 0541 quickly added.

    "That's good?" Jiang Fei exclaimed. If such meat were carefully portioned, they would benefit even the weaker fighter! To think that no one had ever thought of hunting them for their flesh!

    The truth was rather bland than known. It was not no one had that idea, but the notion of hunting Ultralisk was crazy as it sounds. There were too many Ultralisks roaming about in Tallgeese and the reason no one hunts them was because no one could! That being said, on further distant galaxies, the nearest being the Trade Federation colonies, mercenaries were hired in large numbers to hunt for Ultralisks' meat. At most, these mercenaries could only hunt for Nebulae type Ultralisk as Galactic type were just too powerful for anyone to fight. By paying a ludicrous amount of money, one can purchase a small amount of Ultralisk's flesh.

    "Aye, captain. Please store them away carefully as they are extremely valuable!" 0541 advised.

    Heeding to 0541's advice, Jiang Fei put away all three Ultralisk into the ring. If the ring could fit Braveheart, a battlecruiser that was at least thousands of kilometers long, it could surely store a few Ultralisk at tens of kilometers in width.

    Now that he thought about it, the ring he was wearing on his finger was a masterpiece of the Namek's civilization. Aside from not being able to store living life forms, it had the ability to bend space and time to the extent of creating a pocket dimension inside the ring. Given enough facility and energy, 0541 could operate a battlecruiser inside the ring from outside the ring.
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