1376 An Effortless Advancemen

    Even though there were so many mouths to feed, the amount of meat Jiang Fei had would last longer than Jiang Fei could even bother to count. At the very least, food was no longer a problem. With the fame he gained from killing three Ultralisk, none came to his palace to disrupt his peace.

    Since the urgent problem was solved, it was time to tackle the long term problem. Tallgeese was, figuratively speaking, located at the far edge of the known universe. If someone had chartered a map, Tallgeese would be at the far corner of the map, right next to the edge. It was extremely far from any known civilization and without a warp-capable ship, one would not be seeing another civilization after tens of life time. That and the fact that Tallgeese was the forefront in facing Ultralisk's attacks. Be it as if may, Tallgeese is not a suitable place to call home.

    Alone, without external forces to help, Jiang Fei could remove himself from the situation easily. He had a personal shuttlecraft he could use to fly off. However, he would be deserting his fellow soldiers alone.

    After spending so much on his soldiers, he wouldn't want to discard his army, not when they were clearly growing stronger. Not to mention the end goal of forming an army of his own. As such, to leave Tallgeese entirely with his soldiers had been pushed forward, to be Jiang Fei's current main quest to complete!

    Leaving Tallgeese is not as simple as getting a ship and warp speed away. Even if he could, he wouldn't want to leave so soon. He wanted to take this chance to test his soldier's allegiance. It has only been less than a month and if he were to provide a means to escape, mayhap his soldiers would leave or worse, betray Jiang Fei for an immediate benefit.


    Two weeks after the defeat of the three Ultralisk, Jiang Fei was still drawing blank in his brain. While he was stressing about figuring out a means of escape, his soldiers were making great progress, in terms of strength.

    Upon feeding on Ultralisk meat on a daily basis, all soldiers of the 13th Division had grown significantly stronger. Such an outcome was only natural when the diet they were going through could only be afforded by ridiculously rich f*cks.

    The energy essence in the meat of the Ultralisk was preserved so well that none of it was wasted. By consuming it daily, the soldiers of the 13th Division had grown from an average combat level of 80,000 to 100,000. And that took only two week's of doing absolutely nothing. No rich f*cks, even the richest of the rich would spend all their money to feed their soldiers with Ultralisk meat.

    Jiang Fei himself had also grown stronger. While the others had to feed on limited amount of Ultralisk meat per day, Jiang Fei could stuff his belly to the brim with pure Ultralisk meat. Not to mention, the meat he was eating was of higher quality!

    With such an enormous amount of energy being injected into his body, the Blackhole Core and the Core of Will had automatically "cleanse" said energy and used the excess to strengthen Jiang Fei's basic strength. Excess of such energy was converted into storage. Even though it was considered a wasteful expenditure, Jiang Fei had more than enough Ultralisk meat to feed himself until he reached 200 years old! If he were able to live that long in the first place...

    Nevertheless, the result after two weeks was considered as beyond worth. Without Omnisurge activated, Jiang Fei's combat level had reached 1,000,000, a 800,000 boost from when he was only 200,000. With Omnisurge, Jiang Fei could reach at least 3,000,000. Paired with the power of the Blackhole Core, Jiang Fei will be, at minimum combat level of 6,000,000.

    Sorting of ranks in the Valsalrian Army depends highly on one's combat level. Combat level of 10,000 could only be opened to foot soldier, the lowest rank. Anyone with between 200,000 to 1,000,000 combat level are eligible to apply for middle ranking officers. If one could exceed 1,000,000 combat level, they could apply to be a commander of an army. Generally speaking, while a squad commander required to have at minimum 200,000 combat level, a Fleet Commander, like Alexis, would require a minimum combat level of 3,000,000.

    The next tier would require a minimum combat level of 4,000,000. Chief Fleet Commander generally possess a higher combat level than 4,000,000. Although rare, there are combatants that are at least 6,000,000 combat level. It was a rare sight in the Valsalrian Army ranks as they mostly served as bodyguards or hired mercenaries.

    Aino was one of the higher ranking officers. Their combat level was so high that at minimum, it was already beyond tens of million. Alas, their numbers were so scarce that Jiang Fei could count all the higher ranking officers with only his fingers. Each and every one of them had the capability to become the emperor of the galaxy.

    Theon was an existence that could not be described. He could be an Overlord or an unnamed warrior. Fighters such as he would generally remain hidden from the universe. Their existence was never recorded in any civilization since even the strongest known warrior had never encountered them. Or rather, never survived the encounter...

    Jiang Fei was a lucky one as Theon had grown to like him because of the fused piece of Core of Will in his mind. That was the ticket needed for Theon to accept Jiang Fei as his apprentice, opening a gateway to a plethora of stronger skills. That, and the fact that Jiang Fei could rely on him to survive waltzing around the universe without the need to fear for his life.


    One fine afternoon, when Jiang Fei was gnawing on a piece of jerky, he flinched when he sensed an unwanted presence in his room. He got up from his bed and turned to the corner of the room.

    "Seriously, could you please learn to knock? Do you really like to be mysterious all the time? What are you? A kid?"

    "Haha! Seems that I cannot escape from being detected," said Kaa'lna as she revealed herself from the shadows. After that, before she could talk, she choked involuntarily before saying, "no woman would like to dwell in the shadow. I'd only remained hidden as it was the only way I could be safe..."

    Jiang Fei scoffed.

    "I couldn't care less about your life. Just speak your mind and leave," Jiang Fei spat. Even though he was not outgoing, he did manage to get a hold of Kaa'lna's origin and how she was to be in Tallgeese.

    "I must say, either you're insensitive to a woman's feelings, or you're one of those that pretended to be cold but knows not the ways to reciprocate one's feeling," Kaa'lna said before she explained the reason she was in his room.

    Previously, after Kaa'lna had offered Jiang Fei the throne, she went out of her way to persuade many of the settlements leaders on Dhiras to join Jiang Fei albeit only on appearance that they would pledge their allegiance to Jiang Fei and crown him as the one King of Dhiras.

    "I don't buy it. What is it for you? Why do you want to be my subordinate?" Jiang Fei snorted. After everything that he had been through, especially with Akatziris, the Unknowns, and the Supreme Androids, Jiang Fei knows that there will always be hidden agenda behind every sweet offering.

    "I, for one, genuinely wanted to serve under your banner. As for the rest... I can't say for sure but as long as they obey your orders, what else would you have to worry about?" Kaa'lna explained.

    "Mhm. Are you sure they are willing to take my words as orders?" Jiang Fei said.

    "My lord," said Kaa'lna, changing the way she addresses Jiang Fei, "there is a saying from where I'm from, winds will blow the weakest of trees and the mass would only dwell amongst the thickest of trunks. Considering that fact that we lived in a dangerous part of the universe and all of us, including me, would want to live under your blessing. You are strong, that we all cannot deny. And if one of us decided not to follow your orders, there's no need for you to soil your hands to punish the wrongdoers. Instead, you could simply ignore protecting the ones that wronged you during an Ultralisk attack. With such a threat at large, do you think there would be defiers?" Kaa'lna said.

    She had only managed to persuade the others to pledge their fealty to Jiang Fei because of Jiang Fei himself. He had shown everyone what he was capable of; killing three Ultralisks as if they were no more than a nuisance. To serve a being that could demonstrate such strength had never been but an honor to those in the Valsalrian Army.
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