1377 The Weak Leading the Strong

    "If that's really the case, just ask them to come over and meet me," Jiang Fei said after some thought.

    "No problem, sir. When do you think it is appropriate?" Kaa'lna asked with a smile. It seemed like Jiang Fei was ready to accept them.

    "Now." He smiled back. He was deliberately troubling Kaa'lna and the leaders of planet Dhiras, wanting to see how they would react and treat him after this.

    "Now?" Kaa'lna was surprised at first, but she immediately understood his intention and answered, "No problem, sir. I'll do it right away!"

    "Okay. I'll wait here." Jiang Fei nodded.

    When she left, Jiang Fei called for Sarila again.

    "Ah Fei, what's up?"

    For the past few days, Sarila had been busy supervising the soldiers' training. After all, it would be too wasteful if they lazed around after eating precious Ultralisk meat.

    "Well, you know about Kaa'lna's proposal, right?" Jiang Fei asked straightforwardly as he was not planning on hiding these things from her.

    "What about it? Has she changed her mind?" Sarila wondered.

    "It's the other way around. She succeeded," Jiang Fei laughed.

    "Hmm... are you planning to take them in?"


    "Taking them in is indeed a quick way to increase our strength, but you have to be careful of them. Remember, there's no such thing as credibility in Tallgeese," Sarila said.

    "Haha! Credibility? What about the Valsalrians? Is there anyone in the Valsalrian Army who cares about credibility?" Jiang Fei laughed. The Valsalrian Army was a thief organization where credibility was far less convincing than strength.

    "You're right... but the people here are more likely to betray you." Sarila nodded. After being around Jiang Fei for so long, she almost forgot what the Valsalrians were like. As a Caitian, Sarila was kind and orderly deep down in her heart. After she joined the Valsalrian Army, she had no choice but to become cunning. Otherwise, she would not survive.

    However, after Jiang Fei appeared, she realized that she could go back to being that kind catgirl again. This was because he was strong enough to protect her.

    "I know, don't worry. Come with me and meet them later." Jiang Fei smiled at her. This was the real reason why he asked Sarila to see him.

    Sarila only had around 900,000 combat power. Although she was not that strong, Jiang Fei was more willing to trust her than anyone else because her values were similar to his. He did not really trust the other people around him, including the soldiers.

    There was another reason why he wanted to let Sarila be part of the management. As she was Alexis' adopted daughter, she had once managed soldiers back in Redstone. In Jiang Fei's opinion, her experience was extremely valuable.

    Jiang Fei also had another motive. He wanted to test and see how obedient the planet Dhiras leaders were by using Sarila.

    He wanted to let an underage catgirl who had less than one million combat power manage the planet Dhiras leaders, to see if they would obey his orders. If they could not, he naturally would not waste too much effort on them. Even if anyone among them claimed to be the King of Dhiras, Jiang Fei would at most lead them nominally. He would not give them any benefits. He was not doing charity, so there was no way he would share benefits with irrelevant people.

    About an hour later, Jiang Fei felt Kaa'lna's presence outside the palace. He could also tell that a few others were with her.

    "Sir, some people are here to see you!" A soldier ran in to inform him.

    "Okay, take them to the main hall." Jiang Fei nodded, then started to head toward the main hall with Sarila.

    The so-called "main hall" was the same as the central pavilion of original imperial palaces. As the hall was huge, it was used as a place to welcome guests and handle important affairs.

    After Jiang Fei and Sarila arrived in the main hall, Jiang Fei naturally sat in the center of the hall. Sarila did not dare to sit on the same chair as Jiang Fei, so she just stood beside him.

    "Wow... how extravagant..."

    Very soon, Kaa'lna entered the hall with a group of people. Seeing the huge palace, they could not help but whisper among themselves.

    "Yeah... he actually built such a luxurious place here, how confident..."


    There were far too many buildings larger than a palace. The only remarkable thing about Jiang Fei's palace was probably its modern design, but where was it located?

    Dhiras! The Ausvia System's planet Dhiras!

    This planet was invaded by Ultralisks all year round. This was no surprise as such a huge building would easily be spotted by them.

    It was not just planet Dhiras. The Ultraliaks also invaded other planets in the Ausvia System. Even though the leaders on those planets were powerful, they still had to live in caves and tiny huts so that the Ultralisks would not notice them.

    If this was before they found out how powerful Jiang Fei was, these planet Dhiras leaders would definitely laugh at him and call him an idiot for building such a nice place just to be targeted by Ultralisks. However, after the last battle, his immense display of strength was deeply rooted in their hearts where he had killed an Ultralisk as easily as pulling something out of his pocket. So, it was natural for someone as powerful as him to live in such a luxurious place.

    "Sir, we're here!" Kaa'lna bowed to Jiang Fei respectfully.

    "Greetings, sir!" The other leaders also bowed to him. They truly respected someone powerful like him.

    "Have a seat." He gestured to the guests. As he had dripped his blood on the Yondu's Sprout, it was connected to his mind and soul. The next moment, chairs made of vines appeared behind everyone including Sarila.

    "Thank you, sir!" After thanking Jiang Fei, everyone took their seats. At this time, they noticed the difference in Sarila's status.

    Previously, as Sarila was standing next to Jiang Fei, these leaders naturally thought that the catgirl was Jiang Fei's servant or girl. After all, women were a rare resource in Tallgeese. The strong ones always liked to keep beautiful women by their side to show off.

    However, now that Sarila had also sat down, and she was sitting right next to Jiang Fei, this undoubtedly meant that her status was above them all!

    If Sarila was as powerful as Jiang Fei, these leaders would naturally accept this fact. However, it was much to the contrary, so this made them feel extremely uncomfortable.
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