1379 Military Expansion

    "Of course. You know how big Ultralisks are, right? I won't be able to finish the meat on my own, so sharing is no big deal. I'll also allow you to keep a few of your most trusted subordinates by your side. You can share some of the meat allocated to you with them." Jiang Fei's final promise crushed the line of defense in the leaders' hearts. There were only a few who were truly loyal to them. Most were just depending on them to survive, so there was no loyalty involved. As long as Jiang Fei opened recruitment, most of their troops would probably hop over. So, it did not really matter if they directly handed their troops over to him.

    The temptation of Ultralisk meat was so big that most of the leaders were hooked. However, their pride and dignity restrained them from standing up and agreeing.

    "Sir, if you can really provide us with Ultralisk meat on a regular basis, I, Kaa'lna, am willing to be loyal to you!" At this time, Kaa'lna naturally took the lead. She was the one who brought up the entire proposal anyway.

    "Me too, sir! I'm willing to be loyal to you!"

    "Me too!"

    "And I!"


    After someone took the lead, the Dhiras leaders started to respond one after another. Suddenly, more than ten leaders had gotten down on one knee in front of Jiang Fei to express their willingness. However, there were still two leaders who did not budge. They were still sitting on their chairs, looking unhappy and clearly struggling internally.

    These two were the most powerful among the Dhiras leaders. They were unwilling to let go of their military forces as so much time and effort had been spent building them. However, they did not dare to get up and leave, as they were afraid that Jiang Fei would hate them for this.

    "What now..." The two leaders exchanged looks.

    "Okay, get up, everyone. Report to Sarila later, then get ready to move over here with your troops." Jiang Fei nodded, completely ignoring the two unwilling leaders.

    Of course, Jiang Fei welcomed the loyalty of these leaders, but he would not force anyone. After all, if these leaders joined unwillingly, he would not be able to achieve the desired outcome. He planned to build up his army in Tallgeese. If he took in those who were not genuinely loyal to him, they would end up betraying him.

    Following that, Jiang Fei had a chat with the Dhiras leaders who were willing to join him. He made it clear to them that Sarila was his representative. In the future, she would be the one managing all the military affairs. If they went against her orders, it would be equivalent to disobeying his orders.

    Although the leaders were very reluctant to accept this, Sarila still became Jiang Fei's second-in-command because she had his support. At the same time, Kaa'lna had also risen in status as she played a big part in making the whole thing happen.

    In actuality, Jiang Fei chose Sarila to manage the army not only because her values were similar to his, but also because his style then was based on how the ancient emperors used to rule.

    During China's imperial era, it was a common strategy for emperors to use lower-ranked officials to control other higher-ranked officials. If there was an agent sandwiched in between, the conflicts between the emperor and his ministers would be cushioned by the agent. Even if the ministers were dissatisfied, those feelings were directed toward the agent and not the emperor.

    If the agent was of a high position, he would probably overthrow the emperor. However, since the agent was only a low-ranking official, the ministers would not obey him at all. His status and position were derived from the emperor's trust toward him. If this trust no longer exists, he would then lose his power.

    Sarila was just like that. She had less than one million combat power. Those leaders would only obey her orders because she had Jiang Fei supporting her from behind. Without him, she would have absolutely no power. So, as long as Sarila was not dumb, she would not try to betray him.

    After all the willing leaders had reported to Sarila, the crowd dispersed. The two leaders who did not want to join Jiang Fei also left. However, after they left, they started to pack up and prepare to move to another planet with their men. After offending Jiang Fei, they could never live in peace on Dhiras even if Jiang Fei did not plan on doing anything to them.

    In order to arrange accommodation for the leaders who were willing to join him, Jiang Fei planted a few more Seeds of Yondu's Sprout. After the seeds were planted, large buildings emerged from the ground. This time, however, he did not care about the design of the buildings. All of them were standard dormitories with two floors.

    This was because there were too many new people joining him. He could not take care of them as attentively as how he took care of the 2,000 soldiers previously. But also, he wanted those first 2,000 soldiers to feel a sense of superiority.

    The leaders who decided to join Jiang Fei took action very quickly. In just three days, they already moved into their new base with their troops.

    In order to get things done earlier so that they could quickly get their hands on Ultralisk meat, those leaders worked very hard. All of them only kept a small number of soldiers by their side, then handed the remaining of their troops over to Sarila.

    Originally, Jiang Fei had only 2,000 soldiers. Now, he had more than 50,000 of them! His army was now stronger than Alexis' 13th Division when it was at its peak.

    Back then, Alexis' 13th Division was made up of ordinary soldiers with an average combat power of about 80,000. Even those that followed Jiang Fei and survived had less than a hundred thousand.

    However, these newly joined soldiers who could survive in the Ausvia System were obviously way stronger. They had an average of more than 200,000 combat power. If this army went outside the Ausvia System, it would definitely be considered an elite army with terrifying combat power.

    After she gained military power, Sarila immediately reorganized the army drastically. They would be relocated from time to time. Although the Dhiras leaders were supposedly generals in charge of their respective soldiers, everything was messed up after Sarila took charge.

    After the reorganization, the ultimate command of the joined army was now in Jiang Fei's hands.

    As for the Dhiras leaders who just joined Jiang Fei, their benefits were naturally inferior to that of the 2,000 soldiers who first joined him. The leaders would get the same amount of Ultralisk meat those soldiers were getting, which was a small piece of meat once every month.

    Even so, such a benefit was only available in the Tallgeese Advanced Outpost. Many Dhiras leaders who did not join Jiang Fei began to regret their decision. Many of them tried to get close to Kaa'lna, in hopes that Jiang Fei would accept them.

    However, for now, Jiang Fei had no plans to expand his army anymore. He knew that one should not be too greedy. If he could not make these newly joined leaders become fully and genuinely loyal to him, there was no point in recruiting more people. If he did that, all his efforts would eventually be in vain.
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