1380 Judgement Day Meeting

    After Sarila reorganized the newly joined soldiers, Jiang Fei finally had a few days of peace. For two months, planet Dhiras was calm and quiet. There were no more civil wars like before, and no Ultralisks invaded the planet.

    While he didn't know why the Ultralisks were not invading the planet, Jiang Fei was now the ruler of planet Dhiras. Although there were still a few forces that did not join him, those forces were smart enough. Even if they had any ill feelings toward Jiang Fei, they did not dare to take the risk of angering him by rushing into war against him.

    Dhiras was welcoming its most peaceful period ever in history. During this time, the soldiers under Jiang Fei were all hurrying to get stronger, especially those who first followed him. With the supply of Ultralisk meat, their combat powers increased quickly. Some talented ones even increased their combat power by an entire level.

    As for Jiang Fei himself, although he ate more of the meat, his strength had hit a bottleneck. When his true strength reached about 1.5 million, it stopped increasing.

    "What the hell is going on?" Jiang Fei frowned as he had encountered an obstruction. At this time, no matter how much meat he ate or how much he trained, his combat power would not increase.

    "Captain, I'm not too sure about your current situation, but I won't rule out the possibility of race limitations." 0541's words put Jiang Fei in a bad mood.

    Terrans were not an excellent combat race. Jiang Fei knew this. Compared to the top combat races like the Valsalrians, Terrans were too weak. Before this, he had once thought that he might encounter this exact problem. However, after half of his body was energized by the Blackhole Core, he stopped worrying about it.

    "Because I'm half Terran, there's a limit to how strong I can become? Are Terrans that weak?" Jiang Fei felt dejected.

    "Don't worry, captain. I can't determine the cause at the moment. Race limitation is just one of the possible factors." 0541 tried to comfort him.

    "Is it impossible to break through race limitations?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Yes and no," 0541 gave an ambiguous answer.

    "What do you mean?"

    "To overcome race limitations, you have to give up your Terran ancestry. You have to let the Blackhole Core energize your entire body. If you want to retain your Terran ancestry, racial limitations will always exist," 0541 explained.

    "My entire body?" Jiang Fei froze. An image of an ethereal spirit instantly appeared in his mind, because only such an ethereal creature was pure Living Energy.

    "No! I don't want that!" Jiang Fei immediately shook his head. If he really became an ethereal spirit, it would be a huge loss. Those things could not eat or drink, and did not have a specified gender. If he became such a creature, there would be no joy in living anymore!

    "Captain, don't worry too much about it. I will investigate and find out the problem. It might not even be due to race limitations." 0541's state was worse than that of an ethereal spirit. He did not know the joys of living as a normal creature. He did not even have a body! Hence, of course, he could understand why Jiang Fei was not willing to become purely made out of energy.

    In the next few weeks, his strength still showed no signs of improvement, and the root cause still could not be identified. However, his peaceful life was over.

    "Sir, planet Teardarth has sent an invitation letter asking us to attend the Judgement Day meeting!" Kaa'lna walked in with a delicate slate in her hands.

    "Planet Teardarth? Judgement Day meeting?" Jiang Fei was surprised. He had never heard of these terms.

    "Yes, planet Teardarth is the most powerful among the six occupied planets of the Ausvia System. Everyone who lives there is strong like you. As for the meeting, its purpose is to discuss how to deal with Judgement Day." Kaa'lna proceeded to explain a whole lot about Judgement Day to Jiang Fei.

    All the troops of the Tallgeese Advanced Outpost would be wiped out once almost every three years. Jiang Fei had only arrived in Dhiras for a bit more than two months. Although this place was chaotic and people died frequently, they were still very far away from reaching the three-year mark.

    The Judgement Day was the reason behind the complete wipeout of the Tallgeese Advanced Outpost troops. The so-called Judgement Day was an Ultralisk Uprising that occurred every three years. Although Ultralisks invaded planets all year round, they would only do so to certain planets in small groups. While it would cause the targeted planet some losses, there were generally not a lot of casualties.

    However, on Judgement Day, thousands of Ultralisks would collectively invade the Ausvia System. To make it worse, the Ultralisks were particularly irritable at this time. They would hunt all edible Living Energy.

    Every Ultralisk Uprising, the entire Ausvia System would be devoured. Only a few lucky ones would be able to escape this disaster. This was why the Tallgeese Advanced Outpost had a 100% turnover rate every three years.

    Jiang Fei had only arrived in the Ausvia System for two or three months, so he was pretty unfortunate. The next Ultralisk Uprising was about to begin, and so the strong men in Tallgeese were holding a special meeting in response to this, in order to find ways to survive.

    This meeting was held almost every Judgement Day, but they had never been able to stop the Ultralisk Uprising. In the end, only a few strong or lucky ones would succeed in escaping. Most of the others would be buried in the mouths of Ultralisks.

    "Okay, got it. When is the meeting?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Tomorrow," Kaa'lna replied while she handed the slate over to him. This was the invitation letter.

    "Okay, inform Sarila later. Both of you will come with me tomorrow," Jiang Fei said after a moment of contemplation. He wanted to bring Kaa'lna along because she had lived in Tallgeese for a long time. She knew the people and the rules here better. If Sarila followed him there, she could help him with planning.

    A day passed by in the blink of an eye. Although Jiang Fei's strength was still being limited by an unknown cause, he no longer had the time to care about this. After all, the most important thing now was how to survive the deadly Ultralisk Uprising.

    The next day, Jiang Fei teleported to planet Teardarth with the two girls. This was the largest and strongest planet among the six occupied ones. The gravity was three times that of Redstone. It was a very suitable place for the strong to train.

    "What a pity. If such a good planet was not being threatened by Ultralisks, all the strong ones would probably fight to live here," Jiang Fei sighed.

    "Sir, do you have an invitation?" Just as they stepped out of the teleportation point, a Ronabian bunny girl approached them.
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