1381 The Man Who Survived Three Judgement Days

    "Here," Sarila immediately showed the slate without Jiang Fei having to say or do anything.

    "Oh, you're Jiang Fei from planet Dhiras! This way, please!" The bunny girl immediately confirmed his identity after seeing the slate.

    Although many Judgement Day meeting invitation letters were sent out, only five invitations were issued in the form of a slate. These five slates were sent to the five other occupied planets other than planet Teardarth.

    Only the rulers of these planets could receive slate invitations. They were not only high in status, but they were also terrifyingly powerful. Would the bunny girl who was in charge of welcoming guests dare to mistreat such a strong person like Jiang Fei? Never in her life.

    The three of them followed the bunny girl and soon arrived at the place where the meeting would be held. It was a majestic mountain and its entire heart had been hollowed out. A magnificent palace stood within the mountain walls.

    It was not just on planet Teardarth. Almost all of the strong people on other planets lived in caves. This way, they were hidden from the outside world, and the Ultralisks who did not have much intelligence would not easily find them.

    Jiang Fei was the only one in Tallgeese that dared to build such a huge palace in an open place. In the eyes of other powerful people, he was definitely the definition of a young and ignorant person.

    Although he had accomplished a considerable feat of killing three Ultralisks, those three were not the strongest type. Moreover, the other strong ones in Tallgeese had only heard of such a thing. They had not seen his performance with their own eyes. So, even though they acknowledged Jiang Fei's status as a powerful person, they did not believe that he was strong enough to ignore the invasion of Ultralisks.

    "Sir, please have a seat while you wait here. I'll inform you when the meeting begins. In the meantime, if you need anything, please tell me! I will try my best to serve you!" The bunny girl talked to Jiang Fei in a flirty manner after bringing the three of them to a room.

    "How shameless!" Sarila glared at the bunny girl. Although Jiang Fei had not accepted her, she assumed that she was his woman. Now that another woman was seducing him in front of her, it made her very unhappy.

    "Okay, thank you." Jiang Fei waved, gesturing to the bunny girl to leave. He sympathized with these women.

    In Tallgeese, powerful women like Kaa'lna were a minority. Most women had to depend on the strong to survive. So, of course, these women would be greatly attracted to someone young yet powerful like Jiang Fei. Moreover, since Judgement Day was coming, it was understandable that this bunny girl wanted to stick to him to ensure her survival.

    "Any thoughts about the meeting?" Jiang Fei asked Kaa'lna and Sarila after the bunny girl left.

    "I don't know about the others, but you have to be careful of one old guy. His name is Bargh." Kaa'lna was indeed well-informed.

    "Bargh?" Jiang Fei raised a brow.

    "Yes, he's the ruler of Teardarth. I don't know how strong he is specifically, but I'm certain that he's very strong. Very, very strong!" Kaa'lna paused for a moment, then said something that shocked Jiang Fei. "He's the only one among the strong ones who has survived three Judgement Days! Who knows if it might actually be more than three!"

    "What?!" Jiang Fei was really surprised.

    "Other than this guy and his men, very few people can survive Judgement Day. So, I think he's playing dirty. Sir, you have to be more careful when dealing with him," Kaa'lna warned.

    "Playing dirty?" Jiang Fei's brows furrowed.

    "Well, I heard this from someone who survived the last Judgement Day. It seems like Bargh has ways to conclude a deal with the Ultralisks. He would direct them to attack the others, and the Ultralisks would let him off the hook at this price," Kaa'lna said.

    "For real?" Jiang Fei's eyes widened. As Ultralisks were creatures of low intelligence, it was difficult to communicate with them even through a language translating device. Ultralisks only knew how to kill. How could they possibly make a deal with other creatures?

    "I'm not too sure. That guy didn't say much, and Bargh killed him shortly after," Kaa'lna shook her head.

    "Okay, I'll pay more attention to him." Jiang Fei nodded. At the same time, he made a mental note to watch out for him.

    The three of them did not have to wait too long. Early the next morning, the bunny girl came to inform them that the meeting was about to begin. When she looked at Jiang Fei, there seemed to be some resentment in her eyes. It seemed like she was blaming him for not asking her to help him with anything the day before.

    All three followed her through the complicated underground passage. Soon, they arrived at a spacious underground hall which was decorated magnificently. In the middle of the hall, there was a huge round table encircled by twenty-four chairs.

    Of the twenty-four chairs, six were red, located on six pointed tips of the hexagram on the table. There were three black chairs between every two pointed sides.

    "Sir, please have a seat!" The bunny girl brought Jiang Fei to a red chair. It was clear that the six red chairs belonged to the rulers of the six occupied planets.

    "Mmm." Jiang Fei nodded, then sat down. At this time, three red chairs were already occupied.

    "Both of you should sit too." Jiang Fei said to Kaa'Ina and Sarila while he pointed to the chairs beside him.

    "Sir, we came here with you without receiving an invitation letter, so there's no seat for us." Kaa'lna shrugged. Had she not join Jiang Fei, she would have been able to sit on one of the black chairs. Now, however, she was his subordinate. So, she could only stand behind him.


    He realized he had been careless. They had obviously arranged the seats this way on purpose. The rulers of the six planets would be seated at the pointed tips of the hexagram, ranked in no particular order. This way, there would be no conflicts due to seating issues.

    Naturally, the smaller leaders would only be able to sit on the second-class black chairs. For those like Kaa'Ina who were subordinates, they had no right to sit even if they were sufficiently strong.

    The guests arrived one after another, and soon the chairs around the table were filled. Only one red chair was left empty. Jiang Fei guessed that it was Bargh's seat.

    Looking around, among all the attendees present, Jiang Fei only knew one person, and that person was seated right next to him.

    It was Wien, the guy who he had beaten to a pulp just a few days ago. Of course, he was too embarrassed to join Jiang Fei, so he was naturally included in the list of invitees from Dhiras.

    Wien was one of the stronger leaders in Dhiras, so he was seated next to Jiang Fei, the King of Dhiras!

    Jiang Fei was not particularly bothered by this, but it was really awkward for Wien as he was sitting right next to a guy who had just kicked his ass a few days ago. The worst thing was that he could not even say anything. Jiang Fei's strength had been deeply engraved in his heart. So, he was extremely afraid that he would anger him somehow. If that happened, he might not even be able to live to see Judgement Day.
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