1384 Breaking the Limiter

    Back on Dhiras, Jiang Fei produced too much Ultralisk meat for Sarila to distribute to all of his soldiers. Judgement Day was quickly approaching, and it would be a waste if Jiang Fei kept the meat for himself and did not use it to strengthen his soldiers.

    Fervor rose once more when everyone received more Ultralisk meat that they could ingest safely. To feed was to grow stronger, and logically speaking, they would have a higher chance of surviving the upcoming threat.

    News about Ultralisk meat being vastly distributed amongst those under Jiang Fei's banner spread throughout the planet, and soon, even other planets got wind of it. In no time, leaders of different settlements extended their request through Kaa'lna in hopes that they could be one of those valuable Ultralisk meat recipients. If the rumors about their enhancing capability were true, it would only be natural for them to covet the meat of an Ultralisk.

    Leaders of various settlements from other planets in the system had reached out via different methods in hopes of receiving some Ultralisk meat. Although they provided a plethora of reasons, their ultimate goal was the same as the rest; to strengthen their fellow men in an attempt to survive Judgement Day.

    "Heh, I couldn't care less about them all! Let them rot for thinking I'm that gullible!" Jiang Fei bellowed after Kaa'lna was done with her report. Those leaders would never bend the knee for him, yet when death was looming over, every one of them came to him, basically begging him!

    Jiang Fei was always striving for efficiency. He believed in training one good man to be as strong as ten rather than raising an army of a hundred who were not as good as that one man. Why waste resources when he could simply pour them all into his own men? At the very least, they were trustworthy to a certain extent.

    Already against the leaders of his own planet, Jiang Fei was not any nicer to the leaders of the settlements on other planets. During the previous Ultralisk attack, they had been anything but helpful. Jiang Fei alone killed the beasts, so why should he share the meat with those who would rather cross their arms in leisure. Jiang Fei had grown old enough to behave in a selfish and egocentric manner. He would no longer be giving out freebies to those with sob stories and crocodile tears.

    "I'd clean that up a bit before telling the others. That being said, I think what you're doing might be considered offensive. You could be making enemies before facing the Ultralisk," Kaa'Ina suggested worriedly.

    "I doubt they would dare to come and fight me before Judgement Day," Jiang Fei scoffed. When their habitat itself was already against the living, coming to incite war with another settlement would only lead to doom. Jiang Fei knew that no wise leader would want to challenge him, not before Judgement Day arrived anyway.

    "It's hard to determine. Some may be desperate enough to do something rash," Kaa'lna insisted. If there were people desperate enough to fight to survive, they might resort to breaking the pot, bringing Jiang Fei down with them should they find it necessary.

    "It doesn't matter. Let them try. Let them know that I, Jiang Fei, do not stir trouble but welcome it!" said Jiang Fei with a certain aura. It was only natural that the stronger he grew, the more confident he was.

    After he discussed the matter with Kaa'lna for a short while, Jiang Fei returned to his room while Kaa'lna went out to do his bidding. Once there was no one around, Jiang Fei began to talk about the nature of his own limitation with 0541.

    "Have you figured out the problem?"

    "Aye, Captain. So far, I have not reached a conclusive answer yet."

    0541 had been testing many factors that could limit Jiang Fei's growth, but so far, he had not found anything that was an obvious obstacle.

    "I hope it's not a human limitation," Jiang Fei said worriedly. Even though he would never give up on being human, he would genuinely be disgruntled if the limit on his growth was indeed due to his genes.

    "We cannot eliminate that possibility just yet," 0541 tried to reason with him, but he was not doing so well. Truth be told, Jiang Fei's current condition closely matched the limitations of a race. However, there was still one more option left on the table.

    "Is there a way to completely ascertain that?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "I have already gone through all possible tests except one," 0541 said, hesitantly.

    "Which is?"

    "The limit break."

    "Sounds direct."

    "It is. Every life form has a limiter embedded in their genes, and one way to break past that limit is to expose oneself to a life and death situation. However, if your strength remains stagnant after said event..." 0541 ended his sentence there. Still, Jiang Fei knew what he was going to say. If he failed to grow stronger after a decisive battle, Jiang Fei would have hit the threshold of a human's strength. Unless Jiang Fei gave up on being human entirely, Jiang Fei would remain as strong as he was, forever.

    "A life and death battle, huh..." Jiang Fei hummed to himself. He shot to his feet when he suddenly concocted a brilliant plan. Finding a decisive battle any day now would be impossible but what about the upcoming uprising of the Ultralisks? That would play right into Jiang Fei's goal of breaking past his limit! If fighting thousands of Ultralisks failed to help Jiang Fei break his limiter, nothing would.

    "0541, I've reached a decision!" Jiang Fei said decisively.

    "Which is?" 0541 curiously asked. It had been a while since Jiang Fei displayed such tenacity and determination.

    "If the outcome indicates that my limitation is truly due to me being human, I want you to remind me to return to Earth after surviving Judgement Day," Jiang Fei declared. If he did not succeed in breaking the limits of his strength, he would return to Earth and spent the rest of his human life with the girls he had longed for.

    "But, what if you succeed?"

    "I'll return to Earth!" Jiang Fei said, smiling.

    "Ar... Buh... What?" 0541 stammered.

    "I'll go back to Earth to fetch the girls! They'll join me on my adventures in space!" Jiang Fei said. He had never dared to bring the girls along with him in space because he possessed zero confidence in protecting himself, much less protecting others.

    If he could break his limits, even if he could not, within a certain duration time and reach Aino's combat level, he would still have the means as well as methods to protect his own family. Additionally, he had support from the great Plunderer, Theon! Technically speaking, there was nothing for him to fear!

    "Noted. I shall remind you the day after Judgement Day!" 0541 said. With that, the coordinates of Earth were patched into Meteor's system. As soon as Jiang Fei gave the green light, 0541 would teleport Jiang Fei back to the ship and return to Earth.

    The key that would determine the success or failure in breaking Jiang Fei's limiter was the future. If Jiang Fei failed, he would be spending the rest of his life on Earth as any other human would. However, if he succeeded in breaking the limiter, he would be fetching the girls to join him on his never-ending adventures in infinite space!
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