1396 The Root Cause of Race Limitation

    "Call our men to return, and ask the rest to get out of my sight!" Jiang Fei ordered Sarila. He was not planning on killing the soldiers under the three leaders. First of all, those soldiers were unorganized and posed no threat to him at all. Secondly, Theon's rule prevented him from doing so. If intelligent creatures numbering in the hundreds of thousands were slaughtered, Theon would probably punish him even if he was not the one who did the dirty work.

    "Okay!" Sarila immediately proceeded to execute his order. Soon, all of the soldiers under Jiang Fei returned to the palace, and the soldiers of the other leaders fled in utter disorder.

    The soldiers of the other leaders were extremely grateful that Jiang Fei was willing to let them go. No one dared to remain near his palace. They were not even brave enough to stay on planet Dhiras any longer. All of them immediately escaped through the Teleportation Point.

    However, as Jiang Fei managed to clean up the mess so quickly, it angered someone-Bargh, the ruler of planet Teardarth, and the only one in the entire Ausvia System who had survived three Ultralisk uprisings!

    In actuality, Bargh was behind the war between the leaders of the four major planets and Jiang Fei. He brainwashed the four leaders and made them think that they were not strong enough to survive the Ultralisk uprising. Then, Bargh further revealed that Jiang Fei had a lot of Ultralisk meat in his hands and they could eat the meat to quickly increase their strength, which would then increase their chances of surviving Judgement Day.

    Bison and the other three leaders could not resist the temptation, so they jointly attacked Jiang Fei. However, there were some disagreements between the four of them, so Bison eventually turned to Jiang Fei, and the other three died tragically.

    Originally, according to Bargh's plan, Jiang Fei and the leaders should have suffered huge losses in the battle. After that, he would just find the perfect opportunity to fish in troubled waters. In the beginning, things developed without a hitch. Jiang Fei was "killed" by Bison, and Bison, as well as the other three leaders, fought each other desperately to the brink of death!

    Later, however, Jiang Fei actually "resurrected"! Moreover, he was full of confidence when he appeared, as if he was ready to rule the world!

    Just a few minutes after Jiang Fei appeared, Bargh watched Jiang Fei kill T'syai instantly and capture Rufus easily as if Rufus was a sick puppy. It shocked Bargh and made him afraid to come out.

    Jiang Fei obtained victory way too quickly. Bargh did not even have time to play the good guy by appearing and trying to mediate the dispute. After Jiang Fei dealt with the leaders, it became even harder for Bargh to suddenly make an entrance. If T'syai and the others were present, Bargh would be the third party. He could appear as a mediator and benefit from both ends.

    Since it was over for T'syai and the others, however, Bargh would have to fight Jiang Fei if he showed himself. Bargh was not confident about winning against Jiang Fei, so all he could do was hide in the dark sadly.

    "I can't believe I didn't get anything out of this! And that f*cking kid got everything! Hmph! This isn't over!" Bargh cursed in his heart, then sneaked into the crowd and left Dhiras unnoticed.

    "Ah Fei, thank god you're fine! I was worried to death!" Once Jiang Fei returned to the palace, Sarila quickly pulled him toward her. She checked his arms carefully to make sure that he had no hidden injuries.

    "Yeah. What happened just now, sir?" Kaa'lna asked curiously. Although Bison was not speaking, he was listening attentively. After all, he was new there, so even though he was curious, he could not speak his mind.

    "Hehe, nothing much. I just wanted to improve my combat skills while I instigated their internal conflicts." Jiang Fei shrugged. His words were partially true. Of course, he was not going to mention what happened in the 10th Dimension.

    "You're amazing, sir!" Bison gave Jiang Fei a thumbs-up. He believed what Jiang Fei said. In Bison's opinion, Jiang Fei's fight with him previously was a complete act. When Bison drank the potion, Jiang Fei pretended to die. In actuality, Jiang Fei went to hide on the sidelines. When they got rid of their common enemy, the conflict between the leaders of the four planets broke out. Only then did Jiang Fei come out of the dark to clean up the mess.

    In Bison's eyes, Jiang Fei was not only physically strong but also mentally strong. Jiang Fei probably had enough mental strength to kill him instantly. Moreover, he really admired Jiang Fei's considerable ingenuity. There was no way he could have come up with a plan like that.

    In actuality, Bison had misunderstood the whole situation. Jiang Fei was not pretending. He had to hide in the 10th Dimension because he was heavily injured.

    The conflict among the four leaders after he ran away was a complete fluke. It was not part of Jiang Fei's calculations at all.

    However, Jiang Fei ended up benefiting a whole lot in the 10th Dimension. His strength increased substantially!

    Previously, when Jiang Fei tried to heal up in the 10th Dimension, time was still. So, he could only heal by pulling on energy strings through mental force. That would allow him to change the composition of basic particles, and Bison's energy, which had accumulated in his body would then be transformed away, healing his injured parts.

    Everything sounded simple, but it was quite complicated to execute. First of all, Jiang Fei did not understand the relationship between the properties of particles and the vibration frequency of the energy strings. Without a formula to refer to, Jiang Fei had to explore everything by himself.

    While exploring, Jiang Fei still had to bear the risks. He could even collapse and turn into an artificial black hole like that Ultralisk previously. Fortunately, his luck was obviously not that bad. Although his experiments produced bad results, they were under control and did not bring him irreparable losses.

    During his continuous attempts, Jiang Fei discovered a special film in his body through microscopic vision. The film was also made out of energy strings, but unlike other films, this film was fixed to the energy circuit in Jiang Fei's body.

    "What the hell is this thing?" Although Jiang Fei did not know what that film was, he could clearly see that if his energy continued to increase, he would be limited by the film sooner or later.

    "Is this what's causing my race limitation?" A thought flashed through Jiang Fei's mind. It had long been confirmed that race limitation existed, but the cause of it was unknown.

    Someone once thought that race limitations were genetic. However, there was a problem with that school of thought. Elemental people also had race limitations. They were made out of elements like stones or flames, so what genes did they even have? If they also had race limitations, that meant it had nothing to do with genes.

    Nevertheless, when Jiang Fei saw the thin film made out of energy strings, some speculations sparked in his mind.
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