1397 Boost in Confidence

    "If this is really the cause of race limitation, however, what's happening to me now?" Jiang Fei muttered to himself. Right then, his energy peak was still some distance away from the film. It was not obstructing or limiting his energy from increasing yet.

    "Sigh! 0541 isn't here, so I don't have anyone to discuss this with," Jiang Fei grumbled. As time had stopped there, 0541 was also frozen. So, Jiang Fei had to decide things on his own.

    "What should I do? Do I break this film?" Jiang Fei was caught in a dilemma. Although he felt like the film was the so-called race limitation, what if he was wrong?

    Jiang Fei could easily break it with his mental strength, but he could not muster up the courage to do it. If this was the cause of his race limitation, Jiang Fei's future would be full of promise if he destroyed it. But what if it was something else? If it was something unimportant, it would not affect him that much if he broke it. But what if it was linked to his life? If he destroyed it, he might end up killing himself.

    Being able to change the essence of microscopic things seemed pretty unimaginable and invincible. This was a fundamental change. No matter how many injuries Jiang Fei had suffered on the outside, and no matter how strong his enemies were, the remnants of their energy in his body could be removed.

    However, while Jiang Fei was going through such changes, he was at risk. Nobody had done such a thing before. If he made a mistake, the consequences would be unimaginable.

    Therefore, before making any decisions, Jiang Fei had to plan for the worst and come up with a complete emergency plan. Otherwise, if he made a mistake, he would probably fall into a state of utter danger.

    "Forget it. I'm gonna leave it alone for now. Anyway, it's not limiting me yet." Jiang Fei decided not to disturb the film. His energy peak still had not touched the film. Although he was unsure whether his bottleneck situation was due to race limitations, at least, he could confirm that it had nothing to do with this film.

    If this film was unrelated to the problem, there was no point in taking risks. His immediate priority was to lessen his injuries.

    Fortunately, even though his continuous attempts ended up in failure, he did not cause an uncontrollable chain reaction. After trying hundreds or thousands of times, Jiang Fei's efforts finally paid off.

    "Hah! No amount of pain can stop me from trying!" Jiang Fei was struggling with the energy strings. When he failed repeatedly, the pain from his collapsing body constantly irritated his nerves.

    In the beginning, the severe pain was like torture to him. However, after being tortured for a long time, he found some pleasure in the pain. As Jiang Fei continued to strum the energy strings, he began to wonder if he was masochistic.

    Pop! Jiang Fei plucked at an energy string once again. As the vibration frequency of the energy string changed, an energy particle originally belonging to Bison actually transformed Origin Force in his body!

    "F*ck!" Jiang Fei was also shocked by this amazing discovery!

    "D*mn, what was that frequency again?" However, as he got way too excited, he actually forgot the frequency of that energy string!

    "Calm down! Calm down!" Jiang Fei tried to control his emotions as much as he could, then tried his best to recall the frequency of the energy string before he tried again.

    "Yes! That's it!" After three consecutive attempts, Jiang Fei finally found the frequency again!

    "Awesome!" Obviously, Jiang Fei was overjoyed at this time. Since he had mastered the vibration frequency, it meant that he had acquired an extremely godly ability!

    "Come on! What's mine is mine, what's yours is also mine!" Jiang Fei laughed out loud. Then, he began to transform the energy strings that mass-produced Bison's energy particles.

    Boom! As Jiang Fei only needed the same frequency, he could change tens of billions of energy strings at the same time. In an instant, all of Bison's energy that had accumulated in Jiang Fei's body was transformed into Jiang Fei's Origin Force.

    "Okay, let's get outta here!" After clearing Bison's energy, Jiang Fei immediately left the 10th Dimension. The remnants of foreign energy in his body had been removed. Considering his immense amount of strength, any physical injuries he had were absolutely insignificant. With just two potions, his wounds recovered instantly.

    When Jiang Fei returned to the outside world, Bison had killed Abel and was in a weak state. When T'syai and Rufus were about to kill Bison, Jiang Fei suddenly thought that he should take Bison in as his subordinate. So, he attacked T'syai mentally, and that was how Bison ended up joining him.

    Jiang Fei dared to take Bison in and was not afraid that Bison would betray him in the future because his strength had substantially increased. The moment he emerged from the 10th Dimension, Jiang Fei realized that the bottleneck troubling him for several days was gone. His true combat power had soared to two million! If Jiang Fei activated his Domain, paired with the effects of the Blackhole Core, his combat power could go up to about eight million!

    However, this was not the most important thing. The most important thing was that he had mastered the vibration frequency of the energy strings, which was the root of his improvement in strength this time!

    After mastering this frequency, Jiang Fei could instantly transform any foreign energy in his body into his own Origin Force. This meant that, as long as his enemies could not kill him instantly, the more they attacked him, the stronger he would become!

    "Hahaha! What a catch!" Jiang Fei was ecstatic. This was the reason behind his boost in confidence after he reappeared.

    Now that he had such a godly ability, combined with his Omnisurge, Jiang Fei would definitely become stronger and stronger. This was as long as he did not encounter an enemy that could kill him in one shot. Any such battle would aid his growth. The more terrifying the enemy, the bigger the stepping stone!

    "Kaa'lna, please find out when the Ultralisk Uprising will take place, I want the specific time. Sarila, reorganize the soldiers. So many of them have left, so some teams are probably lacking a few troops." After returning to his room, Jiang Fei instructed the two women.

    "Yes, sir!" The two girls nodded.

    "By the way, Bison, you should pick out a few of your men to be your bodyguards. The rest of your troops should be handed over to Sarila!" Jiang Fei treated Bison equally. Although Bison was way stronger than Jiang Fei's other subordinates, Jiang Fei did not want to give anyone any special treatment.

    "Yes, sir!" Bison did not return home after he swore to be loyal to Jiang Fei. Although he was the ruler of a planet, the Ultralisk Uprising was approaching. So, there was not much point in clinging to the memories he had of his life on that planet.
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