1399 Preparing for Battle

    "Sarila, call Kaa'lna and Bison over." Jiang Fei said, his voice loud enough to reach the other room. Sarila's room was right next to him as it was easier for her to take care of him this way.

    "Okay!" Sarila responded, then went to the front hall to look for Kaa'lna and Bison. Very soon, the three of them came to Jiang Fei's room.

    "Sir, were you looking for us?" Bison and Kaa'lna said after they bowed to Jiang Fei.

    "Yeah, have a seat!" Jiang Fei waved and the Seed of Yondu's Sprout immediately made a few chairs.

    After all three of them sat down, Jiang Fei said, "The Ultralisk Uprising has begun, and it will arrive in the Ausvia System approximately 40 hours later."

    "What!?" The news shocked all three of them.

    "Sir! Is this information accurate?" Kaa'lna asked immediately.

    "Yes!" Jiang Fei said with certainty.

    Sigh! "What's meant to come will eventually come. Please tell us what we should do now, sir!" Bison was ready to act.

    "Relax, Bison." Jiang Fei smiled.

    "Sorry. That was embarrassing." When Bison noticed how calm Kaa'lna and Sarila were, he could not help but blush.

    "Hoho, I don't blame you. You're new here, so there are some things that you're not that familiar with." Jiang Fei laughed.

    "Ah?" Bison was confused.

    "Listen, I have a Hypercruiser in Ausvia. If we can't stop the Ultralisk Uprising, we can get out of here at any time." Jiang Fei did not hide it from them. As he was now way stronger than before, he had gained a lot of confidence. There was no need for him to be as careful as before.

    "What?! You have a ship?" Bison's eyes widened. He could not believe such good news. If what Jiang Fei said was true, they were now pretty much invincible.

    Suddenly, Bison felt like his decision to join Jiang Fei was the best decision he had ever made. If they knew that Jiang Fei had a ship to leave Ausvia, he and the other planet rulers would have never tried to fight Jiang Fei. Instead, they would have joined him directly.

    In the Tallgeese Advanced Outpost, survival was the most important thing. Why did the rulers want to get their hands on the Ultralisk meat that Jiang Fei had? Obviously, it was because they wanted to enhance their strength and increase their chances of surviving the Ultralisk Uprising.

    "Phew! This is definitely the best decision I've ever made!" Bison thought to himself. Little did he know, this decision would not only help him survive the Ultralisk uprising but also allow him to live a life more glorious than before.

    "Only the three of you know about this, so don't spread it out. I don't want to be everyone's savior. Those who abandoned me previously, I have no plans to take them with me," Jiang Fei said with a serious expression.

    "Yes, sir! We'll be tight-lipped!" The three of them stood up and bowed to Jiang Fei at the same time.

    "Okay, let me talk about my plans now." Jiang Fei waved, motioning the three of them to sit down. Then, he continued: "I'm planning to look for lone Ultralisks during the Ultralisk Uprising so our men can fight them as part of their training. Also, I want to kill a few of them and replenish our supplies."

    "..." The three of them exchanged looks, not knowing what to say. Currently, everyone else was struggling for survival. Even so, they still might not survive the Ultralisk Uprising. But what about them? They were not worried at all. They were even planning to use the Ultralisks to train their troops and to kill the Ultralisks for their meat!

    Sigh! "I feel so sad for T'syai and the others..." Bison murmured. If it was known that Jiang Fei had a Hypercruiser, everyone in the entire Ausvia System would probably be willing to join him.

    "I said this a long time ago, but those who haven't the same cause will not serve one another. Those who leave me at my worst do not qualify to join me when I prosper, and those who conspire against me will eventually end up suffering bitterly." Jiang Fei sneered after hearing Bison's words. Although he could take everyone away with him, he was not the head of a charitable organization. After so many ups and downs, he was no longer a naive schoolboy.

    "You're absolutely right, sir!" Jiang Fei's cold eyes scared Bison very much. Only now, he realized that he had underestimated Jiang Fei. Although Jiang Fei was only a teenager, his mind was not as simple as Bison had thought. Jiang Fei already had plans to screen his men long before he arrived at Tallgeese.

    "Thank god I made the right choice!" Bison secretly rejoiced.

    "Alright. Now, let me tell the three of you what you have to do." Jiang Fei was going to assign tasks to the three of them.

    "Please feel free to do so, sir!" The three of them immediately stood up and said.

    "Sarila, you're still in charge of the military logistics. Also, remember to pick out the soldiers with potential." Jiang Fei told Sarila.

    "Yes, sir!" Sarila nodded.

    "Kaa'lna, help me monitor Bargh's every move. I'm pretty sure that the old guy is up to something. You must pay close attention to his movements. I don't want to end up falling for one of his tricks at a critical moment." Jiang Fei ordered.

    "Yes, sir!" Kaa'lna said firmly.

    "Bison!" Jiang Fei turned to look at the most powerful general under his command. At this time, as he had been nourished with Ultralisk meat, Bison had completely gotten rid of the side effects from the potion he drank previously.

    "Yes, sir!" Bison saluted Jiang Fei. Now, he completely regarded himself as Jiang Fei's subordinate. After all, Jiang Fei was so powerful, courageous and wise. It was not disgraceful for a Decronian to submit to such a strong person.

    "From today onwards, you're in charge of commanding all of my troops. When the Ultralisks attack, I want you to lead the soldiers and fight at least two Ultralisks. Try your best to keep the soldiers alive." Jiang Fei had pretty high hopes for Bison. In the face of those terrifying Galactic Ultralisks, ordinary soldiers were simply cannon fodders. The Ultralisks could kill them way too easily, so it was not an easy task.

    "Yes, sir!" As he was Decronian, Bison never questioned his superiors. No matter how difficult the task, he would try his best to complete it.

    "Okay, that's all. Carry on!" Jiang Fei nodded then waved, indicating that the three of them could leave.

    "Yes, sir!" The three of them saluted Jiang Fei, then turned around and left.

    "0541, where are the Ultralisks at now?" Jiang Fei asked 0541 after the three were gone.

    "They've reached the edge of the Ausvia System. They will reach the outermost occupied planet in approximately fifteen hours." 0541 shared the latest information with Jiang Fei.
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