1400 Bargh, Approaching!

    "Fifteen hours is enough!" Jiang Fei nodded, then began to prepare his mind for the incoming Ultralisk Uprising.

    Although this Ultralisk Uprising did not really threaten the lives of Jiang Fei and the others, Jiang Fei was still taking it pretty seriously. He wanted to kill as many Ultralisks as possible because it was very rare to be able to hunt them in such a large group. If they missed this one, another opportunity like this would probably never come by again.

    Time passed quickly, and soon, things became chaotic in the Ausvia System. Although the people on the other planets did not have strong detection methods like Jiang Fei, it was clear that the Ultralisks had arrived at the outermost planet.

    "What now? What do we do?"

    "Should we escape to another planet?"

    "There's no point. We'll end up dying anyway."

    "How about we try to hide?"

    "That's a pretty good idea!"

    "F*ck! Why are you guys even scared of those stupid beasts? I'm gonna fight them to death!"

    "That's suicide, you idiot!"

    "So what? Can you survive if you hide? Have you seen the people who have survived this? Are any of them weak? Who can possibly survive just by hiding?"

    "But we don't even have a leader now. How can we fight against those Ultralisks?"

    "I don't care! Just kill them!"

    In the face of fear, the first instinct was to run away. Of course, when the fear becomes extreme, people would go crazy. Attacking or fighting because of fear was very normal. At this time, many soldiers were angry and ready to fight the Ultralisks to death.

    On the outermost planet of the Ausvia System, chaos reigned. Some fled to other planets through the teleportation point and some immediately began to fight the Ultralisks. Although everyone's reactions were different, one thing was certain - they would not be able to survive the disaster, and they knew it.

    Roar! A few hours later, following a roar, the first Ultralisk that was part of the Ultralisk Uprising finally arrived in the Ausvia System.

    "Sir! Bargh has sent us a message. He wants us to help him fight against the Ultralisks!" Kaa'lna came with information about Bargh.

    "Hah! I knew he would be like this!" Jiang Fei smiled. Bargh's planet Teardarth was further out than planet Dhiras, so they would definitely be attacked first.

    "So, what do we do?" Kaa'lna asked.

    "Just ignore him," Jiang Fei rolled his eyes. First of all, he was not sure whether Bargh had colluded with the Ultralisks. However, even if Bargh did not do that, Jiang Fei would not help him as he was the one who made the four rulers attack Jiang Fei.

    "But, if we don't go, I'm afraid he'll bring his men to Dhiras and attack us!" Kaa'lna frowned. Whether Bargh was trying to pull them down along with him, or whether he had colluded with the Ultralisks, there was no way he would let them off the hook. So, it was almost guaranteed that Bargh would bring his men to Dhiras before the Ultralisks struck. This way, he could forcibly make Jiang Fei and Jiang Fei's men fight the Ultralisks together with him, and he could take the opportunity to secretly attack Jiang Fei.

    "I don't really care if he comes. If he likes planet Dhiras that much, I'll give it to him. I'm not planning to remain here anyway!" Jiang Fei smiled, then said to Sarila: "Pack up, it's almost time to go."

    "Okay. I've taken all the remaining Ultralisk meat. Currently, other than this palace, there's nothing else that's worth taking." Sarila was extremely efficient. Before Jiang Fei even ordered her to do so, she had already packed things up. Now, Jiang Fei's army could run away at any time.

    "Bison, assemble the army and get ready for battle. We will never come back to this stupid planet!" Jiang Fei nodded with satisfaction, then instructed Bison.

    "Yes, sir!" Bison saluted Jiang Fei, then immediately went to execute his order.

    "Kaa'lna, you should continue to pay attention to Bargh and his movements. Sarila, you should return to the ship with the supplies, and help me interrogate the captives while you're there. Report back to me when I return." Although Jiang Fei had gotten hold of the Hypercruiser for a while, he never had time to interrogate the crew and soldiers on the ship. They all used to work for Aino, so he should be able to get a lot of valuable information from them.

    "Got it. Ah Fei, please be careful." Sarila looked at Jiang Fei affectionately, then left. 0541 quickly teleported her back to the Hypercruiser.

    "Sir, how are you planning to deal with Bargh?" Kaa'lna suddenly asked.

    "Deal with him? What do you mean? He's not a captive. What rights do I have to deal with him?" Jiang Fei asked, clearly amused.

    "I think he'll eventually do something bad to us, and considering how strong you are, it should be easy for you to defeat him. So, I want to know how you're planning to deal with him," Kaa'lna replied.

    "Why do you care so much about him?" Jiang Fei froze. Only at this moment, he realized that Kaa'Ina knew way too much about Bargh.

    "I don't, I'm not interested in him at all, but I do want something that he owns." After a little thought, Kaa'lna finally chose to tell the truth.

    "What is it?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "The Backstab Blade. It's a sacred item from the planet I came from, Kuu'lgarth." Kaa'lna replied.

    "A weapon?" Jiang Fei asked curiously.

    "Yes, it's the weapon of our legendary assassin, Jules. The sword is extraordinarily meaningful to us Kuu'lgarthans!" Kaa'lna said.

    "Oh!" Jiang Fei nodded indifferently. Although Kaa'lna was currently one of his core subordinates, he would not blindly promise to help Kaa'lna get the Backstab Blade back.

    "Sir, I'm going to continue checking on Bargh." Seeing that Jiang Fei did not immediately promise to help her, Kaa'lna quickly changed the subject. Although she was somewhat disappointed, she did not dare to pressure Jiang Fei. Instead, she left to perform her tasks.

    "Come on, come on. The more people the merrier! It's best if this chaotic battle can further increase my strength!" Jiang Fei smiled. He was very eager to fight now. Due to the existence of Omnisurge and the unique vibration frequency of the energy strings, Jiang Fei could increase his power without limit in battles.

    More than ten hours passed by in a flash. When Bison finished assembling the army and they were preparing to take off, the outermost planet had already been conquered by the Ultralisks. The soldiers there either managed to escape or were killed. At this time, other than a few soldiers who were hiding, everyone had been slaughtered. The planet had now become the Ultralisks' outpost.

    "Sir, Bargh and his men have left planet Teardarth. They're headed towards us." Kaa'lna came back with information about Bargh. Sure enough, Bargh could not sit still. He was taking the initiative to come to Jiang Fei.
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