1407 The Massacre

    Both Jiang Fei and Kaa'lna were out of the 10th Dimension. Before that, he had already "fixed" his body to a certain extent. Additionally, he had taken in Bargh's energy and converted them into his own, thus facilitating his overall healing.

    Kaa'lna was not as lucky. She was already incredibly injured before she was pulled into the 10th Dimension. Now that she was out of the 10th Dimension, her injuries resumed its deterioration.


    As soon as her body returned to the three dimensional realm, two mouthfuls of blood were coughed out.


    Jiang Fei set her down to the ground and had her lay still. His hands reached for her spine. With extreme precision, Jiang Fei sent out waves of psychic energy into her body to extract whatever energy of Bargh's that remained in her body. He was hesitant then to convert Bargh's energy into his own because he knew her body could not sustain itself having his energy in it. She might be worse off after conversion. The best method to save her now was to remove all foreign energy from inside her body to allow her own energy to fix itself.

    After what seemed to be an eternity, after plucking out Bargh's energy like picking individual rice from a rice pot the size of a house, Kaa'lna was slowly showing signs of healing. There was nothing to disturb him or her then, hence the entire process went smoothly.

    "How do you feel?" Jiang Fei asked worriedly. Those injuries, both internal and external, were caused by Bargh, only because she had jumped in to protect him.

    "I'm fine... I think," she replied. At that moment, there was no fatal wound nor was there the immediate need for treatment. She was not completely fine but she was far from death's door. Her mind was affected as she did extend her psychic energy to fend off Akatziris in the 10th Dimension. As such, she needed rest to recover from her physical and mental ailments.

    "Good. Good... Everything's fine now. You rest now. You've been a good girl."

    "I will..." Kaa'lna hummed.

    She nodded weakly and laid her head down. When Jiang Fei removed his hands from behind her soft back, she reached out and held his.

    It was hard to explain but Jiang Fei curing her by removing Bargh's residual energy from inside her, saving her from certain death, had opened up a different perspective about Jiang Fei. The glint in the aquamarine eyes of hers hinted infatuation.

    Jiang Fei did not notice the look in her eyes, especially after she had closed them gently to rest. His attention was placed on the surroundings. To be more specific, he was noticing the surrounding army. There were about a million pairs of eyes looking at them, not glaring, mere looking, as if they had just witnessed the descent of a god.

    "W-W-Where's Lord Bargh?"

    The same question was repeated by the armies of the opposition.

    "Gone," Jiang Fei muttered.

    "Gone?! Impossible!"

    The soldiers retreated but not for their lives.

    "Is it true?"

    "Is Lord Bargh truly dead?"

    "He must be! They were all gone and only those two returned! Lord Bargh must have been killed."

    "What can we do now?"

    "What else? The kid might be strong but after killing Lord Bargh, I'm sure he had already exhausted his powers! He's now a sitting duck!"

    "I say we kill him! We kill him and take the shuttle for ourselves!"


    Someone mentioned the word "shuttle" and all eyes lit up with greed and desperation.

    The apocalypse was coming. It was literally at their doorstep now. Jiang Fei had just killed their best and strongest fighter and there was no hope left for them to survive the uprising.

    With death knocking on their door, the only glimpse of light everyone saw then was the shuttle that Jiang Fei had. The fear in their eyes was quickly replaced with desperation and greed. They wanted to survive and the only way to do that was to have Jiang Fei's personal shuttle!

    "You can die fighting the Ultralisk later. So, why do you want to die now?" Jiang Fei said coldly. Even though there were more than 100,000 enemies then, they were all only 100,000 to 200,000 combat level of strength. Jiang Fei would be fine even if he were to take a full-powered punch to the face by any of them.

    That was not to say he wanted to receive a punch to the face, not by a mob of 100,000 fighters. He needed to fight back or he would be overwhelmed like an elephant by a billion ants. There was a complication, however. No matter how he tried, the weakest of his retaliation might actually kill them. And if he did, he would be going against the one rule that Theon had set for him.

    Conflicted, Jiang Fei did not want to run away from a bunch of weaklings but he cannot fight them as well. Alas...

    "I think he could kill us easily..."

    "He's obviously lying! Look! He's even turning his eyes away! He's bluffing!"

    "That's right! He's looking for an escape path!"

    "Kill the bastard! He must have a ton of treasure on him! We might even find other kinds of travel means!"


    A person's voice could drown out but the voice of a thousand could not. The idea had been sown, but no one was taking any action. No one dared to make the first move against the person who had just killed Lord Bargh, at least in the first minute. Out of the blue, an energy bolt was fired from the mass. No one knew who shot it. Jiang Fei did not even need to budge as the bolt was too weak. It could not even travel more than a hundred meters before it dissipated into nothing. It did not matter. That first attack was but the weak spark, the spark that lit the fire that was trying to burn him down.

    Someone had done it and now everyone joined in. A massive charge ensued with everyone shouting their war cries.

    "Kill the Terran and take his ship!"

    "Kill the Terran!"


    All of the soldiers under Lord Bargh's banner were now coming to attack Jiang Fei. Leadership was lost and the only thing that mattered to them was their own survival.

    "What can we do, my lord?" Kaa'lna asked. Obviously, she could not rest when there were close to a hundred thousand soldiers charging toward them.

    After being treated by Jiang Fei, Kaa'lna saw him in a different light. She herself could not explain it, but as long as she saw him, heard him speak, it felt like everything would be alright. Even when she saw the incoming hundred thousand soldiers with eyes that lusted for his death and possession of the shuttle, she remained calm and only held him closer and tighter. She felt a strong sense of security with him, feeling that as long as she was with him, she would never be hurt, not even if there were a million soldiers then.


    Jiang Fei was not willing to break his master's one rule. Dejected and disgruntled, he picked Kaa'lna up and began to run. As soon as the thought of running and the image of the place he was going to came to his mind, the black goo manifested from the back of his hands and quickly spread throughout his entire body. His eyes started glowing with a black hue.

    He turned to Kaa'lna and smiled lustfully. He extended his finger to her lower chin and said, "Don't be afraid, my little Kaa'lna. Wait here. I'll come back as soon as I've swatted all these flies that are annoying us."

    His right finger moved away and slowly slid her eyelids close.

    In the next instant, his right hand swung forcefully.

    What Kaa'lna saw next was a scene she could not understand, or possibly, ever forget.

    The ever-so-quiet space suddenly echoed with a powerful force of fear. Everywhere, with Jiang Fei and Kaa'lna as the center of it all, were severed limbs, broken body parts, blood of different colors, and ruptured innards. Bodies, or rather, the remains of all the soldiers that were going to attack Jiang Fei, were scattered everywhere. It was as if the god of death was there and he was pissed.
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