1412 What’s That?

    While Aino was in dire straits, Jiang Fei was also feeling helpless.

    "Captain, where shall we go next?" asked 0541.

    "I'm not sure. I have two ideas now. One is to return to Theon's System to look for him, the other is to head to Aino's. Currently, I'm like a time bomb that might explode at any moment. If I go to Aino's place, I won't feel bad if he ends up suffering losses from the damage I cause. Moreover, if I really cause any damage, he'll have to clean up after me." Jiang Fei shared his thoughts. He wanted to hear 0541's opinion.

    "Captain, I think it's better if you go to Aino. The System that Theon lives in is too dangerous. Previously, a Galactic Specter brought you there, so you did not encounter any obstacles. If we try to get there with our tiny ship, it'll probably be destroyed halfway!" 0541 analyzed.

    "You're right." Jiang Fei nodded in agreement. Although Theon's System was not as chaotic as Ausvia now, it was also rampant with Ultralisks. Occasionally, Galactic Specters would appear there. So, trying to get there with a small spaceship was equivalent to suicide.

    "Moreover, Theon doesn't stay put at one place. He might not even be on that unknown planet right now. If you head to the Carldish Fort, I think Aino might have a way to contact Theon," 0541 continued.

    "Mmm! Okay, let's go!" Jiang Fei agreed. He decided to follow 0541's advice and head to the Domini System where Aino was.

    "Sir, where are we going?" Two days later, Bison and Kaa'Ina came to Jiang Fei.

    "Domini System, Carldish Fort!" Jiang Fei replied.

    "What?!" Bison and Kaa'Ina gasped in shock. After all, that was Aino's base, and Aino was the one who sent them to the Tallgeese Advanced Outpost some time ago.

    Bison, Kaa'Ina, and the other soldiers had escaped Tallgeese without authorization. In the Valsalrian Army, that amounted to desertion and they would definitely be punished!

    Desertion, whether in the Valsalrian Army or anywhere else, was extremely disgraceful, and was a serious crime. This was so even if you escaped from a squad where your death was certain.

    "Calm down, you don't have to worry about the fact that you left without permission. I'll solve it for you." Jiang Fei would bear the responsibility of their acts of desertion. He knew that if this matter was not resolved, Bison and Kaa'Ina would never be at ease.

    Previously, Jiang Fei dared to bring these soldiers away with him because he had realized something. Even though he had Theon as support, he still had to build his own force. If he always depended on Theon, he could only be passive. Before this, although Alexis treated him well, Alexis was not strong enough. The 13th Division was destroyed overnight, and even Jiang Fei was assigned to the Ausvia System.

    Although Jiang Fei did not suffer during his time in Ausvia, and instead gained a lot of benefits, who could guarantee that he would always have good luck?

    Therefore, he decided that it was better if he relied on himself. He had to build up a strong force to increase his power. Moreover, he still had his family and many girls waiting for him on Earth. If he did not become powerful, how was he going to bring them along with him?

    "Really?" Both Bison and Kaa'Ina were overjoyed. Although they were very happy when they followed Jiang Fei out of Ausvia, they soon started to worry again.

    When they escaped Ausvia, it was equivalent to escaping a mortal situation. So, be it Bison, Kaa'Ina, or the soldiers, everyone was ecstatic to just be alive and well.

    After the ecstasy died down, these people began to realize their identity as deserters. In the Valsalrian Army, desertion meant death! So, right after they escaped from the bloody mouths of the Ultralisks, they had to face the pursuit of the Valsalrian law enforcement team.

    Now that Jiang Fei said that they could get rid of their deserter status, everyone including Bison and Kaa'Ina were overjoyed. Only if that really happened would they truly be free.

    "Are you stupid? If so many of us head to the Domini System, will Aino dare to not give all of you pardon? If he dares to even glare at me, I'll bring all of you straight to the Trade Federation. At that time, his opponent will instantly gain a powerful armed force out of nowhere. So, if he refuses, he's just looking for more trouble." Jiang Fei smiled.

    Although Jiang Fei only had one battleship, this ship was filled with fighters. He had more than 30,000 soldiers with combat power of up to 200,000. His army was as strong as the special force of a powerful man like Aino!

    Normally, Aino would capture all of these people in order to protect his reputation. Now, however, the Trade Federation was already suppressing him. If the Trade Federation acquired such a strong new force, it would really be over for him.

    "Desertion?" Bison was dumbstruck for a moment. He always thought that Jiang Fei had a good relationship with Aino. Otherwise, Aino would not have tried to bring Jiang Fei away before the Ultralisk Uprising started.

    Now, however, as Jiang Fei mentioned desertion, Bison was a little perplexed. On the other hand, Kaa'Ina's eyes flashed with admiration as she looked at Jiang Fei.

    Although Kaa'Ina now had an inexplicable attachment toward Jiang Fei, she did not lose her memory. Her hatred for Aino and his son was still fresh. If it were not for them, she would not have fallen into such a position today.

    However, although she was deeply attached to Jiang Fei, Kaa'Ina did not want her hatred for Aino and his son to influence Jiang Fei's judgement. So, she did not directly voice out her thoughts. Even if Jiang Fei really brought them to Aino, she would not leave.

    Time passed quickly. Half a month later, the Hypercruiser was about to enter the Domini System. During this time, Kaa'Ina always stuck to Jiang Fei like glue. She had completely lost her former composure. Now, she was no longer the mature, rational woman she once was. Instead, she was like a little girl who was crazy in love.

    After having so much time to cool down, Sarila had also returned to Jiang Fei's side. She was after all currently Jiang Fei's most trusted person, so she still maintained her position as his second-in-command.

    "Ah Fei, we're running out of fuel. We need to refuel immediately after arriving at Carldish," Sarila routinely reported to Jiang Fei about the condition of the spacecraft.

    "Okay, got it," Jiang Fei nodded.

    "Ehh? Ah Fei, there's something behind your ear!" Suddenly, Sarila noticed a little black thing creeping behind his ear.

    "What?" Jiang Fei did not notice it at all. For someone as powerful as him, it was almost impossible for him not to feel something creeping on his body.
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