1414 Resolute

    "Warning! Warning!"

    Beep beep beep beep...

    All of a sudden, the Hypercruiser's warning system went off. More than a dozen battleships swarmed out of the Carldish Fort and began to surround Jiang Fei's ship. Trakus was serious this time!

    "Captain, the enemy's fire-control radar has been turned on and it will lock onto us in about thirty seconds!" 0541 warned.

    "Okay! You'll regret this, kid!" Jiang Fei snorted, then immediately gave an order. "Start the Warp Core Engine and change the route. We'll go to the Trade Federation!"

    As they were outnumbered, it was impossible for Jiang Fei's Hypercruiser to beat a dozen battleships. Although he had many soldiers with him, he would suffer huge losses if he tried to fight Trakus, and the risk was too high. Jiang Fei did not want to take any chances, so he made such an order.

    "Yes, captain!" 0541 immediately began to execute Jiang Fei's order.

    "Sir, are we really going to desert?" Bison asked, clearly shocked. Jiang Fei made up his mind so quickly, and he was very firm about his decision, so Bison mistakenly thought that he had planned to join the Trade Federation long ago.

    "Hmph! Aino, you'll pay for your grandson's recklessness!" Jiang Fei was furious. He was planning to use the Trade Federation's power to make Aino suffer huge losses.

    Bison sighed. Although he was also a member of the Valsalrian Army, his loyalty had vanished ever since he was sent to the Tallgeese Advanced Outpost.

    Moreover, Bison was not Valsalrian, but Decronian, so he did not really feel guilty about betraying the Valsalrian Army.

    Decronians were widely distributed all over the universe. They were very powerful and bloodthirsty, which explained why almost all the armed forces across the universe had Decronians in them. Clearly, they were a famous source of soldiers.

    "Sir, the Hypercruiser is starting its Warp Core Engine!" At the same time, Trakus also received information from his men.

    "Stop them! I can't just let him take Sarila away like that!" Trakus roared.

    "Sir, should we attack them?" The lieutenant asked. Their fire-control radar had locked onto the Hypercruiser. Their enemies would almost have no chance of escaping if all their thirteen battleships fired with their main cannons.

    "Nonsense! If we destroy the Hypercruiser, what will happen to my Sarila?" Trakus yelled. He was indeed very affectionate, just like Aino and the rest of his family members.

    Previously, Aino's son gave up his life for Kaa'Ina. Now, Trakus had to give up on the Hypercruiser for Sarila.

    "Crew members, we are about to warp. Please sit down immediately and hold onto fixed objects around you to ensure your safety." At this time, the Hypercruiser made an announcement.


    The Warp Core Engine blasted at the space in front, and the Hypercruiser entered Hyperspace.

    "Sir, they're gone!" The lieutenant reported to Trakus.

    "Determine their coordinates and chase them immediately!" Although Trakus did not dare to destroy the Hypercruiser because he was afraid he would hurt Sarila, he could not let them leave just like that.

    "Yes, sir!" The lieutenant immediately asked the navigator to calculate the Hypercruiser's coordinates. At this time, Jiang Fei and the others had already rushed out of Hyperspace.

    As the Trade Federation's outpost was within the Domini System, Jiang Fei and the others did not have to warp too far.

    "Sir, we've determined their coordinates!" The navigator reported loudly.

    "Where are they?" Trakus immediately asked.

    "Still in Domini!".

    "Great! Chase them!" Trakus ordered.

    "Sir, I don't recommend doing this because they've entered the Trade Federation's territory. If we rush over there, we will probably be attacked by the Trade Federation!" said the navigator.

    "What?! The Trade Federation? Why did that b*stard bring Sarila there? If the Hypercruiser gets attacked, wouldn't Sarila be in danger?" Even at this point in time, Trakus still prioritized Sarila's safety.

    "Sir, they're probably deserting," the lieutenant commented.

    "Deserting?!" Trakus was in shock. At the same time, he started to break out in cold sweat. If Jiang Fei was really deserting them, he was undoubtedly the one that pushed him to do it. Although he did not care about Jiang Fei's life, if that was really the case, he would probably never be able to see Sarila ever again.

    "Sir! I just received a public broadcast from the Hypercruiser!" The communications officer shouted all of a sudden.

    "What is it?" Trakus asked, not really paying full attention.


    A projection was released.

    "Aino, I brought an elite army from Tallgeese over here to reinforce you, but your grandson was being an idiot. So, I'm not gonna help you anymore! The next time we meet, it'll be on a battlefield. My soldiers and I will definitely make you remember the mistakes you made on this very day!" Jiang Fei spoke loudly and firmly, with his elite army of 30,000 soldiers standing behind him.

    "Sh*t, sh*t! I'm in trouble!" Trakus began to panic. He thought that he was only chasing away Jiang Fei and Sarila. If that was the case, his only loss would be that he would never be able to see Sarila anymore. Now, however, he had chased away an entire powerful army, and at such a difficult time when Aino most needed reinforcements.

    If they just ran away, it would not matter that much. The problem was that the reinforcement army had run to join the enemy. Now the enemy was going to become even stronger, so Aino's life would definitely become way more difficult.

    "Get rid of the broadcast right now!" Trakus immediately ordered. If Aino saw that projection, he would never live to see another day.

    "Sir, it was a public broadcast, so the entire System has received it. We can't remove it anymore." The communications officer gave Trakus the worst news ever.

    "I'm dead!" Trakus felt like fainting. He could already imagine how angry Aino would be.

    "0541, send a message to the Trade Federation and ask them if they'll accept my army. If they don't want to, I'll just become a space pirate!" After being infected with the black malice, Jiang Fei's temperament changed greatly. He was no longer the worrisome, indecisive teenager he once was.

    "Yes, captain!" 0541 immediately replied. Although Jiang Fei was not really in his normal state, 0541 was starting to like the new him.

    Currently, Jiang Fei was more like a leader. He was more decisive and resolute than before. No longer was he overthinking things. He was also more aggressive. Only such a leader could lead his men to victory and success. In contrast, the old Jiang Fei had always been passive and nothing more.
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