1416 All Expenses Paid

    "With all due respect Mr. Jiang Fei, you are an unwelcome presence here. However, it would be rude for us to so quickly dismiss a guest who has only just arrived," said Lockseed.

    "General Lockseed, if you don't mind me asking, which department will you have us assigned to?" asked Jiang Fei.

    To be completely honest, Jiang Fei wanted nothing more than to start a war with Aino. He did not know it yet, but this decision was one made on the fly, brought about by the effects of the black malice.

    "At ease. You have only just arrived. How could I immediately assign you to a department? If word got out, others will think badly of the Trade Federation. They would think that we send new recruits to be fodder," explained Lockseed, laughing.

    Despite sounding like he was being considerate and actually thinking about the well-being of Jiang Fei and his soldiers, the truth behind General Lockseed's words was not so pure and kind.

    Jiang Fei had only just arrived after defecting to the Trade Federation. General Lockseed had every reason not to trust them. All of this could be a trap to win the war. If he assigned them to the front lines, they might actually assist the Valsalrian Army by attacking the Trade Federation's fleet.

    "Very well. I hear and obey. However, I request that you assign us to fight as soon as possible. I want Aino dead! I want him to regret crossing me!" said Jiang Fei.

    His mind may be affected by the black malice but he was not stupid enough to jump the gun and force Lockseed to assign him to the front lines. More importantly, he knew that his soldiers were exhausted.

    First, they were involved in the battle with the four leaders of Ausvia, and after the entire ordeal with Bargh was over, they had to fight the Ultralisk. After that, they escaped in Meteor only to be branded as defectors by the Valsalrian Army. The mental shock and physical exhaustion had drained them of all fighting capability. In short, they needed to recuperate right now.

    In the end, Jiang Fei nodded in agreement. He returned the ship, Meteor, to the custody of the Trade Federation space force. This is where they did things right, unlike Aino.

    When Jiang Fei returned to report with a ship belonging to the Trade Federation, Aino had confiscated the ship for himself, expunged Jiang Fei of all credit, and sent him off to the godforsaken outpost. But the Trade Federation welcomed Jiang Fei instead.

    Instead of asking him to return the ship, they decided to let Jiang Fei continue to own Meteor. Not only did they keep the ship nice and tidy, they even performed maintenance on it.

    A ship that was once theirs and had been stolen by their enemies was never asked to be returned. That was how fair the Trade Federation was. But at the same time, they were also cunning, always showing kindness while expecting something in return.

    After the ship handover, Jiang Fei and his soldiers were asked to board a transport shuttle. They were transported to a planet not too far from the front lines. The planet was basically an infirmary, a place to seek solace from the long battles in space.

    Anyone from the space force and ship crew, to the infantry and captains, and even fleet commanders would come here to rest and relax. It was an ingenious way to prevent overwork and stress-related deaths.

    When Jiang Fei arrived at the ship port, he was greeted by a service crew member who said, "My good sir, all expenses on Hyur have been covered by General Lockseed. Please rest, relax, and enjoy everything that Hyur has to offer."

    Jiang Fei snorted happily. "Good man."

    Jiang Fei was not alone, he had at least 30,000 subordinates with him. It must have cost a fortune to cover all their expenses. If Lockseed had intentionally done so, he must be trying to plant the seed of trust in them.

    "Sir, do you wish for an escort? We can provide helpful personnel to guide you around. Of course, we have no qualms if you wish to travel by yourself," said the service crew member.

    Lockseed feared that Jiang Fei might think that he was being observed. Hence, he insisted that the service crew on Hyur were not to force an escort on Jiang Fei and his men. They were there to rest, relax, and hopefully lower their guard.

    "Thanks, but no escort is necessary. Please contact us once General Lockseed has assigned my soldiers to a post."

    "As you wish," said the service crew member, turning away.

    Just as he was about to walk away, he abruptly turned back, saying, "Sir Jiang Fei, I have to point out that we, the Trade Federation, do things differently from the Valsalrians. Please inform your fellow men that any quarrels need not be solved by violence. Anything can be solved with money, by..." he cleared his throat and gave Jiang Fei a pointed look, "by General Lockseed's coffers, of course."

    "Good to know," replied Jiang Fei.

    He understood the meaning behind that look. General Lockseen feared that Jiang Fei's men might create conflicts on the Trade Federation grounds. Not all the men under the Trade Federation were as strong as those from the Valsalrian Army.

    On average, Jiang Fei's men were at 200,000 combat level or higher. If they wanted, they could wreck the whole planet, and no one would be able to stop them.

    That is why Lockseed had ordered the service man to convey his message. He needed Jiang Fei and his men to know that nothing can't be solved with money. And since he was covering their expenses, he wanted them to just be themselves in order to rest and relax. As long as their idea of relaxing didn't involve destroying anything important that is.

    "Bison, inform everyone that we are here to rest. Do not incite conflict. If there are accidents, there is someone here to help us cover the collateral fees. If money won't do, come to me. Do not let anyone make their own decision. Especially if it involves blood."

    Lockseed was kind enough to take care of their expenses and Jiang Fei would do what he can to not incur unnecessary trouble for him. To be honest, Jiang Fei was keen on owing Lockseed a favor.

    "Well then, all things are taken care of. You may now leave the lobby and enjoy Hyur. You are allowed to go anywhere you want. There are many things here that will keep you entertained!" said the service crew member as he bid them farewell.

    "Thank you," said Jiang Fei with a smile. He then dismissed everyone and let them wander about the planet.

    As soon as the important matters were over, both Kaa'lna and Sarila rushed to his side. He was not looking for them but since they were somehow clearly affected by the black malice, he needed to be by their side as there was not yet any method to cure them of their... ailments.

    Jiang Fei took a series of sophisticated travelling belts to travel across the wide and winding spaceport, and he was greeted with a rainbow of lights.

    He gasped in awe. "This... this is nice!"

    Towers upon towers of high-rise buildings were erected in an orderly fashion. Streets, transport, and even buildings were built like that of a metropolis back on Earth, except that everything there was of advanced technology. When compared to Redstone, the difference was like heaven and earth.

    As the service crew member vaguely described earlier, there were all kinds of entertainment establishments on Hyur. Of the three major sectors, the first that came to Jiang Fei's mind was food.

    There was all kinds of food available across the entire planet, originating from various galaxies and systems. No matter what race you are, they had it all, to suit your every taste.

    The administration of the Trade Federation had done what they could to ensure a continuous supply of food. As such, as long as the Trade Federation stands, there will always be food for all.

    Oddly enough, the second major sector was gambling. Likewise, there were many gambling dens all over the planet.

    The Trade Federation mostly employs mercenaries to do their fighting, and with a large enough reward after a battle, mercenaries will come to this planet and spend their coins on gambling.

    It was normal as mercenaries live the kind of life where tomorrow might never come. As such, whenever they are out of combat, they will try their best to come to Hyur and enjoy whatever time they have, spending whatever money they own.
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