1417 Prodigals, Prodigals Everywhere!

    The last major sector of entertainment is... adult pleasure. After a war, combatants will want to feast, rest, and also release their pent-up sexual needs. Besides gambling, the other way to truly relax was with women.

    There were women of all shapes and sizes on the corner of every street, below every building, eatery, and gambling den. Naturally, there were also open-establishments, that is, in Earthly terms, brothels.

    Some women were truly attractive, while others were incredibly horrendous to look at. But just like everyone enjoyed different kinds of food, taste in women varies from individual to individual as well.

    "Boss, we're leaving now!"

    "Sir, if you don't mind, the boys and I will be leaving now."

    "We're going too."

    "See you in a bit, yeah!"


    In no less than five minutes, all of Jiang Fei's men spread out and vanished from sight. Jiang Fei did not need to guess, he knew where they were headed to first.

    With the lack of female fighters at the Tallgeese Advanced Outpost, his men clearly had no chance to touch a woman. Some had never even seen a female other than Sarila and Kaa'Ina, and they were exceptions since no one could lay a finger on them without dying.

    So, after eyeing women they liked, these men were more than eager to find one that suited their taste and satiate their carnal desires.

    Jiang Fei shouted after his disappearing men, "Don't cause trouble, you hear?!"

    Truly, he could not have cared for them any more than he already did. Then again, he need not worry since the good General Lockseed was there to cover any cost.

    Bison was the last to leave and he headed for a gaming center. Jiang Fei was then left alone with Kaa'lna and Sarila.

    "Fei, where should we go now?" asked Kaa'lna, her voice bordering on a moan.

    Sarila was quiet. She had only cared to be by Jiang Fei's side, and figuratively speaking, that's exactly what she was right now. After being affected by the black malice, she had taken the phrase 'by his side' a little too literally.

    "Let's head into the street first, then we'll decide."

    Jiang Fei had no objective in mind. He was not craving for a game or for a woman. Even though he was told that there were cuisines imported from all corners of the world, he doubted that there was a restaurant that served kung-pao chicken or sweet-and-sour pork.

    Earth was just too far away from the closest civilization. It was so far away and too obsolete in terms of technology that it was cast out from being in the same social connection as other civilizations. It would be a miracle if Jiang Fei were to spot an Earthly cuisine. It doesn't even need to be Chinese!

    As Jiang Fei walked down a busy street, a voice rang out, "Young man, you have some fine girls with you! Mind if I buy them from you?"

    The voice was sharp, of a high register. Jiang Fei did not notice the call since there were just too many people walking on the same street. But in the next second, the owner of the voice came forward and stood before him.

    "What do you say, young man? Name your price," said a humanoid alien with the head of a fish.

    "Huh? Are you talking to me?" asked Jiang Fei.

    "Of course. Two million aetherytes for the two ladies. What do you say?" said the fish... person, offering a large sum of the universal currency to purchase both Kaa'lna and Sarila.

    So, this was the conduct on Hyur that was described by the service crew back at the spaceport. Even when one was famous and powerful, they would want to conduct business, be it illegal or legit, with money and not by shooting their blasters first.

    Before Jiang Fei could even open his mouth, Kaa'la spat in rage, "Do you have a death wish?!"

    Even though she was a mature woman and was now clinging to Jiang Fei like a newborn kitten, she was still a powerful fighter with 8,600,000 combat level. She was so strong that not even General Lockseed could stop her from breaking his finger if she wanted to.

    In that instant, as soon as the words left her lips, a glint of light reflecting off her dagger blinded the fish-person. Another dagger was then pressed onto his gills.

    The fish-person got excited and jacked up his price, "Hoho! Interesting! I'll offer five million!"

    Something told Jiang Fei that this alien might be the type that enjoys dominating feral women.

    "So you wish to die," snarled Kaa'lna.

    There was nothing but pure murderous intent in her eyes. Even though she was nothing but a purring kitten when it comes to Jiang Fei, others would not receive the same treatment.

    The black malice had somehow affected her mind, causing her to be infatuated with Jiang Fei alone. It had not changed her usual behaviour, as seen by how she reacted so violently to someone offering money to own her.

    "H-Hold on! What are you doing?! This is... this is against the law!" cried the fish-person as he felt the tip of the silver blade slowly entering the flaps of his gills.

    An encounter such as this was incredibly rare in any of the dominions of the Trade Federation. He had sincerely thought that Kaa'lna was merely presenting herself as fierce to ask for a higher price. He definitely didn't expect her to actually threaten him!

    Kaa'lna scoffed as she reluctantly removed the blades from the man's neck and sheathed them behind her waist. "If I see you again, it will be more than your gills that I sever from your head."

    "Ugh... what is wrong with her? Woe is me for meeting that kind of barbaric species! How uncivilized!" mumbled the fish-person as he hurriedly retreated.

    Hyur was a planet for relaxation and enjoyment, aptly suited for soldiers to relieve themselves. How is it possible for a person to be dignified? Everyone knows what Hyur was, and with that thought in mind, the fish-person had concluded that the two females accompanying the Terran were simply prostitutes.

    As Jiang Fei and the two women left, the fish-person stopped running away and turned to call a group of his underlings.

    "Boss, what can we do for you?" asked one of the subordinates.

    "Find Lucius," said the fish-person.

    "Yes, sir! We're on it!"

    The fish-person snickered. "Heheheh! You won 30 million aetherytes from me and this is going to be payback!"

    He was not intending to go against Jiang Fei openly. He merely wanted to drag his friend along and have that woman give him a scare too. He wanted to prank his friend-a 'present' to excite a friendship that had been going on for more than tens of years.

    The truth was rather innocent, compared to what it seemed to be. The fish-person was not evil. He may be a prodigal, often spending money on unessentials, but he had neither forced anyone to do his bidding, nor indulged in illegal activities. Even after being threatened by a random woman on the street, he knew that it was his fault and did not crave for revenge.

    Some time later, his subordinate located his friend⁠-⁠Lucius⁠-in one of the larger gambling dens.

    "Yo, Lucius! I found two ladies! They're absolute bombshells, I tell you! You can't find anyone like them on Hyur!" said the fish-person, patting someone who looked human.

    The only difference was the pupil-less eyes, this man's eyes were all white, marking him as an Alderaanian.

    Lucius scoffed condescendingly and rolled his eyes. "Huh? If they were really so good, why would you come to me? I know you better than that, Rais. You would have already owned them if they were really worth it!"

    He then turned back to the table and bet everything he had on the current game.

    "It's true! But I must say, they are a little too feisty for me. I can't even negotiate a price..." said Rais, the fish-person.

    Outwardly, he sounded absolutely dejected, but he was laughing hysterically in his mind. He was just trying to bait his friend.

    "All in! Give me the magic number! Come on! Come on, baby!" cried Lucius as he initiated the roll. Alas, he rolled a different number and lost all of his credits.

    "Drat. I lost it all! Again! This isn't my lucky day... bah! Let's go... if the girls are not as you claim they are... ooooooo I'm so going to get you!" said Lucius, leaving the table disgruntled.

    He was intrigued by the way Rais talked about the girls and wanted to see them.
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