1418 Pranking a Friend

    Besides the soldiers under his command, Jiang Fei knew no one else on Hyur. Plus, he was just a new arrival to the plant. Searching for someone would be an impossible task for him. But on the other hand, he could be easily found.

    Not long after Lucius and Rais left the gambling den, their subordinates had already found Jiang Fei and reported his location to their employers.

    Lucius muttered as he walked, "You're not clowning me, are you, Rais? How could I not know such quality babes?"

    "They ought to be newcomers, I suppose," Rais replied simply.

    It did not matter who they were, Lucius had already taken the bait. All that's left was to wait for a show! The two turned a few corners and found Jiang Fei with Kaa'lna and Sarila clinging to him like koala bears.

    "See them? That young Terran? The two girls with him are the ones I mentioned!" whispered Rais.

    "Hmmm... they're alright. If I'm not mistaken, those girls have already been bought," said Lucius.

    Rais huffed before smiling suggestively. "That's right. I was ravaged before I could even negotiate a deal with that Terran!"

    "Tch. Where's your money?" asked Lucius, rolling his eyes as he demanded for some cash, knowing that his close friend would not be walking the streets of Hyur without some aetherytes on him.

    "I don't have enough. I just lost more than half while gambling not too long ago. Right now, I have too little to even count," said Rais, making up excuses to coax the Alderaanian to go all out to get the girls.

    Lucius laughed as he teased, "Sigh... Do you know what Robar and the others call you? A broken coffer!"

    Rais has always been a poor gambler. Although he always placed small bets, he would keep on playing thinking that he could at least walk away with less deficit. Robar and the others were gamblers who loved to play with Rais as they would surely be walking out of the gambling center with a win.

    Rais huffed angrily. "Sheesh! Why are you blabbering about that now? If you have the time to lecture me, then go and get the girls for us!"

    "Fine, fine. Wait here. I'll get them and we'll have a good time later!" said Lucius nonchalantly.

    Like Rais, he too brought a large enough amount to gamble. Even though he lost some back there, he still had more than enough to go for a few more rounds before he exhausted today's funds.

    "Good luck!" replied Rais, snickering at how serious his friend was starting to be.

    "Rais better be right about those girls," said Lucius to himself before approaching Jiang Fei and casually tapping him on the shoulder. "Hey there! Let's talk business!"

    Since there were just too many people walking on the streets, Jiang Fei hadn't bothered to pay attention to every single face he saw. That being said, he had not lowered his guard either. Just as Lucius' hands were about to touch his shoulders, Jiang Fei turned around and grabbed him by the neck.

    Lucius groaned. "UGH! Wait! Wait! What are you doing?!"

    The Terran's grip on his neck was so powerful that Lucius felt like it was about to snap in two. Even though Jiang Fei was not in his fighting stance⁠-Omnisurge was inactive and so was the Blackhole Core-his own combat level was more than 2,500,000. He might have even gotten a little stronger after having the black matter inside him.

    On the other hand, Lucius may be a member of the famous Alderaanians, but he was not as strong as the others. He had never trained for combat, and instead was mostly pampered since he was a child. His own combat level was not more than a million, and that power came from his genes, not his own strength.

    A man of his age should be in his prime but alas, the only thing he was good at was spending money like there was no tomorrow. That is why a simple neck hold was more than enough to incapacitate him.

    "Identify yourself," said Jiang Fei.

    He could count the number of people he knew in the universe on his fingers, and there were even fewer of them here on Hyur. A stranger who suddenly groped his shoulder deserved to be treated harshly.

    Lucius was choking as he spoke, "I give up! I give up! Please let me go!"

    He had no idea how to retaliate as he had never once been treated like this.

    Releasing his grip, Jiang Fei hummed coldly, "Speak."

    The man was extremely weak. So weak that all Jiang Fei had to do if he wanted to kill him was bat an eye and send a killing psychic needle into his mind.

    Lucius got to his feet and introduced himself, "I am Lucius from Liston Tradings. I come in peace and only want to strike a deal with you."

    He was feeling slightly awkward since the Terran seemed so much younger than him.

    Birds of a feather flock together. Those who want to have fun would always gather at Hyur. If Jiang Fei was there, he must have some intention of playing around too.

    Lucius was the same, with the only difference being that he had a tendency to gamble more than he liked to admit. Like Rais, he was hoping to solve matters with money. He would not force anyone to do his bidding and if someone were to reject his offer, he would not bear any ill will towards said person.

    "A deal?" asked Jiang Fei, arching an eyebrow.

    He did not know the man. What could he want with him?

    "That's right. The girls. They're beautiful. Perhaps, I could offer a price to purchase their services. Besides... I'm sure--"

    Before he could finish his sentence, Kaa'lna flashed away from Jiang Fei and reappeared behind Lucius. Lucius had wanted to offer Jiang Fei a job as his handyman but before he could even voice it out, Kaa'lna flew into a rage.

    She flashed behind him and picked him up with a mere two fingers! Kaa'lna knew that Jiang Fei would not want trouble while they were on Hyur, or else she would have already decapitated him.


    Lucius was slammed to the ground hard.

    "This is getting out of hand..."

    Kaa'lna was absurdly strong. Although the throw was nothing more than a flick of her wrist, the girl's combat level had proved to be too strong for someone like Lucius. A simple throw to the ground was enough to render him immobile for sometime.

    Running out of his hiding spot, Rais shouted, "Wait! Wait! This is a bad prank! A bad prank!"

    He just wanted to prank Lucius, thinking that the girl would only do the same thing she did to him. He never expected for his friend to be assaulted that badly. If she had gone a little further, Lucius might have died!

    "You again?" snarled Kaa'lna, growing angrier the second she saw his slimy face.

    "Miss! Please wait! This is nothing but a bad prank! I swear! We mean you no harm!" Rais apologized profusely with a humble smile on his face.

    At that moment, he truly feared for Lucius' life. He was Rais' good friend and of course, he would not want him to die because of his prank!

    "Enough. I don't care. Take him and leave. Have General Lockseed bear any costs for his treatment," said Jiang Fei before leaving hastily.

    He had no intention of wasting his time with these two clowns. As he was done talking, he gestured for Kaa'lna to return to his side and left.

    Rais shouted as he waved goodbye to Jiang Fei, "Thank you! Thank you! I'll be sure to treat you to something in the future as an apology!"

    "Who are they... why are they so... violent?! I don't remember ever seeing such a strong, young fighter in the Federation," said Lucius as Rais held him up, supporting him over his shoulder.

    Until now, even after being thrown to the ground like a ragdoll, he still did not suspect that the entire incident was directly caused by Rais.
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