1425 A Poisonous Ishtarian

    Not long after Jiang Fei's army landed, red lights lit up and the sound of an alarm blared throughout the hangar bay. Everyone in the hangar bay was alerted of their presence, and perhaps the entire fortress now knew their position.

    Flashing to Jiang Fei's side, Kaa'Ina reported, "Sir, we have mechanical soldiers incoming. They are not too strong and Bison is facing them now. We should clear the first obstacle quickly."

    Jiang Fei nodded. He had confidence in Bison's strength. He was a Decronian and a f*cking strong one at that. Besides Jiang Fei himself, perhaps no one in his army could stop him.

    With Bison's leading, they fought their way out of the hangar bay without much trouble.

    A soldier reported, "Sir, we have detected incoming enemy aerial forces. They will soon enter firing range."

    "Ignore them, continue the advancement."

    The Violet Fleet sent by General Lockseed was in charge of providing aerial support. They would be handling the enemy birds in the air.

    Just as Jiang Fei's keen ears picked up the sounds of ship engines roaring through the sky and cannons charging up to shoot, a powerful beam tore through their propellers and destroyed several enemy ships that were about to fire upon Jiang Fei's soldiers.

    The Violet Fleet had been keeping two eyes trained on Jiang Fei's movements. Anything that was coming to attack them would be destroyed first.

    "Sir, Bison sends us a message. They have found an enemy barrack and are facing powerful resistance there. The advancement will not proceed until the resistance is taken out," said a soldier.

    "Kaa'lna, go to Bison and help him out," ordered Jiang Fei.

    "With pleasure," replied Kaa'lna as she flashed away.

    With two powerful fighters to take the lead, the enemy resistance force was quickly wiped out. It took several minutes but they managed to push through the barracks.

    Just when they thought the worst was over, things had only just dialed up to a ten. Jiang Fei's army started having to deal with heavy casualties and even the deaths of their own. Even though the numbers were currently less than ten, Jiang Fei expected it to only grow higher.

    The further Jiang Fei's army advanced into the fortress, the more resistance they were met with, and the harder it was to fight through said resistance. There were more than the expected number of mechanical fighters in the fortress. So many, that killing them made literally no difference in their overall number.

    "It's about time now... the real enemy is going to show up," said Jiang Fei.

    After being in the rear for so long, Jiang Fei still remained passive, letting his soldiers deal with the initial threats. He had been in the Valsalrian Army long enough to know how well they fought.

    It goes without saying that the Valsalrian Army had a higher number of powerful fighters than the Trade Federation. Even so, fighters would not appear in battle as they would first deploy mechanical troops to wear down the enemy. When the weaklings were dealt with and only the strong remained, that is when actual Valsalrian fighters appeared to reap the last remaining few.

    As the battle continued, Jiang Fei's forces divided into several groups to cover other parts of the fortress. They had destroyed too many mechanical soldiers to count and captured many officers, but had not encountered a single combatant. It was as if the entire fortress was void of them.

    "Sir, something is not right. We have scoured the entire fortress for two days and have not found a single combatant. Could this be a trap?" asked Bison.

    "You might be right. Tell everyone to be on high alert," ordered Jiang Fei.

    This battle has been too easy. Even though Jiang Fei's army did lose a few soldiers and some were gravely injured, they had still managed to destroy all the mechanical soldiers.

    Just as Jiang Fei was beginning to suspect foul play, a deafening explosion was heard, reverberating throughout the fortress.

    "What is that? Is that us?" asked Jiang Fei.

    "We don't know. The explosion came from outside the fortress. If I'm not mistaken, that is where Kaa'lna took charge."

    Jiang Fei ordered Bison to follow him, "No time to lose, come with me."

    The closer he got to the source, the louder the sound. Something was making that noise. Jiang Fei recognized it as the kind of explosion that could only be generated from a barrage of energy collisions.

    "It's Kaa'lna. She is currently engaged with an enemy," said Jiang Fei.

    Jiang Fei narrowed his eyes. He could sense her energy signature well. But the opponent was unknown.

    A few seconds later, Jiang Fei and Bison emerged to the outside of the fortress. The ground was barren and there were several barrack-like buildings in place. Nevertheless, the entire place was huge enough for the two to fight violently without affecting any of the surrounding buildings.

    "Do you know who that is?" asked Jiang Fei, turning to Bison.

    He was part of the Valsalrian Army, just as anyone else in his army.

    "I don't know, sir. All I know is that Ishtarians are strong," said Bison.

    Jiang Fei groaned. "Tsk... why is it always poison users?"

    The Ishtarians were famed fighters, using poison was their bread and butter. Some powerful Ishtarians had even cultivated themselves by consuming poison to turn themselves poisonous. Anyone who knew of their existence would not want to engage with them.


    Combat Level: 8,000,000

    Note: Powerful fighter. Every inch of its body is fully poisonous.

    Jiang Fei groaned even louder after he had examined the opponent through the scope. The man Kaa'lna was fighting was not just a powerful fighter, but an insanely strong one. He must have gone through extensive cultivation to fully convert his body into poison. That is probably why Kaa'lna was slightly weaker than him, the reason why she was unable to defeat him.

    Bison pleaded, "Sir, please allow me to assist her!"

    "Hold your ground!" barked Jiang Fei.

    He wanted Kaa'lna to fend for herself for a while as he continued to observe how Ishtarians fight. He saw this as a vital countermeasure that would come in handy if he ever engaged with a being that uses poison in the future.

    There was a cloud of green mist being emitted by the Ishtarian himself. He could even discharge a large quantity of poisonous goo with just a swing of his arm. It looked disgusting, as it should be, since his pores were excreting sweat that was the source of the mist and goo.

    His fighting stance, skills, maneuvers, and prowess were only average. His energy level was even lower than Kaa'lna's. The only reason she was unable to defeat him was due to the poison itself. Once affected, Kaa'lna's movements became slower.

    The longer she dwelled within the poisonous mist, the slower her movements would be. Right now, her movements were still on par with the Ishtarian's, but she would eventually lose the fight.

    "Those poison users must be sadistic bastards. I've had enough of this. Bison, go and help her," ordered Jiang Fei.

    He was done analyzing the Ishtarian battle style and judged that it was time for him to die.

    "Thank you, sir."

    Joining the fight, Bison pushed Kaa'Ina away from the poison mist and threw out three punches in rapid succession.

    The first punch completely blew away all the poisonous mist from around his enemy. The second punch created a powerful gust of wind, causing the goo he discharged to be blown back to his own body. The last punch was a fully powered one. Bison intended to retaliate for Kaa'lna's sake as well as show Jiang Fei how strong he had become.

    Despite being slowed down by his own poison, the Ishtarian managed to get into a defensive stance. Even so, he was unable to completely defend himself against Bison's fully powered punch.

    After consuming copious amounts of the Ultralisk meat provided by Jiang Fei, Bison's combat level was only a hair's length away from 10,000,000. An Ishtarian with a combat level of 8,000,000 would not be able to stop Bison's punch.

    The Ishtarian was blown off his feet and crashed somewhere further away. He spat out a mouthful of greenish blood before he could stand straight. These kinds of poison users had a similar trait as Jiang Fei's own combat style-the longer the battle dragged on, the better it was for them.

    Their poison would not strengthen them, but instead weaken their enemies to the point where they would not be able to even lift a finger. But their one true enemy was someone too strong for them to handle, such as Jiang Fei. A single punch from someone like him, even a blocked one, would be enough to break them.
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