1431 Interrogation

    "Enough! I'll do it the hard way!" bellowed Jiang Fei as he charged faster towards the bridge.

    "This is odd."

    Jiang Fei had been running for a good minute and there was no one in the ship. The ship was small, that's a given, but zero resistance was odd. Even the dumbest pilot would have installed defense turrets!

    "How is it possible that such an advanced civilization has not properly armed their ships?"

    A bad feeling rose to his chest like vomit. Nevertheless, he proceeded without hesitation.

    He plunged his bare hands into the metal door and it gave up immediately. Granted, Jiang Fei was strong, but the metal door should have at least put up some resistance instead of allowing itself to be torn apart like soft tofu!

    "Did they abandon this ship?"

    Jiang Fei infiltrated the ship to capture their crew and extort them for information. It had come to this since for some unknown reason, 0541 was unable to hack into the ship's system. The only way Jiang Fei was going to get intelligence on the invaders was by physically interrogating them, with force, of course.

    A few more turns and broken doors later, Jiang Fei arrived at the entrance of the bridge. He swung his sword hard and sliced the door open with ease.


    Seeing that there were people there after all, Jiang Fei was slightly taken aback. He had already convinced himself that they had all chosen to flee.

    As Jiang Fei continued to just look at them, the people cried out, "Damn! There's a living person here!"

    "Who are you people?" asked Jiang Fei.

    Jiang Fei had no idea whether they could understand his words, but logically, they should have possessed some form of language translator if they were of an advanced race.

    Someone made a sneering comment, as if he was able to understand Jiang Fei, "Who are we? Interesting... this person is asking questions about us!"

    Instead of replying, the stranger came closer, observing Jiang Fei from a close distance. While the enemy was observing him, Jiang Fei took the chance to observe him as well. The person was a humanoid man. To be precise, he looked like the elves from books and TV shows that Jiang Fei had read and seen.

    He was incredibly handsome and dignified-looking. While his appearance was outstanding, Jiang Fei was surprised to see that the man only had a combat level of 300. Not 300,000, but 300.

    Jiang Fei took a step back and activated his plasma blades.

    "Ho! Are you trying to intimidate me?" said the elf.

    He continued to observe Jiang Fei without even flinching at the sight of the hot burning plasma.

    "Answer the question or die," Jiang Fei demanded.

    A flash of black light burst from Jiang Fei's forehead. At that moment, his face twisted in anger.

    "Die? Kill me and I will return anew," said the person, without any sign of fear.

    "So be it."

    Jiang Fei swung the blade and sliced off the elf's right ear.

    The man roared, "GYYAAA! IT F*CKING HURTS! What are you doing?!"

    "Answer the question or I will start slicing off other parts of your body," barked Jiang Fei.

    His eyes were glinting with extreme enmity. There was even a faint black aura oozing out from Jiang Fei's body.


    Before the man could even say anything, Jiang Fei's hands made a slight movement and the man's other ear dropped to the ground.

    "GAAHHH! Please just kill me! Kill me now!" cried the elf, pleading profusely on his hands and knees.

    When he thought Jiang Fei did not notice, he lunged at him, aiming for the plasma blade to stab him in the chest.

    Jiang Fei hummed as he grabbed the man from behind and lifted him up. "Now is not the time to die yet."

    To put things in perspective, the elf was only as strong as a Level 2 Metahuman, while Jiang Fei was like a god-like being on Earth. He minimized the plasma blade's output power and sliced off one of the elf's fingers.

    "ARGHHH! Just end it already! Kill me! Please kill me!" cried the elf.

    His dignified appearance was reduced to a fidgeting plebeian. Yet somehow, he was still not answering Jiang Fei's question.

    "Persistent one, aren't you!" said Jiang Fei, slicing off another finger. He leaned in close to the elf's now severed ear and whispered, "We can do this all day."

    For some reason, the elf was still not talking, despite giving up on resisting. All he did was scream and beg for Jiang Fei to kill him. Just then, before Jiang Fei could slice off another finger, he screamed at the top of his lungs and bit off his own tongue.

    Blood poured out like a broken dam and as he dropped to the ground, weakened, he smiled at Jiang Fei. With his tongue gone, there was no way he could talk.

    "Interesting," said Jiang Fei.

    He swung his plasma blade and beheaded the man.

    Jiang Fei hummed coldly as he broke the bridge, literally in two. "Now, are you as determined to keep your mouth shut?"

    Floating in space, Jiang Fei scoured the void and immediately found many more ships around for him to infiltrate. He chose one at random, and using the same method as before, he barged into the bridge of another ship.

    "No way! They made them look just like us!" cried the pilot of this new ship.

    Like the previous one, this elven man stared at Jiang Fei curiously, without a shred of fear.

    "Soon you shall learn what it means to be scared!" barked Jiang Fei as he lunged at the elf.

    "Going for the kill, eh? Oh well, come at me!" cried the man, welcoming Jiang Fei's blade to his chest with literally open arms.

    "Kill you? I'll make you beg for death!" yelled Jiang Fei.

    He grasped the elf's neck in a vice-like grip, almost breaking it in half. With a quick slash, Jiang Fei sliced off one of his fingers.

    The man groaned in pain. "UGH! What are you doing?"

    One could see that the man was wincing profusely as he was not accustomed to pain. Looks like this was a perfect one to interrogate.

    "Who are you?!" roared Jiang Fei, slicing off another finger.

    "OWWWWW! F@#% F@#% F@#%!"

    "You are testing my patience."

    Jiang Fei sliced off the elf's ears, and then his fingers, in the slowest, most brutal way possible. Right now, the elf only had his right thumb left.

    "I'm so done with this! Why did they even make it so real?! I didn't spend so much money to be tortured!" said the pointy eared bastard.

    Grabbing the elf's shirt and lifting him up into the air, Jiang Fei roared at the top of his lungs, "SPEAK! TELL ME THE TRUTH! WHO ARE YOU?"

    "Please! Enough! Please let me die! Kill me please!" said the man.

    Oddly enough, this elf's response was the same as the previous one.

    "I do not have all day but I will not allow you to die until you tell me the truth!" said Jiang Fei, chopping off the last of the elf's fingers.

    "ARGH! Please stop! I'll talk! I'll talk!"

    Fortunately, this one was not gutsy enough to bite off his own tongue to kill himself.


    The man confessed, "We are called Saintsoul Users. We're from the Gamma Dimension. We are here to explore new worlds and this dimension."

    "LIES!" hissed Jiang Fei.

    He swung his blade and sliced off the man's entire right arm.

    "ARRRGH! I'm telling the truth!"

    Jiang Fei bellowed, "Last chance, bub. Who are you?!"

    The bad feeling he felt earlier rose up like vomit again.
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