1435 Extortion

    Having decided to return to the center of the known universe, Jiang Fei did not spend more than a week on Earth. What little time he stayed for was spent with his parents before he left again.

    Since the danger in outer space was beyond anything earthly, Jiang Fei decided to not bring his parents along with him. As his stepsister, Shang Guanqi chose to stay behind to protect and take care of their parents.

    Everyone else, including the very-human Si Tuying who was the weakest of all the girls, insisted on going with Jiang Fei on his adventure. This time, Jiang Fei could not think of a reason to not bring them along.

    Just like the last time he left Earth, Jiang Fei still did not have a turf of his own. That being said, he was not without power. Right now, Jiang Fei may not be a space emperor, but his combat power was so strong that he wouldn't die so quickly, and could still spare some strength to protect the others.

    He did think about taking his parents with him but compared to the very-human Si Tuying, his parents were just normal people. Extreme space warp would kill them, not to mention all the dangers that lurked about the void of space.

    Concurrently, Jiang Fei's forces, specifically, his female Bio-Human forces, had shown some promise. Hua Mulan and many of the New Saint's Guard had been revived, all three thousand of them.

    Braveheart had been collecting solar power from the sun for close to a year. Although that amount of energy was nothing but pocket change for someone like Jiang Fei, it was more than enough to revive all the female soldiers who were only at Level 4 Metahuman power level.

    "Hah... this is good," said Jiang Fei to himself when he saw just how many of his female soldiers were gathered on the moon base.

    There was a sense of gratitude and auspiciousness. These soldiers' loyalty to Jiang Fei was ironclad. However, their sense of loyalty did not match their power level. When even the strongest Level 5 Metahuman on Earth would only be a common foot soldier in the Valsalrian Army, the Level 4 soldiers were nothing worth mentioning.

    "Captain, didn't you stock up on Ultralisk meat? I think this would be the best time for you to use it," suggested 0541.

    "That right!" exclaimed Jiang Fei happily.

    Braveheart may be several generations ahead of any Earth-based technology, but it was absolutely obsolete in the stage of current outer space civilization. Braveheart's technology to travel beyond lightspeed was extremely primitive.

    If Jiang Fei wanted to return to the domains of the Trade Federation, it would take at least two months to traverse hyperspace. Since it would take a considerable amount of time to travel, it was best to start training the girls now.

    When the basis of their strength was at least the same as Jiang Fei's had been when he left Earth for the first time, he could then design a training regime to get them used to the extreme gravitational pull, using the special Time-Space-Gravity training room.

    "Captain, I'd advise not to directly feed the girls the Ultralisk meat too soon. Besides Isabella, even Ariel and the other Level 5 power level girls would not be able to absorb the sheer amount of energy the meat provides. In the worst-case scenario, we will be looking at deaths," said 0541.

    "So be it. Could you please take care of their training? When they reach a point when their body allows them to feed on the Ultralisk meat, increase the amount of meat for them. I trust that you can manage that," replied Jiang Fei.

    Unlike his soldiers back in the Trade Federation, he was not going to be stingy with the Ultralisk meat for his own personal female soldiers.

    "Very well, sir."

    Once everyone was ready, Jiang Fei came to a podium and announced, "It is time for us to depart. Please get to your stations and board the ship immediately."

    More than three thousand soldiers lined up neatly and after Isabella and the others got in, they marched into Braveheart.

    This marked the beginning of a new adventure for Jiang Fei as well as for the girls with him. No one, not even Jiang Fei himself, knew the significance of this trip and its importance to the fate of the entire universe.


    Two months might be long for some but short for the others. It seemed long for Jiang Fei as he had nothing better to do than to chat and talk with the girls. At first, talking was inviting, but sooner or later, anyone would run out of topics to talk about.

    That being said, two months was too short when it came to training. Even though the Ultralisk meat was a powerful resource for anyone to gain strength, the soldiers were just too weak.

    Even after feeding on the meat, the soldiers had only managed to be as strong as the very beginner stage of Level 5. If Jiang Fei were to use the universal scale of strength measurement, their combat levels would only be at around 10,000.

    On the other hand, the girls who were closer to Jiang Fei had shown greater progress. They managed to get to combat levels of at least 60,000 to 70,000.

    But even at their level, they were only as good as the lowest ranking soldiers in the Valsalrian Army. They were still very, very far away from being as strong as Jiang Fei.

    The only person that managed to put a smile on Jiang Fei's face was Isabella. Be it due to her innate talents or the Core of Life, the girl had managed to grow stronger with the aid of the Ultralisk meat.

    She had jumped from 1,500,000 combat level to nearly 2,000,000. Such rapid progress was shocking even for Jiang Fei.


    As the ship was about to exit hyperspace, 0541 reported, "Captain, we will soon arrive on planet Hyur."

    Jiang Fei chose Hyur as his destination because there was nowhere else he could consider safe. He was a member of the Trade Federation but was of insignificant power and rank. So much so that he did not own any fleets, and thus, had not been assigned any special ports of his own.

    The only thing he owned was his ship, Meteor, and it was still somewhere out there with Bison and Kaa'lna. That was one of the reasons he chose to return to Hyur-to establish contact with his army.

    "Contact the port authority and request permission for landing," ordered Jiang Fei.

    Although he had no reason to be worried, his heart sank a little when he thought about Kaa'lna and Sarila. Isabella and the others were still oblivious of their... special condition.

    0541 acknowledged the order, "Aye, Captain."

    Before Braveheart could even exit hyperspace, it was already detected by the Trade Federation Space Police Forces. However, since Braveheart was an unmarked ship, and it was not recognized as a combat ship, the police force had not marked Braveheart as a hostile entity to be shot down.

    Instead, when the ship exited hyperspace, they merely approached the ship closely.

    "The heck is that old thing..."

    "No idea. That ship belongs in a museum."

    "Did you check the ship's identification?"

    "Not yet. The system is still scanning through the entire archive. The ship is too dated."

    "Mhm. Must be some rich folks with extra aetherytes to throw around. Who in their right mind would buy such an antique machine?"


    Almost everyone was displeased with the ship. As minimum wage workers, they would never be able to buy themselves a deep space cruiser, even if they worked their whole lives.

    However, the rich folks were so rich that they could simply purchase any kind of ship they liked, and still have enough left to get a second one! To think that someone out there had spent so much money on something so useless...

    The computer beeped and one of the police officers reported, "I've found it! That ship's origin is from Planet Namek!"

    "Namekians? Aren't they the asexual life forms who went extinct more than 10,000 years ago?" exclaimed another officer.

    "The owner of that ship must be filthy rich! I'm talking rich beyond reason! Such an antique ship must have cost a city or two!" said the officer who discovered Braveheart's origin.

    "Enough of this. Hail them! We will get our money's worth from this rich bastard! That'll show them!" said the other officer.
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