1436 Move, or You Will be Moved!

    Smaller patrol ships quickly surrounded Braveheart from all directions.

    "Attention incoming unknown space vessel, this is the Trade Federation Space Police Force. Shut down your engine reactors and await onboard inspection."

    "Captain, shall we comply?" asked 0541.

    Braveheart may possess various weaponry, but in the end, it was just a larger Civilian Class Transport Ship. Its armed weapons could never be compared to Meteor. That being said, Braveheart would not have a problem sinking these smaller patrol ships.

    Gesturing nonchalantly, Jiang Fei said, "Yeah, might as well."

    He was not here to stir up trouble. He had a good relationship with the higher-ups in the Trade Federation military. Trouble could easily be settled by dropping Lockseed's name.

    However, if Jiang Fei fired upon the patrol ships and killed even a single police officer, it would spell trouble for both Lockseed and Jiang Fei himself. Jiang Fei may be someone important, but he wasn't important enough to be forgiven for murder.

    Seeing that the police officers were public servants, Jiang Fei was ready to comply. They were just doing their jobs. But what he didn't know was that they were planning to extort him.

    0541 complied, "Aye Captain. Powering down the main engine core."

    With the main power generator shut down, the ship's thrusters were lowered, shields were turned off, and the docking bay was opened to allow the police officers to board the ship.

    A transmission broadcast came in, "Attention unknown space vessel, your ship is not a registered ship in the log. You are currently trespassing into Trade Federation territory. Please cooperate with the boarding police officers."

    "Alright then, they've already rung the doorbell, it is time for us to open the door and welcome them in," said Jiang Fei.

    Compared to the threat of the invaders from the Gamma Dimension, this sort of trouble meant nothing to him. He was merely cooperating to avoid unnecessary trouble, not trying to reject a good fight...

    "Aye, Captain," 0541 acknowledged.

    Once the main ship had docked to the side of Braveheart, 0541 unlocked the hatch door to allow the police to come in.

    "Sheesh... look at this old contraption! This thing is older than my entire family tree! Whoever owns this ship must be the richest in the Trade Federation!" said the captain when he entered the ship.

    "True. We'll scare him well and bleed him dry!" replied the second-in-command.

    "I'll play the bad cop and you'll be the good cop. Make sure to coax the owner to behave nicely, if you get what I mean. Do it well and we'll be walking home with a small fortune!" said the captain.

    From the looks of things, it seemed that the two had done this sort of good-cop-bad-cop extortion many times before.

    "We're yours to command, Captain! Our fortune depends on you now!" cried the other officers.

    The bridge connecting their ship to Braveheart was long but it took them a rather short enough time to get across. More than ten police officers, including the captain, were now aboard Braveheart.

    As soon as the door to the bridge was opened, the captain glared at Jiang Fei and bellowed with a certain gravitas, "Who is the owner of this vessel?"

    Jiang Fei swiveled his captain's chair around and said, "That would be me."

    To be honest, Jiang Fei did not want to even meet any of the police officers. As the commander of a hybrid fleet, he was several ranks above the captain of a space police force, and thus had more authority.

    However, who else besides Jiang Fei could talk to these guys? He was the only man on board the ship. Surely he wouldn't want to call upon his girls to help him when trouble comes. It should be the opposite!

    The captain huffed suggestively when he noticed the large group of beautiful girls gathered behind Jiang Fei. "Heh. Not bad."

    Unbeknownst to Jiang Fei, the captain and his fellow police officers had now come to the conclusion that he was the son of someone rich. There were several reasons why they assumed so, with the most glaring one being the number of beautiful girls here with only one man.

    That, and the fact that the ship was just too old to even exist, was conclusive proof that Jiang Fei was just another one of the rich folks. One wouldn't be wrong to assume that they might even have orgy parties on this ship. One man... so many women... just how was he able to cope?!

    "Bastard has all the goods!"

    "Dammit. How is he able to get so many girls while I am still single?!"


    The captain was not alone in thinking badly about Jiang Fei, the rest of the police members were also jealous of Jiang Fei's fortune. A silent agreement was made-they would throughly extort Jiang Fei or they would only feel sorry for themselves later!

    "Didn't you say something about an inspection? Go ahead and inspect wherever you want. If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to give me a call," said Jiang Fei.

    Ready to leave, he turned towards the exit. He had nothing to hide, so he was fine with letting the police scour the entire ship if they wanted, so long as they did not disturb him directly.

    From the perspective of a third party, the captain of the police force should have considered himself lucky to even step into the bridge of a commander of a fleet. That being said, the captain was completely disgruntled by Jiang Fei's snobbish attitude.

    Now, the captain was more determined than ever to go through with his plan to extort Jiang Fei for everything he had. The way he talked to him was just blatantly rude!

    "Search the place. If you find anything illegal, report back to me immediately," ordered the captain.

    From his experience, many of these prodigal sons always carried illegal substances or items with them. If he could find any, he could then make Jiang Fei dance to his beat.

    "Captain... there is a problem here..."

    "What is it now? I'm asking you to scour the ship! How hard is it to understand that order?" said the captain.

    He thought that the other officers were scared of Jiang Fei because of his unknown status. For all they knew, he might actually be the son of a famous politician or a successful merchant.

    "But sir, there's only ten of us and an entire ship to search! It'll take us months to go through the entire ship!" said another officer.

    Braveheart was a thousand kilometers long. How was it possible for ten officers to scour the entire ship in time? A month or two was already downplaying it greatly. It could even take years for them to finish searching the entire ship.

    "Dammit! Search the bridge first. And then head to their quarters," said the captain, a suggestive, lustful smile stretching across his face.

    Not a single woman on this ship was less than perfect. Even if they could not find any illegal substances, they could still take some 'souvenirs' away and Jiang Fei would not even find out about it. Or so they thought...

    When he heard the captain giving the order to search the girls' quarters, Jiang Fei stopped right at the door. He would be more than happy to let them search the main engine room, or even the central data management center, but never the girls' rooms.

    "You can search every other part of the ship, but you are not allowed in any of the girls' rooms!" roared Jiang Fei.

    When Jiang Fei snapped, the captain's confidence grew and he responded loudly, "I knew it! You must be hiding illegal substances there! Go, search their rooms!"

    He assumed that Jiang Fei was being defensive because he truly had hidden something there.

    "0541, I've had enough of this. Send them out," snarled Jiang Fei.

    Jiang Fei usually had a lot of patience, but after being infected by the black malice, it was as if he had no patience at all! He had only been cooperative with the police because he was in a good mood after having spent so many days with his girls. However, the captain's demeaning stance and condescending tone had pushed Jiang Fei far enough.

    Metal plates on the wall folded away and turrets zoomed out from everywhere. Laser sights were turned on and they were all aimed at every single police officer there.

    The captain yelled in retaliation, "What is this? Are you fighting back?! I am the captain of the police force!"

    They acted all high and mighty, but not a single member of the police force was strong. On average, their combat level was only at about 50,000 to 60,000. Their weakness was why they could only be patrol officers, and not part of the military force.

    "Move, or you will be moved. If you want to arrest me, you might want to call this number and talk to the person it belongs to," said Jiang Fei.

    He tossed a communicator device to the captain. He was at his limit and didn't want to waste his time on a lowly plebeian like the captain of the space police force.
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