1438 Regroup

    When the ship landed and the moorings were locked, Jiang Fei had all the girls remain on the ship instead.

    Hyur was not a sight for innocent eyes. It was a place where soldiers came to release their pent up stress, amongst other things. The entire planet was a place for soldiers to rest and relax, somewhere that innocent girls were not meant to be.

    "0541, contact Bison and the others. Tell them I'm back on Hyur and I want to meet them," ordered Jiang Fei.

    At the same thing, he quickly gathered the girls on the ship for a quick explanation. Since there was a chance of Isabella going berserk, Jiang Fei felt the need to fully explain Kaa'lna and Sarila's conditions.

    "So, they are only acting this way because of the black matter that got on you?" asked Isabella.

    Though she was merely asking for clarification, Jiang Fei jumped to defend himself, "All I'm saying is that those girls are coming after me not because of anything I did! You can ask 0541, I'm sure he has recordings of the events."

    He was nervous about the little girl's reaction, she was like a ticking time bomb, just waiting to explode at a moment's notice. Jiang Fei could only imagine how Isabella felt seeing that he had garnered two girls in the span of a year! It was a miracle that she was still remaining calm right now.

    "The captain speaks the truth. I shall show you proof of the event," said 0541.

    He turned on the main screen in the bridge and played a recording of the incident in question. The video clearly showed how Kaa'Ina's attitude changed when a black light flashed into her eyes.

    "From a certain point of view, I do feel pity for the girls," said Isabella.

    She got jealous easily but she was still kind at heart. According to the video she saw, Isabella concluded that both girls showed clear changes after the black light. Changes that influenced their minds to be madly infatuated with Jiang Fei. If they could find a way to dispel the effect, the two girls would surely leave Jiang Fei alone.

    The one thing that no one was able to foresee, not even Jiang Fei, was that 0541 had actually helped Jiang Fei lie. As an A.I, there was a hard-coded feature in him that prevented him from telling a lie.

    However, 0541 had altered the details of the video before showing it to the girls. The one of Kaa'Ina was true, but he did not show them everything about Sarila.

    Even before being affected by the black matter, Sarila had already been somewhat attached to Jiang Fei. Having been given to Jiang Fei by Commander Alexis, her infatuation with him had only grown after being exposed to the black light. If Isabella was shown the real footage of how Sarila behaved even before that incident, she would surely punish Jiang Fei severely.

    To prevent a catastrophe, 0541 did what he could to help Jiang Fei in this matter. 0541 had only shown the footage of how Kaa'lna's behaviour changed and nothing about Sarila. Plus, he had been using the pronoun 'them' to describe their symptoms, to insinuate that both girls were in the same category.

    And since Isabella and the others knew that machines cannot lie, they bought Jiang Fei's excuse and had not asked to see Sarila's footage.

    Nina moaned, "How sad..."

    "How do you plan to deal with them?" asked Isabella.

    Jiang Fei declared, "I have no idea. For now, I plan to keep the girls safe. They were never against me in the first place, so I hope that you guys can take them in. They will be with us until I can find a way to dispel the influence."

    Truly, Jiang Fei had nothing against them, but didn't particularly like anything about them either. To be completely honest, he couldn't care less about their condition.

    "Very well, they will be taken care of," said Isabella.

    On the one hand, she felt pity for the girls but on the other hand, she worried about them actually 'devouring' Jiang Fei without her knowing. She may be human now but she still harbored the nature of a female dragon to protect her relationship with her special someone.

    "That's reassuring," Jiang Fei thanked her and turned to Nina, "Nina, you are the sharpest here and I hope that when Isabella is unavailable, you can take care of the two girls in her stead."

    "I would have even if you hadn't asked," said Nina gently as she nodded.

    The reason Jiang Fei had gone to Nina was because of her dignified stature. She was skilled in mediation, so he hoped that if Isabella, being the feisty girl that she is, got into a fight with Kaa'Ina or Sarila, Nina could step in to defuse the situation.

    Honestly, Jiang Fei was worried about Isabella. She was feisty and possessed a combat level of over 2,000,000. If she got into a fight with Sarila, she would still somehow manage to control her, as Sarila's combat level was only 900,000.

    However, Kaa'Ina was at least four times stronger than Isabella. With just a push of her pinky, Kaa'Ina could break Isabella's legs! When he wasn't around, Jiang Fei needed someone to step in and stop the fight before it escalated.

    His first choice was Ariel, but she could never truly stop Isabella from going on a rampage. In this matter, Nina's nature as the big sister of the group would do nicely.

    And since Nina was also the best of the group at socializing, Jiang Fei hoped that she would grow close to Kaa'Ina before any conflicts could erupt between Kaa'Ina and Isabella.

    Unless Jiang Fei personally interfered, no one else could physically stop Kaa'lna.

    While Jiang Fei was in the middle of reminding the girls to behave nicely, 0541 said, "Captain, a transmission from Bison."

    "On screen."

    "Good to see you, sir! You've been gone for so long! We've all been worried sick!" barked Bison when he saw Jiang Fei face.

    The entire army had followed Jiang Fei out of the Tallgeese Advanced Outpost and joined the Trade Federation with him. They had even managed to befriend one of the higher-ups there! If something were to happen to Jiang Fei, they would all be lost.

    "Things have been hectic lately. But I'm well. What happened to the army after I left?" asked Jiang Fei.

    He wanted to know all that had taken place here while he had been on Earth. Most importantly, he wanted to know what the invaders from the Gamma Dimension had done.

    Frowning, Bison said, "Well, it's complicated. It'll be easier to explain when we're all gathered."

    Jiang Fei had been gone for a long time, longer than he thought. His time on Earth may have been short, but the trip back from Earth had taken close to half a year.

    During his absence, the soldiers under Jiang Fei's banner began to show signs of revolting. No one knew of Jiang Fei's whereabouts, or whether or not he was even still alive.

    Jiang Fei had been the one to gather them, so once he was no longer around, they wanted to disband the army and go their own ways. If it wasn't for Bison and Kaa'Ina showing true leadership, the army might have been disbanded for good.

    "Alright. Meet me at the hangar bay, port number 97. I want to talk to all three of you," said Jiang Fei, addressing Bison, Kaa'lna, and Sarila.

    "We will be there shortly," said Bison before ending the transmission.

    One hour later, Sarila, Kaa'lna, and Bison came to the 97th port. Both Kaa'lna and Sarila were extremely excited. During his absence, the two had been in a state of constant stress. Especially Sarila.

    You could say that the girl's infatuation for Jiang Fei had reached its maximum point. The fact that Sarila had not seen him for so long was enough to send her into an unending abyss of despair.
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