1445 A Gathering of Gentlemen

    Rais and Lucius left to begin their two-day task of looking for potential buyers, while Jiang Fei returned to Braveheart.

    "Bison, arrange for living quarters in Meteor. Make a quadrant available for a new batch of soldiers," ordered Jiang Fei.

    "Aye, sir. How about quadrant C5? I'll warn all the other crew members to never set foot into that quadrant," said Bison.

    Bison understood that Jiang Fei's new soldiers were entirely female while the soldiers already onboard Meteor were males. Who knew what they would do to the girls if they were not warned?

    "Thanks. You do that. By the way, this is just temporary. We will soon have a base of our own," said Jiang Fei.

    Leaving this sort of arrangement to Bison was reassuring, as the man had proven time and time again that he understood certain unspoken things.

    "That's good news," said Bison happily.

    He never expected Jiang Fei to find himself a personal base.

    "Should be soon, if all goes well," said Jiang Fei, unsure of himself.

    He would talk to Lockseed soon about acquiring a planet with sufficient resources. It didn't have to be inhabited. As long as it was habitable, that was good enough. Perhaps Lockseed would grant Jiang Fei this selfish request, since it was not as ridiculous as the cost of the girls' training.

    "All the best, sir," said Bison.

    The more Jiang Fei improved, the higher his social status, and the happier all his soldiers, including Bison, would be. While Bison headed over to Meteor and started on the arrangements for the living quarters, Jiang Fei went back to Braveheart to break the important news.

    "Spread the word for me. Tell everyone to pack their things. We will all be moving to Meteor," said Jiang Fei.

    "Why? What is going on? Why are we moving?" asked Isabella.

    "I've decided to sell Braveheart," declared Jiang Fei, having already thought this through.

    Everyone gasped. "Sell Braveheart?"

    "Yes. Right now, my main priority is to get everyone stronger and by happenstance, I am broke," said Jiang Fei, letting out a long, heavy sigh.

    To be honest, he had fought with his life in order to seize Braveheart back. Selling it off for some quick cash would hurt him. However, as the situation stands, he had to further increase the girls' overall strength. At the end of the day, a ship was just a ship, and Jiang Fei had a more powerful one ready to be used.

    Ever the reasonable one, Nina reassured the girls, "Calm down, sisters. I understand that we love this ship after being with it for so long, but this is for the collective good. I think we should listen to Jiang Fei's idea and move out."

    Hua Mulan agreed, "Alright. I'll move."


    "I'll go."

    "As long as darling wishes it to be..."


    One by one, the girls nodded in agreement. While they returned to their rooms to start packing, Hua Mulan was tasked with gathering all the girls of the New Saint's Guard.

    "0541, you can start working on dismantling the ship once all the girls are out. Remember to clear all the data on biotech from the ship's data center. Remove all equipment and facilities related to biotech as well. Restore all settings and control modules to their factory settings. Remove all traces that we ever used this ship."

    0541 acknowledged the command, "Aye, Captain. I will take care of it."

    As soon as all the girls were in Meteor, small mechanical bots appeared from the service hatch and started to work. These bots were built without a processing unit, and thus did not possess a thinking mind like 0541. 0541 only needed to input a certain command and the bots would go to work.

    In just one day, all important equipment and facilities were dismantled and put away inside the ring's inventory. Even the crucial data center was removed from the ship, leaving nothing but the barebones.

    The ship could still fly, but since there was no artificial intelligence captain support system, it was close to impossible for anyone besides machine lifeforms to operate it.

    To prevent unwanted problems on Meteor, strict rules applied to quadrant C5. Without authorization, no one other than the girls who were living there could enter. In fact, to enforce this, Bison had formed a small patrol team comprised of their most loyal soldiers.

    They would patrol all entry points into quadrant C5, and stop anyone who had a naughty plan to get closer to the girls. Anyone caught entering C5 without authorization would be severely punished.

    When the 'sun' was high in the sky, Lucius called. "Boss, there is a gathering later during the night. Would you like to attend?"

    "What gathering? Is it important? If it's not, I don't want to waste my time," said Jiang Fei.

    Socializing was never his goal. Although he knew it was important, his current priority was to earn aetherytes to fund his girls' training program.

    "It's quite important. See, a certain young master from the Psy-Lindt Group will be attending. This person could be a potential buyer of your ship!" said Lucius.

    Immediately interested, Jiang Fei replied, "In that case, count me in! Send me the time and place of the gathering."

    It wasn't just Braveheart that he wanted to sell. The other spaceships he had not built yet could be sold too. If this young master was the kind of person who had a bottomless coffer, Jiang Fei would love to meet him.

    "Will do, boss!" said Lucius happily.

    He was going out of his way to help Jiang Fei. On the one hand, Lucius wanted to make sure he would get the ship Jiang Fei had promised to give them. On the other hand, he purely wanted to get on Jiang Fei's good side for the long run.

    Only when Lucius had actually done something to be proud of could he safely say that the position of heir of his family was as good as his.

    After Lucius sent over the details of the gathering, 0541 suddenly asked, "Captain, are you going on your own?"

    "That's the plan. What's wrong?"

    "It seems to me that people who attend this sort of elite social gathering would normally be accompanied by a woman," said 0541.

    "Oh my! You know more about social behaviour than I do!"

    Jiang Fei would never have expected to hear about this sort of mannerism from 0541.

    "I have been collecting information about social behaviorisms from Earth's Internet," said 0541 with a straight face.

    Jiang Fei clicked his tongue and rolled his eyes. "I think what you mean by information about social behaviorisms is just common plot tools used in novels and TV shows."

    "I see. Well then, please disregard what I said earlier."

    Even though he just told 0541 to dismiss what he gathered, Jiang Fei couldn't stop thinking about it. He finally spoke after a long pause, "Well... now that we're talking about it... how about Isabella?"

    "I do not think Miss Isabella should be your companion for this evening."

    Intrigued, Jiang Fei asked, "Why is that?"

    Isabella would always be his number one. He could not think of any reason to not take her with him.

    "You know what Miss Isabella's behaviour is like. What do you think will happen if another female flirts with you during the gathering? I calculated many possibilities, and 99.98% of them resulted in catastrophic events. This includes, but is not limited to, fatal injuries to you and/or the participants of the gathering."

    "You don't have to calculate that sort of thing..." mumbled Jiang Fei.

    That being said, 0541 was right. Such catastrophic events might indeed happen. Flirtatious females aside, there could be guys behaving exactly like Rais and Lucius did when they first encountered Jiang Fei.

    If they were to ask about purchasing a service that must not be named, Isabella would definitely flip out.

    "Who do you think I should take with me then?"

    "The most suitable candidate for tonight's gathering is Kaa'lna."

    "Substantiate your claim."

    "Kaa'lna is as loyal as anyone can be, due to the condition that is currently affecting her. She is obedient in a certain way, and not at all volatile like Miss Isabella."

    Jiang Fei nodded in agreement. As the embodiment of a female dragon, it was in Isabella's nature to be extremely volatile. Not even ten Jiang Feis could stop her from going on a rampage.

    "Kaa'Ina is also currently the strongest of all your female companions. Socialistically speaking, it is uplifting if you have a female companion who is substantially stronger. This will aid in your socializing attempts at the gathering. I predict that this will help in promoting your sales," added 0541.
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