1458 Powerful Reading

    "No need to trouble yourself with this. I'll make do with whatever I can get my hands on," said Jiang Fei before he ended the transmission.

    "Wait!" Lockseed howled as soon as he saw Jiang Fei turning away. As much as he wanted to stop him from straying away from justice, he could not forcefully stop him for fear of Theon. The least he could do then was to help clean up the mess.

    Lockseed then personally sent out private messages to all merchants and traders that were currently being extorted by Jiang Fei to inform them that he would compensate them for anything that Jiang Fei took and pleaded with them to leave Hyur and the Domini System as soon as they could.

    After receiving the message and knowing now that they would be compensated for their losses, the merchant gladly "cooperated" with Jiang Fei's demand and left most of their possessions; those that Jiang Fei needed; but took the rest of their vanity possessions with them. Instead of leaving them behind carefully, these merchants dropped whatever Jiang Fei wanted in the nearest hangar bay and left the planet in a jiffy. On the one hand, they were truly afraid of the invaders attacking them and on the other, they were just scared of Jiang Fei.

    "Bring the ship down and start sending men to pick up those supplies," Jiang Fei ordered. All the Fifth Hybrid Fleet abled men were dispatched to quickly collect all the items that had been so "graciously" left behind. To be honest, almost all of these items were not going to be put into use for the coming war but to operate the Chrono accelerator for the girls' training program.

    Jiang Fei was doing this only to continue funding the girls' progress to greatness. In fact, if you asked for a number, Jiang Fei would demand an unlimited supply. To be honest, Jiang Fei was not 100% conscious of his behavior as he was partially influenced by the malice.

    Since the Fifth Hybrid Fleet was practically an infantry carrier fleet, they had plenty of storage space. Ferrying all the supplies that were left behind proved to be easy. In fact, there was so much more empty cargo space that he could fill at least three times the amount of supplies he had collected on Hyur.

    Jiang Fei was in a good mood as soon as the crew members consolidated and organized all the supplies in the ship. With that amount of materials, he could continuously power the time room for about six months. Six months out in the real world would equate to fifteen years in the Chrono accelerator. That amount of time would definitely be enough for the girls to become stronger, possibly even as strong as him.

    "Sir, we have arrived at Turandot."

    A few seconds of FTL travel later and the entire Fifth Fleet had reached their destination.

    "Good. Send them a transmission to inform them of our arrival," Jiang Fei ordered.

    "Sir, we have received a reply. It is addressed directly to you, sir," the ship's helm received an update and relayed the information to Jiang Fei.

    "On screen."

    An officer appeared on the screen and when he saw Jiang Fei accepting the call, he held his hand up and saluted.

    "Mr. Jiang Fei, I am the governing officer of Turandot and all evacuation has been completed. I am here to liaise with you on the remaining task at hand."

    The evacuation order that was sent out by General Lockseed included all affiliated planet systems in the Domini System. As such, Wagner had already arranged for the complete evacuation of all Turandot civilians. Only essential workers that were currently working on the governing side of things stayed on Turandot while awaiting Jiang Fei's return. That was Wagner's specific order.

    "Mr. Jiang Fei, Master Wagner has given the ownership of this planet to you. He said and I quote: Do whatever you want with this planet. In return, do me a favor and kill more invaders! Those are his words."

    "Heh, that boy sure knows how to butter me up nicely," Jiang Fei thought to himself.

    The Trade Federation had chosen to abandon the entire galaxy. Turandot was not an important planet but it did hold up to its value for housing several trading ports. Hence, instead of just giving it up, Wagner had "given" the planet to Jiang Fei and in return, had Jiang Fei owe him a favor.

    Jiang Fei accepted the gesture and appreciated it. Wagner had removed all of the civilians there and left the training grounds which he knew Jiang Fei wanted to use. If it were not for the operation of the training grounds, Wagner would have already evacuated every single living soul on the planet and left the girls on their own. Although it might sound insignificant, the girls inside the training room would have to starve for a month if the workers there had left them on their own for even just a single day.

    Although Isabella and the girls had more than enough Ultralisk meat to sustain their growth, feeding on them as meals would kill them due to the immense energy content. Proper meals were still essential and Wagner had made sure to continue providing all essential needs until Jiang Fei returned.

    "Thank you for waiting this long. I will now dispatch men over for the handover of the systems. Thank you and godspeed," Jiang Fei said and ended the transmission. Upon landing, Jiang Fei quickly sent men to facilitate the handover procedure to relieve the locals of their duties. They were civilians and had no duty to remain in this galaxy for any second longer.

    The entire procedure went smoothly and in just one day, there were no more civilians on Turandot. In one week's time, there were no more civilians in the entire Domini System. The only ones still in this galaxy were the Fifth Hybrid Fleet and its Fleet Commander, Jiang Fei.

    During this time, after General Lockseed had received confirmation of successful evacuation of all civilians from the Domini System, he sent a retreat order to Jiang Fei. Jiang Fei outright rejected the order as he claimed he wanted to stay behind to continue observing how the situation developed.


    2 weeks after the evacuation of all civilians in the Domini System, Jiang Fei's military-class base on Planet C195 had begun to take form. At the same time, a weird occurrence was happening. All "players" inside the safe zone were inactive, as if they were no longer interested in exploring this galaxy.

    "What is going on?" Jiang Fei talked to himself in his private quarters, worrying about how the situation had turned out. Players becoming disinterested in the game was not something he had wanted to see happening. To be fair, he hated their existence but if he could not hook and reel them in, this universe would be abandoned and the result was not something anyone wanted.

    "0541, report on the observation drones," Jiang Fei asked.

    "So far, there are no readings. However, I have picked up signals of other observation drones. Should I destroy them?" 0541 asked. Those observation drones were sent in by other civilizations from all corners of the universe. At least a month had passed since the appearance of the gargantuan wormhole and by now, there would be many interested parties sending in probes to investigate the bizarre phenomenon.

    "Leave them be. It's not possible for us to contain the news about this monster wormhole," Jiang Fei said. Right now, his duty was to continue observing the wormhole, the light barrier, and the behavior of the "players". He could not afford to make enemies with all other civilizations.

    "Sir, I have picked up a powerful signal coming from the edge of Domini!" the radar operator reported in.


    "It's a biological being... But I cannot be sure of the nature of the being. However, based on this reading, I think it's a Galactic Ultralisk!" said the operator as his voice croaked with fear. Everyone in the entire universe knew what an Ultralisk was and how powerful the species was. It was only normal for him to be afraid.
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