1470 Arrival on Alderaan

    "Mhmmm... aaahhh..."

    Kaal'na resisted at first but quickly succumbed to Jiang Fei forcing himself on her. Every inch of her body was set ablaze as her mind drifted into the abyss of pleasure.

    However blissful the moment was, it was but a fleeting second. Before Kaa'lna could entwine herself with Jiang Fei, he pulled away and left without turning back.

    "I'll be back," he said, gesturing a peace sign with his hands above his head as he walked out of the bridge.

    He teleported straight into the hangar bay where the second-in-command had prepared a shuttle craft. He got into the shuttle and left the main commanding ship, heading into the void of space.

    "Set course for Alderaan. Engage hyperspace jump."

    "Course set. Engaging hyperspace jump in 3... 2.... 1..."


    Military-issued shuttle crafts were not as glamorous as the one Jiang Fei owned. His shuttle craft had many other features installed, with most of them being for entertainment and comfort.

    As for the military-issued ones, there was no such luxury available. There were only essential systems as well as life support systems to keep the person onboard alive. The seat was not built for comfort either, instead built for safety. As a trade, this military-issued shuttle craft had a greater and more powerful impulse engine and warp capabilities.

    This was the standard in most, if not all, military vehicles. Comfort on a certain level was a given, but not in excess. Safety and maximum efficiency during war were always prioritized.

    Upon entering hyperspace, Umbral Jiang Fei lay back in his seat and rested. His eyes flickered back and forth between fully black and Jiang Fei's normal pair of eyes. At the same time, he was talking to himself.

    "What a useless monk. How could you have so many girls clinging to you and not bed a single one?!"

    "I've helped and helped. Over and over again... sheesh! Do you need me to take over your first night with a female? Is that what you want? You want me to hold your penis and guide it into one of the girls?"

    "Sigh... this is it. This has to be the one. With the ice queen joining the group, the condition will be fulfilled. If you're still all passive, don't blame me for lacing every single food and drink you consume!"


    As spacetime folded and expanded rapidly, the shuttle zooming across space was about to reach its destination: Alderaan. The entire journey took 48 hours and by the time the shuttle jumped out of hyperspace, Umbral Jiang Fei felt slightly weaker.

    "Dammit! Being in control of the body is taxing! Sigh! When are you going to become stronger?! I don't have much time left and if you don't help yourself, no one will."

    He sighed heavily and not long after a short silence, he raised his head and smiled in a certain suggestive manner.

    "Caution. Lockon Warning!"

    "Caution. Lockon Warning!"


    Red lights flashed across the dashboard, as the shuttle was currently being tracked and aimed at by a nearby patrol team. Jiang Fei exited hyperspace right at the far edge of the orbiting range. Being so close to the planet, the shuttle would surely be detected and marked as a threat.

    "Attention incoming Trade Federation vessel. This is the Alderaanian United Space Force Patrol Team. Identify yourself!"

    Umbral Jiang Fei's shuttle patched through the public broadcast system and played the transmission. It was fortunate that the shuttle did not have any combat capabilities, or they would have fired warning shots which would have destroyed the incredibly weak armored shuttle.

    "Heh! I don't have time to play with you lot!" said Jiang Fei to himself.

    He grinned and vanished from the cockpit, leaving only a fleeting black smog that soon disappeared without a trace.

    "Captain, no one is responding."

    "Mhm. Hail them once more."

    The detected incoming vessel was clearly marked as one issued by the Trade Federation. After being warned once, it was not slowing down and was instead still accelerating.

    "Attention incoming vessel. Shut down all engines or you will be shot down!"


    The shuttle was now running on autopilot mode. Unless Umbral Jiang Fei returned to the ship, there was no way to change its course towards colliding with any nearby ship.

    "Sir, we should fire a warning shot right now. If the shuttle is not stopped, it will collide with Lomule!" said one of the officers.

    The ship, Lomule, was not a Cruiser-type ship, but only a small Corvette-Class that would sustain damage from colliding with a shuttle half its size. It would be akin to striking a sedan car with a Harley Davidson!

    The captain took the coms and yelled into it, "Attention incoming vessel! This is your final warning! Stop now or you will be destroyed!"

    To be honest, he should have shot it down immediately when it appeared in Alderaan's orbit without prior notification and authorization. One thing to keep in mind was that the shuttle and the patrol team were already entering the atmosphere. The projected course of movement was towards the capital city of the Alderaan Empire.

    The reason he had not shot the shuttle on sight was because there were many cases of people, especially rich kids, pulling pranks like this. Without them accepting the communication request and revealing their identity, not even the captain of a patrol team dared to destroy a shuttle.

    Nevertheless, he had his duty. The shuttle crossed the final line when it entered the atmosphere. He had to destroy it, as it could really be a terrorist on a mission to cause havoc!

    "Final warning. Shut down in 3 seconds or you will be destroyed."

    There was still no response. How could there be when there was no one onboard? Concurrently, the shuttle was on a collision course with one of the closest patrol ships.

    "Shoot it down!" yelled the captain.

    Several other patrol ships immediately fired beam weapons that were clearly not built for combat. It was only natural, as they were patrol ships and not cruiser-class ships. Even so, that level of firepower was more than enough to destroy a small shuttle.


    The ship was reduced to many pieces which burned as they fell through the thick atmosphere of the planet.

    "Confirm target status."

    "Target destroyed."

    "Scan the atmosphere for debris and check for any bio-signals. I want to find out who was piloting that shuttle!"

    The worst that could happen was discovering that the pilot was from a powerful family. If that was the case, no matter how hard the captain tried to defend himself by stating that he was merely following the rules, there would be no escaping being prosecuted by said family.


    In an empty street somewhere on Alderaan, a sudden shift in the air could be seen and Umbral Jiang Fei appeared with a poof.

    "What a nice planet!" he said as he stretched. Being cooped up in a small shuttle craft was suffocating.

    Umbral Jiang Fei put on his scope and entered the bustling, busy street. His current form was subtle, without any black smog and the scope partially covering his eyes. Unless they were specifically looking for it, no one could really see that his eyes were completely black.

    After walking for a while, Umbral Jiang Fei froze for a moment and quickly hid in a back alley. "Dammit! My time is up! Hehe. Have fun on Alderaan for a while as I rest!"

    Suddenly going quiet, his head dropped down, and several seconds later, Jiang Fei woke up.

    He gasped in horror. "Huh? Where am I? Wasn't I meditating on Turandot?"

    He could physically feel that he was not on the same planet. Everything around him was different.

    "0541, what happened?"

    "Captain, you are far away from Turandot at the moment. It's better if I show you instead of explaining," said 0541.

    He played the recorded footage of Umbral Jiang Fei taking over his body. 0541 had been keeping quiet the entire time Umbral Jiang Fei was in control.

    Hearing every word the Umbral version of him said, Jiang Fei yelled, "Who is that guy?! Why is he talking like that?"

    "I do not know. However, after analysing what he has said and done, I think he is trying to help you..."

    After giving it some thought, Jiang Fei said, "Since he brought me here, he must want me to save that Aurelia chick. 0541, next time I get taken over by that black thing, talk to him immediately and find out what he wants from me!"
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