1482 “Player” Reshuffle

    Following Theon's explanation, Jiang Fei finally figured out the whole story behind his master's injury.

    It turned out that after Theon gained some information about the invaders, he still remained vigilant at first, waiting and watching on the periphery of the Alpha Sector. But later, when he saw some garbage ships going in and out of the light barrier, his vigilance slowly decreased.

    In order to learn more about these 'unknowns', he intended to finally enter the barrier. But unfortunately, just as Theon approached it, a golden battleship appeared. It was incredibly huge, almost measuring up to the size of an asteroid.

    As soon as this Classed Battleship appeared, it immediately launched an attack on Theon. It had an unknown number of cannons, and their destructive light beams had blasted Theon until he retreated in defeat. Even if he had a combat level of more than twenty million, under such a strong attack, even Theon was unable to fight back.

    That's not to say that he hadn't tried to battle them. He'd even tried to teleport to their ship. After all, the enemy's battleship was way more powerful, allowing the expert players to disintegrate their opponents from within it.

    However, Theon soon realized that his teleportation ability could not penetrate the shield of the Classed Battleship at all. It seemed to have strong Spatial Isolation Energy. Under the constant rain of fire, Theon's energy took a severe hit. And just when he was contemplating whether or not to evacuate, the Classed Battleship's ultimate main cannon lit up.

    One shot! Just one shot! That's all it took to instantly destroy both Theon's armor and energy shield. If Theon hadn't been tough enough, the shot would have obliterated him!

    Fortunately, the main cannon seemed to be unconnected and had a long charging time, which gave Theon space to breathe. He didn't dare continue fighting during the time it took for the cannon to charge. So, he grabbed the chance to escape to the outskirts of the Alpha Sector.

    Luckily, the Classed Battleship did not pursue him. After confirming that its enemy had left the Alpha Sector, it returned behind the barrier.

    "I see..." said Jiang Fei, nodding as he listened. He knew more about the situation than Theon, so he quickly understood the whole story.

    "Jiang Fei, you better hurry and get your people out of here. I have to go too, I need to recuperate and report to the League of the Hidden Ones," said Theon, standing up to leave.

    "Master, won't your injuries hinder you? Why not take a rest here and leave once you've recovered?"

    "It's not safe here. I advise you to leave as soon as possible!"

    How could Theon dare to stay in the Domini System? The Hidden Ones had long been invincible, and now a battleship had suddenly beaten someone like him down to a sorry state. Theon felt deeply uneasy. He had to find people of the same level as him and discuss countermeasures. After all, they used to be invincible, but now even they were at risk!

    "Very well then! Master, you need to be more careful. If the enemy is too strong, I will soon evacuate," said Jiang Fei.

    "Um ..."

    Theon didn't think about it too much at all as he knew Jiang Fei's temperament. This kid wasn't hotheaded; he had a huge respect for life. As long as he was aware of the danger, Jiang Fei wouldn't stay for long.

    Once Theon left, Jiang Fei settled down to think. Although he had never seen the Classed Battleship Theon described, he had seen one that was even bigger and more terrifying!

    According to what Jiang Fei knew about the intruders, his master must have encountered the Huge Blade Guard that guarded the safety zone. Since the people of the Gamma Dimension regarded this universe as an arcade, then their Beginner's Village cannot be completely exposed. There must be strong military guards there.

    For the players, Theon was unmistakably like the big boss of the game. Judging from their current situation, it would be impossible for them to fight him. So when he appeared outside the Beginner's Village, the Huge Blade Guard was shocked by the existence of the Classed Battleship. As soon as it came out, it taught Theon a cruel lesson to let him know that the Beginner's Village was not somewhere a big boss like him could come to.

    Jiang Fei was not worried about Theon's encounter, as he was not his master. He did not pose such a serious threat to the Beginner's Village. In addition, Jiang Fei had been suppressing his powers, fearing that he would startle the players.

    At this time, he was carefully playing the role of a little monster, but that mainly involved observing the players' movements, instead of aiming to slaughter them. Therefore, the Classed Battleship in the Beginner's Village did not list Jiang Fei as a main threat to be cleared.

    After Theon left, it was business as usual for Jiang Fei. But the next day, news came from the Alpha Sector.

    0541's voice boomed out, "Captain, two observation dronecarriers were destroyed!"

    "Did any intelligence come back before they were destroyed?" asked Jiang Fei.

    "Yes! Look, captain!"

    0541 played two short videos. The first video was relatively early. It was sent back by an observation dronecarrier that had seemingly been attached to the light barrier. Recently, this was Jiang Fei's most commonly used observation method.

    When the 'guards' protecting the Beginner's Village did not respond to the dronecarriers that were extremely slaggy towards combat power, Jiang Fei's actions became even bolder. After all, money was the most important thing in the Trade Federation, and observation dronecarriers were very cheap, small spaceships. Naturally, Jiang Fei had spent a lot of money to send a large number of dronecarriers to observe the players.

    As they routinely cruised by, the observation dronecarriers saw a large number of battleships sailing out of the light barrier. Obviously, the players had made their move again.

    "These guys have changed their equipment!" Jiang Fei muttered to himself.

    At this time, the players were no longer sailing in the same Armed Merchant Class ships that they used in the very beginning. Although their main strength was still in using small vessels, the players' ships were now at least Level-1 Police Patrol Vessels. In terms of cruising degree and firepower configuration, both were even stronger than before.

    Jiang Fei raised his eyebrows. "It seems that during this time, whether the players are defeating monsters or increasing their Prestige, the rewards they're getting are not insignificant."

    All this while, he had been busy with his own affairs, which caused him to neglect his suppression of the players, letting them play quite comfortably. This was not the result that Jiang Fei wanted to see.

    He eventually gave his orders, "Let Bison's flagship stand by. We have things to do!
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